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  1. rommany

    template monster templates

    they are nice the ones ive seen anyway, after you upload it you can change things daily without no hassle and if they give you upgrades at a guess they would only be patches.
  2. Hello I was looking to find the best way to get feedback from my visitors but as someone pointed out this could be a mixed bag, dusty said to have an email sent to you customers thanking them for buying from my store and then asking them to give us some feedback and this is a brill idea. But what would be good is to have it automated so after the customer has purchased the product and we update to delivered that this email would go out, doing it by hand could get messy if you get loads of orders per day ( unlike me :(. I can see this helping everyone here at osC, im no programmer but i am willing to put as much input as required but would need a progammer or two too help. :thumbsup: This is where it started and thank you dusty for the idea. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=231272 Kind regards
  3. Hello I asked this in general but it really should have been here. Can someone please help, sometime ago i installed the 3 images in product_info.php and it works fine, know i have installed the great lightbox contribution and this also works fine but only on the top image, i have tried to make it work with images 2 and 3 but everytime i mess around with it its not quite working. Script for product image number two as below: <script language="javascript"><!-- document.write('<?php echo '<a href="java script:popupWindow(\\\'' . tep_href_link (FILENAME_POPUP_IMAGE_2, 'pID=' . $product_info['products_id']) . '\\\')">' . tep_image (DIR_WS_IMAGES . $product_info['products_image_2'], addslashes($product_info['products_name']), SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH, SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT, 'hspace="5" vspace="5"') . '<br>' . TEXT_CLICK_TO_ENLARGE . '</a>'; ?>'); //--></script> <noscript> And this is the lightbox script that i would like to make work with the above code: <?php echo '<a href="' . tep_href_link(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $product_info['products_image_2']) . '" target="_blank">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $product_info['products_image'], $product_info ['products_name'], SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH, SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT, 'hspace="5" vspace="5"') . '<br>' . TEXT_CLICK_TO_ENLARGE . '</a>'; ?> </noscript> Sorry to be a pain... Kind regards David
  4. rommany

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hello When i was using froogle feed everything was fine, now that im using google base the store name is not coming up any more but the store owner name has replaced it. I made no changes so i do not understand why this started to happen. :blink: Kind regards
  5. rommany

    UK Switch + CVV collection V1.6

    Sorry to bump But has no one ever heard of this problem, or can someone take a guess why this would be happening. Could it be my settings in the admin ? Regards
  6. Hi Could someone please help me with this, i have installed the uk switch contribution and it is a great contribution but for one major error, if someone adds their card number and expire dates but did not include the cvv number a small error sign comes up so that's fine, but then their add all the details again and includes the cvv number the error still comes up. I have installed the contribution 5 times and im sure i have done it correct, i have also done many different test with loads of credit cards and the same things happens every time. At the moment im losing around 5-10 customers per week, i even e-mail the customer to explain what has happen but by this time the customer has lots faith or gone somewhere else. I have really been pulling my hair out over this one as its more important that any other thing on the site. Has anyone ever came across anything like this before? Thank you in advance for any kind of advice. Kind regards
  7. Hi I was hoping one of you brain boxes could help make a new contribution to help me and others at osC. The problem i am having is that i have various products that have different sizes so the size info page i have is too long and looks untidy. So i was hoping someone or a few of you could put together a contribution that if i click a button in the product info page it would give me a pop up box with just the sizes of that product. It would be good if someone could make this easy to change the sizes without knowing to much about php. I have searched for this but we have no size box contribution as yet. Pls let us know if anyone is interested in taking on this challenge, if we did have we did have this im sure lots of others would use it ? :D Regards
  8. I think that is an outdated snapshot. disregard it
  9. rommany

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    How stupid of me, thanks ed, wish my brain worked sometimes Kind regards
  10. rommany

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Hello Could i pls ask for some help, ive installed 1.8 whos online and im getting this error any ideas ?? Last Refresh: 6:41 p.m. Online Name IP Address Entry Last Click Last URL Session? Referer? 1054 - Unknown column 'user_agent' in 'field list' select customer_id, full_name, ip_address, time_entry, time_last_click, last_page_url, http_referer, user_agent, session_id from whos_online order by time_last_click DESC [TEP STOP] Kind regards
  11. Hello I think i need a little help here pls. I installed the new header cont with description build in and all looked fine. i installed it over the old header tag contribution, i tested it with a meta tool and i spotted two things that was wrong. 1, the old meta tags are coming up in the categories, the eg index.php and products.info is fine just not the catergories. 2, in the product info all works fine apart from a strange title, my title starts with eg: germ soap but when i look at the with the tool again its coming up with the title as: germ soap - - Wholesale Candy for Retail Customers, I do not sell wholesale candy so why would this be coming up and its on all the products titles but not the main titles nor the categories. Any Ideas pls Kind regards
  12. Thanks peter it never crossed my mind that some clever sole already done it. Again thanks
  13. hello Not sure where i should had posted this I have installed header tag cont and that works great, today i tried to add the categories description contbution but after 7 straight hours its beaten me. Most of the changes in the catalog/index.php and admin/categories.php clash, so for someone like me to make them both work is a nightmare. Anyone fancy having a crack at it i would be over the moon and this would be a nice new contribution to add you signature too. i would be willing to help if anyone needs my help Kind regards
  14. rommany

    fast easy checkout

    Just removed that part that you said frank and it works fine. again many thanks
  15. rommany

    fast easy checkout

    As easy as that, lol and i have been racking my little brain for weeks By the way frank great contribution.. many thanks