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    Help with multiple tables

    Do you have a link for this, as there dosen't seem to be much by way of "multiple table support" in these documentshttp://www.oscommerce.info/kb/osCommerce/A...hipping_Modules As a real example ... I'm thinking that if i can install two "Table Rate Shipping" modules applied to two different zones this will work? But there isn't realy anything in the notes to indicate how this is done? :rolleyes:
  2. spencer_hudson

    Declined Transaction

    Did you get a solution to this problem ... you hadn't recently upgraded to MySQL version 5 by any chance
  3. spencer_hudson

    Can someone help me with the cart logic

    Catalogue : Products Attributes in this above section you can add a range of prices to a product ... for example $1 donation +$5 donation +$10 donation +$20 donation +$40 donation +$80 donation +$120 donation +$240 donation this isn't the same as having an open ended field but it's simple enough to implement
  4. spencer_hudson

    Payment Recieved but No Order

    I'm looking into this problem - as yet no solutions but i'm lead to beleive that it may be to do with the way the connection back from the payment gateway works. If anyone finds out anything else about this please post information here