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  1. b0se

    Header Tags for novices

    Thank you very much. One last question, which version of the SEO contrib? There are many, many versions.
  2. b0se

    Tableless osCommerce templates?

    If only I had seen this a week ago :¬) Thanks.
  3. b0se

    [Contribution] CSS Buttons Everywhere

    Anyone have this working with STS4?
  4. b0se

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    If there was an Ajax file selector instead of having to type the filename in manually, this plugin would reach the next level. Anyone capable of accomplishing this? Is there another plugin that uses this technique that can be used as a base? Either that or make this contrib work with the File Upload plugin.
  5. Your warning gives a clue: F:/Program Files/xampp/htdocs/catalog//catalog/temp What is your $tempdir set to in easypopulate.php?
  6. Anyone have this running with Super Download Shop?
  7. Thanks for the info!
  8. Quick question, is this compatible with Super Download Shop? Like the sound of this over Ultimate SEO.
  9. b0se

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Essential plugin, thanks Alex. Is there a simple PayPal plugin that automatically sets order status?
  10. I would say the fact it doesn't save the templates is crippling. The entire point of plugins are to increase functionality. Yes, it still makes the backend LOOK nicer, but with big attribute sets you have to manually enter a considerable amount of data (thus defeating the object). Until this is fixed, it's time to try the Attribute Copier and Sorter!
  11. Update still doesn't fix the template saving bug. Might use Attribute Sorter and Copier instead, although this solution is more graceful. Whoever fixes it will be a life saver to many people :¬)
  12. Anybody? This is really holding me back, and it will probably have a simple answer... :-(
  13. Hi all, I'm using the latest builds of STS and OSC, and I have a problem that has stumped me completely... All links work (browsing categories, adding items to cart etc), but when I click on My Account (also Create account and Login) or Checkout I get an error: IE reports: Firefox gives me a popup saying: I admit I'm new to OSC and STS, but loving it so far. This problem is proving to be a brick wall in development. Is there something specific I need to add/include somewhere? The only files I've edited are the sts_template.html and some random text fields in other files. Help would be greatly appreciated...