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  1. The Mini Template System is absolutely phenomenal! It has saved me countless hours of coding and design. The combinations of various templates that a person can create are endless. If you can think of a creative idea for your website, the Mini Template System has all of the tools to make your website design a reality at a fraction of the time it takes you to develop the code. You can test your website creations before installing them for production use and, when ready to do so, you can quickly activate them for use in a matter of seconds. All of the Mini Template System updates that I've received have been well-tested and flawless. Support is also great! Response to my questions from George ("multimixer") have been immediate and complete. If you need detailed help to implement your design ideas, George and his associates are VERY supportive with their assistance. You won't be left in the cold if you need any help with your website design ideas. I've been using the Mini Template System for over three years, and I won't go back to coding as long as I have a template system such as this one. This system has really made me a lazy coder since it does everything for me! This is a "Max Template System" because of its many features. Before wasting hours coding a new design idea, you definitely need to try the Mini Template System. Keith
  2. George's Mini Template System (MTS) is absolutely marvelous! The MTS has saved me hours of programming and design time. Graphical changes can, literally, be made in an instant. Menu access to different product categories can be configured at the click of the mouse. Another nice feature is that the MTS doesn't disturb the base osCommerce program scripts. That is, it runs in its own turf. At first, I thought the MTS may be a bit too much for my very simple sales website, but I decided to give it a try. This is a very nice well designed template system. I think I asked George for three tips on usage of his MTS. After a couple of emails with George, I grabbed the usage concept and I was "off-and-flying" with my website design. Don't procrastinate on buying this template system like I did. You'll be VERY HAPPY that you installed it!
  3. My correct cPath isn't appearing in the text file. Everything else looks OK in the text file except for the cPath. My product URL looks like this: "http://mystore.com/product_info.php/id/33" (My store name is appearing OK only cPath isn't.) My $producturl line in feed.php is coded as: $producturl = 'http://mystore.com/product_info.php/id/' ...("mystore.com" is my real store URL.) I'm sure I'm not configuring the $producturl variable correctly in feed.php. Can someone provide suggestions on how to fix this? Thanx much folks!