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  1. scottburd

    paypal shipping

    I have paypal as one option on my payment screen. When a customer selects the paypal button, and is transferred to the paypal site, only the subtotal price is transferred to paypal ----not shipping amount.. How can I fix it where paypal accepts the total price of the product instead of the subtotal. Thanks Scott
  2. scottburd

    checkout error not showing up

    anyone experiencing this?????
  3. I have authorize.net contribution by austin, and the decline credit card alert is not coming up after someone runs their credit card. I have the template system and wonder if this is affecting the authorize.net. my other site has no problems displaying errors with the same installation (without template system), so how can I fix this please?
  4. scottburd

    authorize.net issue

    Alright, I just had someone try to checkout and their credit card was denied----but how are they to know because it is not telling them this.... $275 dollars worth of product. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO FIX THE PLEASE!!!
  5. scottburd

    authorize.net issue

    I have another website I just installed everything, and I used the credit card transaction and the decline credit card message came up fine. On the site I am having trouble with I have template sys installed, could that cause the decline card message to not come up.
  6. scottburd

    authorize.net issue

    I am using Austin's contrib, and everything seems to be working fine except for one thing. If a person puts in a credit card that is declined, the person is taken back to the payment information screen, without any explanation on why the person was taken back..I need it to give explanation of the problem. Thanks
  7. scottburd

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    I currently have the template system. I have installed corners for my boxes and the relevant files. For my category box and manufacturer box, the right corner keeps dissapearing on me, despite have the infoboxcontents marked as true on the category.php and manufacturers.php. The only conclusion is the template system is overriding everything. how can I correct this?
  8. scottburd

    shipping calculator

    how can you add a shipping calculator to where a customer can see the shipping cost before having to creat an account. I would like a customer to be able to see shipping cost before they have to create and account
  9. Hello, I am trying to see how you can add more products in the featured product contribution. Right now the featured products contribution pops up 6 products at a time. I would like to have 3 more products (3 rows of 3). How can I do this please?
  10. scottburd

    checkout with authorization.net

    Yes, I am using authorize.net. here is something funny...stupid me..when I installed the authorize.net consolidated, iI forgot to ftp the credit card images..geez
  11. scottburd

    checkout with authorization.net

    I have looked everywhere I know and can not find how to put credit card images on the checkout_payment.php page. This is extremely important considering it looks like the site is unsecure if a customer is trying to checkout ! also looks very bad. I would appreciate any help with this please - - - >I don't know if the show cc contribution would help?
  12. scottburd

    setting up payment system with authorize.net

    I am looking at the contribution authorize.net1.7 and it says This contribution at the time of this writing seems to work without incident with all versions of OsCommerce to date. You need to: * Be running OsCommerce. * Have access to cURL, either compiled into your flavour of PHP, or as a binary (curl.exe) which you can point this contribution to. * Be running SSL with the latest certificates. I don't know what it means by cURL? I think my web host already runs shared SSL with the latest certificates
  13. I setup an account with authorize.net, and put in the information in the admin(transaction key, username, etc.). I placed a test order and received confirmation emails from authorize.net and email from my site confirming the order. My question is what is with the authorize.net1.7, controller, ssl, etc. Do I need to do anything other than put the trans key and user in the admin setup???????? Please help!
  14. scottburd

    Authorize.net and Download Controller

    I am new to all this and stumbling my way through this. I have already setup an account with authorize.net, but need to know what to do from there. NICEGUYED helps a lot but I can't find the controller contribution??? Also, I have no idea what you mean by curl, so where do I start?