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  1. I have one supplier who has their product images hosted on a website. unfortunately there is no way for me to download the images all at once so I am wondering if there is a way to upload those products images through EP using a URL in the v_products_image field in my EP csv file? any thoughts on a work around?
  2. my vendor provided me a product feed unfortunately the product images are on a hosted server. is there a way to upload easy populate file with the images as a URL? normally I would upload the files to my server. in this case this particular vendor has the files stored on their server so I am unable to download. is there a way to reference the url?
  3. hi I am using easy populate 2.76e and managing about 1000 items. does anyone know if there are contributions that will 1. allow me to delete multiple items and categories? currently all I can do is set them to inactive 2. allow me to populate the short description field and shipping charges I want to be able to do all this using a spreadsheet and uploading through easy populate. if someone can please help point me to the contributions so I can have my web designer implement the changes that would be most appreciated!
  4. Hi I am running EP version 2.76e and had some questions around: Images the product images have to be in jpeg format and logos have to be in gif. is this correct? do I need to upload the individual files or can I upload the zip file? if answer is yes how do I reference on my EP spreadsheet? Easy Populate Spreadsheet have we figured out how to add the short description, shipping costs through the EP spreadsheet? is there a contribution I need to add or can I just add new fields to my spreadsheet? what are those field names? how do I mass delete some items? at this time I have only been able to figure out how to set the attribute status to inactive but I have not been able to actually delete those items how do you customize more fields that you want to export from EP? I can see the ones that are already set but how do I select extra fields that are not listed ? i.e. mfg logos? Error Messages sometimes if I upload a lot I can get an error message on my site 1226 - User 'i800grea_admin' has exceeded the 'max_questions' resource (current value: 50000) select value from sessions where sesskey = '2db0f04a4b9d78b8611969e3af174a66' and expiry > '1200102591' the ISP says that error occurs when the number of queries exceeds 50,000. they said there is possibly some script that is running. it usually resets itself after an hour but it does bring the site down during that time.that says I have exceeded the max number of questions or entries? any idea why this occurs and how to fix? any help would be appreciated. thank you
  5. Hi I am trying to remove a bunch of product categories from my site. I am using easy populate and set v_action to delete and also inactive. it shows items being deleted but I noticed the categories still remain on my site? how do I delete? also is there a way for me to do a mass delete within the os commerce admin screen?
  6. greatdeals_007

    Easy Populate New Questions Please Help

    Thank you for the reply. What documentation are you referring to for adding addtl fields? also when I upload the images to the /images directory I am wondering if I can upload a single zip file or do I have to upload individual files?I have over 30,000 imaeges to upload of which I may only use 1500. I don't have a way to cross reference so I only upload the images that I am actually using. do you know if I upload a zip file if that will work even though the EP sheet refers to the individual file name?
  7. Hi I had a couple of NEWBIE questions and hoping you can help with some Easy Populate questions: SHORT DESCRIPTIONS I hired someone to install EP and I can upload hundreds of products but still not able to update the short description field which is a key piece because that is what customer see when they navigate through the products. Has anyone figured out how to populate the short description yet? PRODUCT IMAGES we figured out the product images have to be in gif format. does anyone know if I can keep these pics in a zip file or do I need to upload individual pics to my site? CLEANUP as I update my inventory there are a lot of items with 0 qty. Those items appear as unavailable on my site. They appear as Inactive on the EP spreadsheet. is there a way to easily delete those items from my site using EP? any help would be appreciated
  8. I have been using Easy Populate EP vers: 2.76e for a couple of weeks now. After working through some issues I finally got to a point where I can update and add items to my catalog. a couple of things I wished it could do for me: 1. delete items (currently I am just assigning those items inactive or listing inventory as 0 which works) 2. populate short description 3. populate shipping charge field 4. populate MAP pricing field does anyone know if there is an update or maybe field names I could use for these? Short Descriptions is a huge one for me because I can throw up hundreds of items but it doesn't make any sense to my customers without a short description. This is my main issue because I have to manually go in and add this stuff which is a HUGE pain. if we can do v_products_name_1 can't we do something with the short description? can someone help me out? much appreciated!!!
  9. I am using easy populate to add products to my site. I was wondering how do you actually delete items from your site using easy populate? I can export my current catalog to a spreadsheet, make changes and re-upload (smaller batches) no problem but how does the program know you actually deleted something? is there a special flag or field that needs to be checked? my last resort maybe to just zero out the qty for those line items. can you help me figure out a better way? also does anyone know how to get populate the short description field from within the easy populate sheet? thank you
  10. greatdeals_007

    Easy Populate - Having some issues can you help?

    I downloaded the complete file and noticed there is no short description column? does anyone know if I can manually insert that column into the easy populate spreadsheet? what is the header name? thank you
  11. I am new to Easy populate and have some general questions I was hoping someone could help? Export current catalog when I export my current catalog I noticed it does not list some very key fields like cost, list and map pricing? these are key fields for me. can I manually insert columns and if so what are the column headers for these? Pictures I noticed there is a v_products_image that points or references my product images. do you know if I can upload a bunch of product photos to my site and then just have the easy populate lines reference the file names? where do I upload those photos exactly? Product description I noticed the product short description does not appear on the main page like the others. if I drill down on the item I can see the description. I didn't change anything I basically took the existing catalog erased all but 1 line. I created a 2nd litem with the exact same columns but different description. item 1 description appears on the main page item 2 description does not appear only the model number can anyone help with some of these questions? thank you
  12. my web designer installed the easy populate feature and I am having some issues trying to use it. I was hoping you might be able to help clear up some questions. MODIFYING EXISTING CATALOG I exported my current catalog to a spreadsheet. I made my modifications, saved and then tried to upload the file back. I get a time out error? when do you use one of the following over the other? in otherwords is there any documentation or instructions available? Upload and Import EP File Upload and Split EP File Import EP file from Temp Dir ADDING NEW SUPPLIER FEEDS TO MY EXISTING CATALOG my suppliers all send me csv files that I want to be able to import. I am not sure if am suppose to export the existing catalog and add to it OR can I just upload the new files which will append to the existing catalog? how do you get the pictures to appear since they are in another file? do you include references or points of some sort? any help would be much appreciated! thank you