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  1. joquinha

    2gether Discount

    I have just resolved all problems except one: I can't display the images for the produts in checkout_confirmation.php. in the properties of the images the link is images/save-icon_sm.gif
  2. joquinha

    2gether Discount

    I still have this problem. i just move the <\form> but still not working, only one product is add
  3. joquinha


    thanks for the quick awnser. I just look in the forum but i only seen the localhost problem but i dont work with localhos denifition, i have in configure.php my domain www.oficina-digital.com. please help me
  4. joquinha


    i have instaler the module buy_two_module version 2 but do not work in discont mode, whem i put in discont mode i get one blanc page in normal mode is work fine. my link is http://www.oficina-digital.com/catalog/pro...uy_tinn_add=469 Best regards Jorge Almeida