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  1. AaronMihe

    Account Balance Contribution

    Other fixes include: The reference in install.txt to adding Add at the end just before ?> : // include balance_format class and create an instance // Account Balance Modif require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'balance_format.php'); $balance_format = new balance_format(); // End Account Balance Modif to catalog\admin\customers.php is incorrect, it really means catalog\admin\application_top.php AND In file catalog\admin\includes\languages\english.php (and all 'language'.php ie french, german...) Add at the end just before ?> : // added for account balance mod define('ENTRY_ACCOUNT_BALANCE', 'Account Balance'); define('CATEGORY_ACCOUNT_BALANCE', 'Account Balance'); define('TABLE_HEADING_ACCOUNT_BALANCE', 'Account Balance'); needs a small bug-fix in customers.php becuase customers php is calling a variable "TABLE_ACCOUNT_BALANCE" for the title of the column. Instead I just added define('TABLE_ACCOUNT_BALANCE', 'Account Balance'); And so far it all looks good and works from the admin side. Still testing on the customer side! A.
  2. AaronMihe

    Account Balance Contribution

    OK Caused by not changing the line above so the array isn't ended correctly. 'customers_newsletter' => $customers_newsletter, 'customers_account_balance' => $customers_account_balance); Is how it should look about line 162 A.
  3. AaronMihe

    Account Balance Contribution

    Same problem when I installed it yesterday. There's a lot of errors in the install.txt. But fixing those doesn't resolve the problem. They centre around Replacing lines, not adding them. Go back through your insertions and look at the lines below. Some need to replace the original lines. However as I say this does nothing about the problem - which I suspect is derived from somethign not being decalred correctly? Help! A.
  4. AaronMihe

    Australian Dollar support for paypal

    On the Devosc IPN COntribution you can also add AUD to the Currency selection list in the Admin and turn it on and off as you like ;) A.
  5. AaronMihe

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    More on my problem. It would seem my "tep_href_link" value is incorrect for the location of the site in the PayPal code, but everythign else seems to work AOK. Any ideas where tep_href_link is defined? A.
  6. AaronMihe

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    I expect Devosc is the only person with this answer at the tip of his fingers..... But.. I did all my testing on the site in a sub dir off my server. www.domain.com/catalog Now I've moved the install to shop.domain.com/ Somehow in this process it woudl appear IPN has been broken. No big drama so I've been running with it not working. Spent some time today trying to suss out what is happening and found that when I Edit my PayPal_IPN settings the link to "IPN Test Panel" points to: http://www.domain.com/catalog/admin/paypal.php?action=itp To me this implies that somewhere I've got to change a pointer to the correct location. Where on earth are these pointers stashed? Thanks A.
  7. AaronMihe

    Auspost shipping help

    That's exactly what I've done... Use a modded version of the Table Rate files to give the option for letters and Satchels. I actually have: apsat.php (Letters and standard Satchells) epsat.php (Express post Envelopes and Satchels) apintletter.php (International Letters) Becuase they're table cost based there's not much code hacking needed and they disable themselves once the customer goes beyond the max weight. ie they're easy to install and manage. Proved to be the best tweak I could find for shipping small things. A.