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  1. mel-

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    is there a manual or directions to using this mod? it comes built in in creloaded but I'm not sure what it is doing. I have 2checkout but it didn't give me that an option under payment method. in the email it sent will the buyer get a link to click to login and pay for this created order? will she be able to choose 2checkout then? thank you.
  2. I use the tables set to the count method. one is base price, each additional is x price. I'd like to max out the shipping for the USA at $X. in other words, shipping would never be more than $X. also, I'd like to offer free shipping for orders above $X. is there anyway to do this with this contrib and still leave the tables I have set at count? is there a contrib I can use in addition to this one that will override if shipping is over $X or order is above $X and charge correct shipping prices? Thank you in advance, Melinda
  3. Hi, I have installed this contribution and am not getting any error messages but it is not working right. when I try to edit or add a decription, it goes through the process of showing it when I click preview but then it doesn't actually change it. I can go into the database and change a description directly there and it works but I can't do it from the admin panel. everything else seems to be all working correctly/still, i.e. adding a category or deleting it. it is just the edit or add description feature which is not working. does anyone have any insite on where I should start looking? I see this in the sql file included in the documentation: # Pay attention to the sort_order value '19'. If you have installed other contributions, 19 can already be occupied. Just change it to another value not yet used. how do I see what the sort_order value is to see if 19 has already been used? I am using phpMyAdmin. Thank you all in advance.
  4. could someone show me how to change this to a whats new infobox that scrolls sideways rather than up and down? I tried changing the direction from "up" to "left" and that works except for there re 10 rows of products shown in the box instead of one continual row. Thank you very much. and Adam, maybe you should make this a contribution? I'm sure others would appreciate your work !
  5. I wanted to post how I am setting up this mod in case someone else is looking for something similar. I only sell two products, postcards and sheet music but they are all vintage and unique. I wanted a price for the first postcard and a price for additional for the USA, Canada and the rest of the world. and then I wanted a seperate price for the first sheet music plus additional. I set up a geozone for USA and two tables under that, one for postcards and one for sheet music. I then did the same for the other geozones. on checkout, they have to choose either postcards or sheet music and then shipping is figured correctly. I'd like to add some text on this screen to tell the customer that they need to choose one or the other but also if they buy a piece of sheet music and some postcards, they need to choose sheet music (because of the larger base price associated with it since it is heavier). does anyone know where I need to go to add text to that page or do I need to post this question somewhere else? Thank you for this contribution.
  6. nevermind, I got brave and think I did it right ;) for others: I went to SQL, then down at the bottom where there is the choose box I browsed to where I had unzipped MZMT and the folder _install_sql/INSTALL_v1.000.sql. chose that and said Go. for those who couldn't get it unzipped, I couldn't either but I found a free program called 7-zip that was able to unzip it. HTH.
  7. Could someone tell me EXACTLY how to do step #2 with phpMyAdmin? 2. Import SQL file `_install_sql/INSTALL_v1.000.sql` to your DB. I know I go to sql and there is a box that I put things in, I have had to do that before but I need someone to tell me the exact steps. I'm sorry for being such a chicken but I don't want to mess up my database! Thank you all so much.
  8. mel-

    [Support] Category Fields

    Hi, I would like to add a couple of fields to my categories, one for base product shipping price and one for additional product shipping price (as suggested to me by jsruok). Will this contribution work for that? Thank you.
  9. mel-

    Using USPS & offering free shipping

    you need to put 0 in for weight and then it will show free shipping.
  10. I don't have two database_tables.php. I only have one in catalog/includes. I don't have one under admin/includes. I installed osc back in June of 2003 and I think the version is 2.2. my point being only that this is a store up and running for 2 years so I don't know why I don't have that file ! can I just copy the one from catalog/includes to there or can someone post a copy of THEIRS in their admin file for me to copy? thank you in advance.
  11. mel-

    [CONTRIBUTION] ALLprods v 1.4

    nevermind, I goofed and downloaded the version for the templated system BTS. good golly. sorry for the posts. it works fine now.
  12. mel-

    [CONTRIBUTION] ALLprods v 1.4

    does anyone have any thoughts on this? does this contribution assume you are using the template contribution? I found on a thread about the template contrib that that is where the templates directory is created so I followed some instructions there on adding some lines to the config file to define the directory templates but it still doesn't work. the instructions are very brief and I have double checked to be sure I did it all. I have installed several contribs that are more complicated than this one before :( Thanks again.
  13. mel-

    [CONTRIBUTION] ALLprods v 1.4

    I am trying to install this contribution and am getting this error message when I click on the link to all_products.php: Warning: main(DIR_WS_TEMPLATESTEMPLATENAME_MAIN_PAGE): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /www/t/tresrhnter/htdocs/catalog/all_products.php on line 23 Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required 'DIR_WS_TEMPLATESTEMPLATENAME_MAIN_PAGE' (include_path='.:/usr/local/php4/lib/php') in /www/t/tresrhnter/htdocs/catalog/all_products.php on line 23 I have created a directory under catalog so it looks like /catalog/templates. I think that is what my problem is, should the templates directory be somewhere else? He says this in the read_me file but I don't quite understand it: if you have other templates directory other than osC or OneTable-fluid, just make a copy of osC directory from catalog\templates and rename it to template directory you need it for I didn't have a templates directory anywhere that I could find which is why I created it as noted above. thank you in advance.