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  1. I have a cart which was built in 2003. I was using the flat rate shipping module but the cart stopped charging shipping rates on anything over $200. I turned the free shipping module off but it is still seems to be working and I don't know why. I reset the free shipping to a high number $1500.00 but it still shows up in the checkout as free over $200, whether the free shipping is turned on or off. I currently have it set to off, but if an order exceeds $200, shipping is not charged. Is there someplace else in the admin where free shipping is set? I can't seem to find it. It may be time to upgrade to a later version but given the times the client doesn't want to spend any money right now. Any advice would be appreciated. thanks
  2. I have a split credit card option with cvv setup. We do this because we can process the cards offline when we ship because there can be inventory ordered which may be out of stock. Anyway, last night a customer tried to use a Mastercard and the cart advised her we don't accept Mastercard. The admin module asks you to check which of the 4 major credit cards (US) which you accept. Both Visa and Mastercard are checked yet the cart won't accept Mastercard, providing a notice which says something like "You entered a card which appears to be a Mastercard, but unfortunately, we don't accpt it at this time." Has anyone seen this problem before and how might it be fixed? thanks,
  3. MurrayM

    Credit card declined is hard to see

    I get a number of complaints from customers who enter their credit card which fails but they miss the notice which comes up as a single line where error messages appear. I know we lose sales because people try again without ever seeing the notice. (I guess they don't pay attention.) Is there a solution to have the message appear in a more prominent place where it is easier to see? Or a contribution which might add a popup? Surely other people must be losing sales because of this? Thanks.
  4. MurrayM

    Net 30 Terms -- looking for help

    Hi, I installed net 30 terms for a client who runs a wholesale business but it doesn't notify the store owner that a sale has been made. Has anyone modified this module so it sends the store owner an email? Or is there another contribution which will let people with existing accounts purchase online with an established 30 day terms account? Thanks,
  5. MurrayM

    Net 30 doesn't send an email

    I have a shop which is using net 30 for customers who have open 30 day accounts. The module is in and working but it doesn't notify the store owner via email that there has been an ordrer made, as it does with most credit card modules. Has anyone modified this module to norify the store owner, or can someone point me to a way I could modify it to do so. I am not a php programmer, so I would need explicit instructions. thanks
  6. Leave the password blank it is not required any longer and they don't use it. Make sure you take it out of the test server mode, You need to contact the usps and ask them to switch you to their production server, They included an 800 number in their acceptance email. They will make the switch when you call. It should work. If it doesn't work, respond with a screen grab of your settings and I can see how they differ from mine. I am using it on 3 sites which I manage currently
  7. I am having a problem with the usps module which does a few things erroneously. 1. The problem exists in International rates. a) is miscalculating the ratr for surface post and airmail parcel. The amounts are off by around $20 too much. b)It does not calculate a rate for Priority Var at all but does calculate the correct rates for priority large and small. 2. If I select both Priority Lg and Priority Sm - it displays both rates. The large is more expensive and the buyer would always choose small -- I don't understand why it shows both rates. This is why I wanted to use Priority Var, so it would figure whatever the priority rate should be in any size package but it's not working.
  8. Omar, thanks for your reply but you mis-read the screen grab. The weight is not 0 zero but 0.6 pounds or six tenths of a pound. This is a good which is deliverable and each dvd weighs approximately .3 pounds or just under 3 ounces. BTW, I always appreciate every reply on this board as I love the sense of community. best, M
  9. Thanks, I had no idea that the tare weight was there. -- I changed it and the cart is now configuring the rate for the small International Priority rate is working correctly. However, some other rates are not coming back correctly. I will start a new thread for that problem.
  10. I have installed the usps module and it works correctly but where I have added the weight of the product, in this case dvds, at .3 pound, when the cart indicates the shipping cost, it displays the weight at 1.3 lbs. I can't see anywhere the extra one pound is coming from. I am attaching the estimate according to zip code. The correct weight is shown at the top but at the bottom where the usps rates are shown it shows the charge for 2 dvds orders at 1.6 pounds whereas it should only be .6 lbs. any idea why this is happening and how to fix?
  11. MurrayM

    PayPal IPN Customer Notifications

    I have a client who is having the same problem. The order is being processed by paypal but the status is not changed, the notices aren't sent, and it is not allowing a download. I would be curious to know if you were able to solve this problem?
  12. Can someone help. There are two usaepay contributions. The second tells you to install the first and then the second. Since both have the same name, installing the 2nd would overwrite the first? So why bother installing the first? The 2nd is newer and larger: It's confusing as there is a further instruction to be downloaded for /catalog/admin/includes/functions/general.php: -- but doesn't say where it goes. The description is below. Can someone explain how I am to install this module? thanks, Here are the instructions for the 2nd. Download the file first "09/15/2003 - USAePay Author: Brandon Thompson " then download this for /catalog/admin/includes/functions/general.php: // Alias function for Store configuration values in the Administration Tool function tep_cfg_select_multioption($select_array, $key_value, $key = '') { for ($i=0; $i<sizeof($select_array); $i++) { $name = (($key) ? 'configuration[' . $key . '][]' : 'configuration_value'); $string .= '<br><input type="checkbox" name="' . $name . '" value="' . $select_array[$i] . '"'; $key_values = explode( ", ", $key_value); if ( in_array($select_array[$i], $key_values) ) $string .= ' CHECKED'; $string .= '> ' . $select_array[$i]; } $string .= '<input type="hidden" name="' . $name . '" value="--none--">'; return $string; } ////
  13. I installed oscommerce for a client. Something has changed on thier computers and the wysiwyg html editor v1.7 is not appearing. It works fine from my computer. I am wondering if it needs a java virtual machine to work? I looked in their Internet Options and the java stuff doesn't seem to be there. Someone recently did some routine maintenence. I am thinking they lost the java. Does anyone know if the contribution needs java to be on the local machine? If so, then that might be their problem. Any advice would be gratefully appeciated. Thanks.
  14. I installed the gift voucher for a client. She now doesn't want t use it as since she isn't using gift vouchers or coupons for now, she fees the box to enter the gift voucher information in the shopping cart is confusing. However, I can't seem to find anywhere in the admin where the gift voucher module can be turned on / off. It would be nice to turn it off until she decides to use it. Does anyone know how to do this? thanks
  15. I am switching a client to the u.sp.s. module, which I have begun to really like, as it allows for shipping to both the US and overseas. My problem is that I my client has one or two products which won't work with the postal service module. Is it possible to have different shipping options running at the same time? In other words products A through X will ship u.s.p.s but products Y & Z would not. Those products would have a fixed rate or a rate which can be changed according to the number of items ordered. These products are drop shipped by another vendor (ordered manually by store owner) and the rates are not the same as post office rates. Can I do this, and if so, what module would work to ship the Y & Z items. thanks,