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  1. cgraham

    authorize.net won't display errors

    For everyone who is having the problem that AuthorizeNet is returning error (you can see them in the URL) but the errors are not getting diplayed on the page, I finally found a post that actually addresses the issue and give a step by step on how to correct it. You can view the post HERE This does NOT address any particular error or how to correct errors, it only address the issue of error messages not being displayed on the page.
  2. cgraham

    authorize.net won't display errors

    Can ANYONE give some guidance on how to get error messages to print on the checkout screen? The error message is being returned (it shows in the URL) it just does not display on the checkout screen. As a result, the purchaser is just shuffled back to the credit card information entry screen with no explanation as to why they are being sent back. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. cgraham

    authorize.net won't display errors

    I'm having the same problem....no error messages displayed on the screen, but they show up in the URL.