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  1. I want to use the PayPal IPN module, but when I open the HTML instructions page, all the links are dead. I would definitely mess up if I tried to do it without them. Is this a problem with my computer? Is there a text file with these instructions?
  2. We are using only PayPal. Is there any way at all to make the "purchase without account" checkout button on catalog/login.php go to PayPal? I guess what I would like to do is skip the catalog/checkout_shipping.php, catalog/checkout_payment.php and catalog/checkout_confirmation.php pages, so that the button on the login page does what the "confirm order" button on the checkout_confirmation page does. Is there a way to do this that wouldn't mess everything up?
  3. maialee

    Can customers go directly to PayPal?

    We have 5 websites, all selling things using a PayPal cart on html pages (no shopping cart software). We now have this osCommerce site using the same PayPal account under a different e-mail address. The problem is that customers have to give us their address, etc. and then they go to PayPal and have to do it all again, which must be very irritating. If I turn PayPal IPN on, will it mess up the other 5 sites that are not set up for IPN? Also, will the PayPal shipping configurations mess up my shipping amounts in osCommerce? Which shipping would apply to these purchases? Is there a solution to this problem? I would love to be able to send customers right to PayPal when they are ready to checkout, but I want them to receive the receipt from us as well as PayPal. Any ideas???
  4. maialee

    Excel Import upload problem

    I'm just putting products in page by page. It's really not that much different from putting them into an Excel file, actually. Ths way, I can preview each time and make sure each page is right, so I'm kind of glad these Excel import contributions didn't work out.
  5. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_parse_topic_path() (previously declared in /home/little41/public_html/includes/functions/articles.php:14) in /home/little41/public_html/includes/functions/articles.php on line 14 This is what happens when I try to open my home page after installing Article Manager. I really want to get this program going because it's exactly what I need. Can you tell me why this error would occur? The installation seemed easy and ran smoothly, so I have no idea why this would happen. Thank you!
  6. I installed Article Manager and everything went well, including the SQL query, but now when I try to open my site, I get the error message (I replaced the site path with "catalog"): "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_parse_topic_path() (previously declared in /catalog/includes/functions/articles.php:14) in /catalog/includes/functions/articles.php on line 14" The referenced line 14 is the second line of this: // Parse and secure the tPath parameter values function tep_parse_topic_path($tPath) { // make sure the topic IDs are integers $tPath_array = array_map('tep_string_to_int', explode('_', $tPath)); I have tried a couple different versions and nothing seems to change this. Any idea what the problem might be??
  7. maialee

    Excel Import upload problem

    OK, this is weird. I installed Easy Populate, uploaded the database and I get this error: "No products_model field in record. This line was not imported" I used the Easy Populate database, with product model field first. It is all done as instructed. Any idea why this is happening? It could be a dumb and obvious mistake on my part, as I am rather new to php. Thank you!
  8. I'm trying to use the MS Excel Import contribution. I created the Excel file, saved it as CSV, everything seems to be installed correctly... when I go to upload the file, I get an error message: "No products_model field in record or incorrect root for category. I cannot import this record!" I do have the correct category code and I don't undertstand what "Root!" is supposed to be, but I've tried 1, 2 and others. Please help me!