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  1. mcilpuf

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I've uploaded this contrib but none of the products are showing up in my .txt file. It is empty. What am I doing wrong? I've changed all the text as advised in the froogle.php file. When I go to http://www.bare-essensuals.com/catalog/admin/froogle.php it says it creates the file but when I look at the file it is empty. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, mcilpuf
  2. This is fixed now but I'd still like to be able to do this as per my PS above.
  3. HELP :'( I added this contrib and now my site is blank. My admin comes up just fine and I'm able to access the SaleMaker (even though it won't do the dates right and I've doublechecked the js on the calendar was changed) but I have absolutely no site. I've gone back over everything I did to see I made the right changes but I still can't see it. Is my only option to roll back my site to before the install? I've looked at it so long now that I think I may be missing something http://www.bare-essensuals.com (fyi - it's handmade soap and body products nothing xxx) Thanks in advance, mcilpuf PS: The reason I made this install to begin with is that I'm trying to run specials but they don't seem to run on items with attributes. What I mean is I have an item on sale in size x y and z (which are different price points) but the sale only seems to apply to the original size listed. Why doesn't it also deduct off the attributes? Is there a contrib for that because I couldnt' find one. TIA
  4. mcilpuf

    Easy Populate Date (and another weird) Problem

    Thanks Jack - I'm going to give that a try! :-) Cheers, Michelle
  5. mcilpuf

    Easy Populate Date (and another weird) Problem

    I'm having this same problem so would also love to know the solution. :-) I did look at the easy pop contrib support area but couldn't find an answer. Thanks, Michelle
  6. mcilpuf

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    OK - well it appears to have worked. I manually put the sql files in to phpadmin and then it worked. Not sure why just copying the file over didn't work but nevertheless it's fixed so yeah! :-) Thanks, Michelle
  7. mcilpuf

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    I have an qbi_ot_disc table but not one without the ot. I will try the reinstall. Thanks, Michelle :D
  8. mcilpuf

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hi Adam or anyone, Any chance anyone else has had that problem that I had in post #248? I thought I'd look in my phpadmin but I actually have no idea if I should be adding in a new database or what. Just thought I'd check back here again because I don't want to be fooling around trying to fix it and then make it worse :-) Thanks, Michelle
  9. mcilpuf

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    I've uploaded this contribution (thank you btw for this, it will save me a lot of time) but in trying to download my previous orders I am getting this answer: 1146 - Table 'bare-ess_osc1.qbi_disc' doesn't exist SELECT * FROM qbi_ot_disc AS otdisc, qbi_disc AS disc WHERE otdisc.qbi_ot_mod='ot_coupon' AND otdisc.qbi_disc_refnum=disc.qbi_disc_refnum [TEP STOP] Apparently I don't have some discount table set up in my sql or ? Everything else in the instructions went perfectly so not sure what this is all about or where I'm supposed to go to fix this. I am using the CCGV contribution (gift voucher/coupon) if that helps any. TIA, Michelle