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  1. Ok, for 1) above, I think I have to change to this: I'm not sure about 2) and 3) though, is 2) changing this: to this: correct? 3) has sort of lost me though, could someone pop up an example of the code I need to find, and the change to be made (no idea if it's relational or direct etc???) Thanks :)
  2. OK..... I've been through the tutorial bits in this thread and it's partially working..... In "My Account", it shows the Primary Address in the format: Name Address1 City Postcode County Country but the Address Book Entries is correct. If I go through the order process, the Shipping Address is shown in the same (wrong) format as above, in the Shipping Information page, the billing address in the Payment Information page is also the same (wrong) format and in the Order Confirmation page it's also the same (wrong) format. When the order confirmation email is sent, that also contains the same (wrong) format. I've obviously missed something somewhere, help please :)
  3. I think I've found the issue here (well, for me anyway), if the NoChex APC module is in Test mode then you can't enter credit/debit card info, go into Live mode and check it - worked OK like that. Hope this helps :)
  4. Mark/Paul, Having got the NoChex APC basically working, I am having the same problem. In order to accept credit/debit cards you must have an Xtra account with NoChex (limit is ?300 per transaction according to NoChex), otherwise you can only accept payments from other NoChex members. Problem is, I have an Xtra account and not only can people not put in credit/debit card information, if they click on the "If you don't have a NoChex account click here" button it just returns them back to the checkout page. Any ideas? Ta, Paul.
  5. The server is running Linux, kernel version 2.4.20-021stab022.1.777-smp but as it happens I've found the problem Back in January when I first started trying to set up the shop, I recompiled Apache to include cURL so naively assumed it would contain the cURL code. For some unknown reason, my hosting company have at some point since then seen fit to replace my compiled Apache with a default build that doesn't contain cURL :angry: :angry: :angry: Silly me, I didn't think to go back every couple of days to check what I had installed was still installed :rolleyes: So anyway, even if you *know* you installed cURL, worth going back to check that your hosting company haven't uninstalled it for you! Thanks for your help folks :wub:
  6. OK then, guess I'm back where I started :) Any other ideas as to why I can't seem to get this contribution running?
  7. OK, it seems an SSL certificate etc is going to set me back somewhere in the region of ?160 :blink: Is this definately the problem? I'm still unsure as to why we need it, does this contribution *only* support SSL connections? I would have thought that the stuff that needs to be secure (ie card details etc) would be secured by NoChex as it's all entered on their pages, so to secure what they ordered seems a bit of overkill to me.
  8. Thanks, that's part of my frustration, I spent ages researching various solutions and time and again osCommerce came out top so that makes it all the more annoying :) Anyway, I'll see if I can get an SSL key sorted and recompile, see what happens then. Cheers
  9. Also, if I enable the debug, I get this in an email every minute or so: "Opening connection Raw Response from Nochex: Checking Response Result: Now checking order and updating as necessary Completed APC notify script!" along with multiple "NOCHEX VALIDITY RESPONSE:NO RESPONSE" Help!!!!!!!!!! I don't know whether I'm fundamentally misunderstanding what this contribution was supposed to do, I assume it would take a payment and then update my shop so I knew that someone had ordered and paid??? In fact I'm getting entirely peed off with osCommerce full stop, as with all open source software it's a complete swine to install, configure and use. I've been working on this on and off now for 3 months and still not really any closer to getting it working properly (if you consider unable to pay, unable to work out shipping costs as properly anyway!). Any suggestions for some good quality, easily installed, properly supported ecommerce solutions as I simply don't have the spare time to spend much more of it messing with this.
  10. Thanks, I've checked all those settings and they are the same. I've definately got cURL installed as I had to recompile it all. Is it a requirement to have SSL installed as well? I assumed that NoChex's own SSL would take care of the security aspect.
  11. Did anyone manage to answer/sort this yet? Had 1 reply which just quoted my post which although nice, wasn't a huge amount of help ;)
  12. Hi, I've read this thread a couple of times and it seems people are having the same problem as me but I can't really see an answer on how to fix it . I go to the NoChex APC test page, whack in the link to my notify_nochex.php script and it gives me the result on the page: transaction_id=146519 transaction_date=27/01/2005 17:47:30 order_id=999999 amount=1.99 from_email=test1@nochex.com to_email=test2@nochex.com security_key=40710 I don't get an email with this stuff in it but I then get an email with the subject "NOCHEX VALIDITY RESPONSE: NO RESPONSE" over and over again. I've tried a test transaction and although it seems to go through to NoChex and payment is made, it never updates the shop to generate an order email or change the status to NoChex Approved (or whatever it is it changes it to). Can anyone post an answer to this problem that even a complete php/web numpty can understand, it's doing my head in :blink: Cheers
  13. Scooby

    NoChex APC Module

    Aha! Some degree of success! I discovered that cURL wasn't installed in our build of Apache so I've rebuilt it with cURL and now I get the debug email through. I tried a live transaction and got the email from NoChex confirming payment but still the shop itself isn't notifying me that someone has bought something and paid for it - should it do that? I would assume that any ecommerce solution would do it. I am now also getting an email (at the rate of about 3 a minute) from the shop with the subject "NOCHEX VALIDITY RESPONSE: NO RESPONSE" which is going to kill the mail server and my PC!!!!! Does anyone have a clue about that? Please please please please help :thumbsup:
  14. Scooby

    NoChex APC Module

    Nope, wasn't exactly inundated with suggestions as to how to fix it and I'm a complete php numpty so no chance of fixing it myself. I'm resigning myself to having to use the manual NoChex payment system and doing lots of logging into NoChex and the shop to try and tie payments up with orders :'(
  15. Scooby

    NoChex APC Module

    Can anyone help? Please?