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  1. Using the contribution version 3.1.5 I "tested" the contribution at night (live), using my personal Paypal account to send payment to our business paypal account (which I then refunded). Worked great, all worked as it should. Today, got a Paypal order, and, IPN.php was called from Paypal as shown in the HTTP logs, but, no records in the paypal table, and, payment was not updated on the orders screen. Also, status not updated. So, got to looking... Got debug email, the only thing wrong is the Paypal response of "INVALID". All other data looks correct. What does INVALID actually indicate? I see nothing wrong, have looked thru the code, and, INVALID apparently comes from Paypal. Don't see why they would return invalid though, and, if there is anything I can actually do about it. PayPal_Shopping_Cart_IPN Debug Email Notification ------------------------------------------------------ mc_gross=37.74 invoice=15253 address_status=confirmed payer_id=XF36HEEK4ZDYY tax=0.00 address_street=169 SOMESTREET payment_date=09:08:13 Aug 29, 2005 PDT payment_status=Completed charset=windows-1252 address_zip=23188 first_name=FIRSTNAME mc_fee=1.39 address_country_code=US address_name=SOMENAME notify_version=1.9 custom=9225b92b5187be3de324f4e4c90f3b4d payer_status=verified business=sales@powersystemsdirect.com address_country=United States address_city=Williamsburg quantity=1 verify_sign=Ai2z79q.1xgai2oMGcd6T7gTtrAuABuP8BLOv8eW.gEI19-oqtv3jiK3 payer_email=NOTSHOWN for security txn_id=20M07936A70269358 payment_type=instant last_name=SOMEONE address_state=VA receiver_email=sales@powersystemsdirect.com payment_fee=1.39 receiver_id=53GGMX59L33FC txn_type=web_accept item_name=Power Systems mc_currency=USD item_number=Surgeprotector 8 DBS 2 payment_gross=37.74 shipping=8.75 ------------------------------------------------------ PayPal Response ------------------------------------------------------ INVALID ------------------------------------------------------ Connection Type ------------------------------------------------------ curl: 1 transport: ssl:// domain: www.paypal.com port: 443
  2. sfatula

    UPS Error

    I hate the dimensional weight option (well, I guess I shouldn't as it's an option). It's far less accurate for us. To properly implement it, you have to have the correct box sizes you use, and, a very sophisticated packaging algorithm. But that's another argument! If you ship larger items, one very simple solution that is just as accurate is to simply put the dimensional weight into the weight field. Right now, the UPS XML host seems to be down, is it working for you? I am getting no rate quotes on two different sites. So, that would be a reason NOT to convert I suppose. Don't forget the XML module does NOT include insurance, a problem if you sell expensive items.
  3. As far as I know, there is no good way to do that in OSC, 2 shipping options that is. You'd probably have to write a module for the combination of the 2 methods. Wouldn't be a small task.
  4. sfatula

    UPS Module giving rates that are too low

    You can use the UPS XML contribution.
  5. sfatula

    UPS Error

    Yes, the default UPS shipping module is working for me.
  6. Though we have done this, it's not portable to anywhere else due to the volume of changes and how it fits with our site code. That being said, one issue you will have is of course what happens if a customer orders one item from the distributor, and one from you (1 for each shipping method). It's a hassle!
  7. sfatula

    UPS XML Rate Error to Saudi Arabia

    Yes, I got the doc and noticed a number of issues with the module. It doesn't handle insurance (we have expensive packages), doesn't transmit the necessary info for foreign shipments, always accesses the test server, doesn't do the transit time correctly in all cases, doesn't do business vs residential, and I think a few other things. That being said, it's a darn good start! So, I took the code, removed all the dimensional weight stuff (we hate dimensional weight), and resolved the above issues, along with added code specific to our site for levels of free shipping and other stuff. Only problem now is the UPS rating engine is down!
  8. When trying to quote a shipment to an address in Saudi Arabia from the US, the module returns: UPS Worldwide Express (270013: Invalid Shipment Contents Value Business Days) It seems to quote to some other worldwide destinations without the odd message, what exactly is missing here? Similar things happen to Canada, and the UK for some shipment methods.
  9. sfatula

    Non cURL EFSnet payment module?

