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  1. imlek

    Response from Payment Gateway

    Hi, I just found payment gateway for me and want to use it for my store. The flow: 1. When customer confirm order, they will redirect to my payment gateway server for entering credit card information there. 2. After credit card submitted, the customer will redirected to my server /checkout_process.php and the payment gateway give POST response: Status: ('1' for success | '0' for fail) Error: (If Status='0', they will give the error code (1,2,3) = '1' for credit card declined, '2' for credit card invalid, and '3' for unknown error) Trans: (Transaction number) Message: (Message if any error/fail encountered) With little modification from OSC built-in payment module (Authorizenet), I can submit information to them using POST method. The issue is I do not know how to capture the response code and displaying the result. I think it will be in /includes/modules/payment/module-name.php function before_process() { Here the code } Their response code is a POST fields and have 4 fields (As described above). If the response Status="1", order success. If their response Status='0' and Error='1', I want to display credit card declined message. If Status='0' and Error='2', I want to display credit card invalid message. If Status='0' and Error='3', I want to display credit card processing error. Please help me for the code. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi, At IPayment payment module, when on checkout_confirmation.php, I look at the HTML Code (View Source) and found: <form name="checkout_confirmation" action="https://ipayment.de/merchant/12345678/processor.php" method="post"> <input type="hidden" name="silent" value="1"> <input type="hidden" name="trx_paymenttyp" value="cc"> <input type="hidden" name="trxuser_id" value="2345678"> <input type="hidden" name="trxpassword" value="kunci"> >>CUT FOR SAVE PLACE<< </form> It it not save at all to list the ID and Password on the HTML code. How to hide or protect those noth field so can not being see by people ? Please advice. Thank you.
  3. imlek

    CPS Payment Module

    Hi, I just got my credit card processing account from CPS (www.cps.lv) but I can not find any contribution about it. I'm not very good in programming and would like to ask your help to integrate the CPS payment with my OSC store. CPS website: http://www.cps.lv Please help. Thank you a lot in advance.
  4. imlek

    TotalTrans Payment Module

    Hi, Anyone using TotalTrans Payment Module ? Payment using TotalTrans will show wbsale.com on the customer credit card. I did not find it on the contributions, but hey I found one store using OSC and TotalTrans: http://www.dvdhitshop.com Perhaps anyone know about this module or company? Thank you.
  5. imlek


    Hi, I just got email from paysysystems saying that my account migrated to new offshore processor named: Universal Processing, Inc (www.universalprocessing.com) - Total Trans (www.totaltrans.net). I do not know but both name appear in the notification email and other documents I receive. Is anyone even heard about them? And what payment gateway they use? I can not find any information about it on their site and still waiting for their reply (Just send the email sec ago).
  6. imlek


    Hi, I have 2 store using Paysystems, and only got notification on one account, the second account did not get it. (May be one notification per person. LOL ). But I got both closed. :( :( And I'm still trying to locate another payment provider. Any suggestion? Please advice. Thank you.
  7. imlek

    Durango Merchant Service

    Hi, Anyone using Durango Merchant Services? What payment gateway they use? I can not find any "durango" on the Payment modules contributions. Perhaps they use another services or name. Any suggestion for International (Non-US) Merchant Services? Please advice. Thank you.
  8. imlek

    Good alternatives to PaySystems?

    Hi, I'm in the same boat. Any idea for 3rd party credit card processor or merchant account for international business? Thank you.
  9. imlek


    AARRGGGGGG.......... This cause my problem. Loosing reputation and customers..... And off course loosing business.... :( :( :( :( Is anyone can suggest me about merchant account? Thank you.
  10. imlek

    Paysystems Module by - Author: TheMadMan

    Hi, Do you know Paysystems just closing all their IBA accounts? AAAHHHHHHHHHHH..................
  11. imlek

    Paysystems Module by - Author: TheMadMan

    Hi, I'm using Paysystems too and its work. Try to refresh your browser at the Admin -> Modules -> Payment, perhaps your computer still showing the old cache. Have you upload the language files?
  12. I just follow this thread and implement Ian's mod. Its work great for my site, www.baliartworld.com Thanks a lot Ian.