    CURL is not something people use just for fun. PHP does not support the calls necessary to get information from a secure site before PHP 4.3. PHP CAN do so after 4.3, but many authors, myself included, have not taken the time to have either 2 versions, one for curl one without, or, check for what version you are running and code using and not using it. If you have a PHP before 4.3, it is simply not possible to access secure servers from PHP to extract the info. If you have at least 4.3, yes, it is possible, but you would need rewritten modules. Not supporting CURL is very odd as it is extremely common. Sounds like you need to add this to your check list of things to check on before signing a contract.
  10. Neilwhit, unfortunately, the curl issue has nothing to do with the module, it DOES require your server company to fix the issue, whatever it is. No way to guess, oucldn't even begin to. If they insist it "works", give them the code and tell them to tell you why it does not. You can simplify it to only the section of code that does the curl request, and hardcode the data sent. With 10 lines of code, they can debug and figure out what setting they have that is preventing this from working for you. I've seen more than 20 reasons thus far for it not working, and, can't tell you what they are as did not have access to the actual hosting servers. Dimports - unfortunately, being on the mailing list doesn't help. I AM on the mailing list, and in this instance, Fedex changed the code to match the documentation, so, they considered this as a bug fix and not a change to the API. So, no communication was sent out. I did suggest to them that it was a de facto API change and it should have been communicated.
  11. sfatula

    Abandoned Carts

    I guess I am missing something here. There is a contrib for unsold carts, I do not see scart of acart in the downloads -> contributions. Is it really just from the posts here that this currently exists, i.e. a contrib has not been made yet?
  12. sfatula

    UPS or Fedex

    Jello1 - are you using a contribution to print from OSC, if I understand you correctly? If so, which one? You talk to your Fedex rep about discounts, same for UPS. Also, many professional orgs give you discounts with various services such as Fedex< Airborne, perhaps UPS though I've never seen one.
  13. This is v 2.02 of the Fedex real time quotes shipping module for OSC. This version includes some minor bug fixes, and also the ability for Canadian users to actually get ground quotes for both residential and businesses. Also, for Canadian users, adds the ability to correct for the missing residential delivery surcharge that Fedex is currently missing. This contrib does NOT include the changes in a previously modified version posted by Daniel Duerr. He had posted some changes that return no quote and an error if the destination was in any way shape or form a PO box. We have found this to not be a problem in 4 years of business. Additionally, we find a lot of our business customers putting both a street address AND a PO box, as numerous businesses do. His change would disallow using Fedex to ship, when in fact it can be used. So, we prefer to handle any exception manually. And in 4 years, no UPS or Fedex package was requested to go to a PO box on our site so I don't think it's a problem. Any discussion on this would be appreciated though as you may have a different experience. For those of you with CURL issues, I don't see many people in the forums who are CURL experts in installation and support. Various people seem to have trouble with CURL, this is an OS level feature, not a shipping module feature. CURL is VERY common on the web, it's not an obscure tool and numerous contributions use it. Perhaps better luck would be obtained by going to the CURL website, which is http://curl.haxx.se as you may find much more assistance and knowledge there. Many times it's a hosting provider restriction that seems to cause you trouble, that's an issue with your provider, not a shipping module and certainly not a CURL problem. The vast majority of providers I've seen allow CURL with no issues or restrictions at all. PHP 4.3.0 and later has allowed for reading of secure sites with OPENSSL support if compiled into PHP and properly set up. Similar restrictions and issues may apply to this as well since you do not have to compile it into PHP (my provider does not for example), and there appear to be some Windows problems. So, for now, we are sticking with CURL for all PHP users as it is by far the most common and widely available product, and one that works very well. In some future version, we may tackle a non-CURL version.
  14. sfatula

    FedEx WAYBILL Print Func from MS2?

    I agree 100%! I wrote the real time Fedex quote module, and would love to do this for my own store, just don't have the time right now. It's in my plans for the future, unless someone else does it first.
  15. Saint, yes, you are correct, it is setting the timeout to 10 which is not correct. I will fix this. Also, I am of very little use in CURL problems, I don't know a lot about it, and I know lots of people have trouble with it either it's configuration, perhaps filtering of packets on the network, perhaps security the hosting provider sets up, who knows, but I can't help you there. Those questions belong in a CURL forum where I am sure someone who knows a lot about it can help you. Also, you are of course correct about address line 2, will change this also.