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  1. Charles_K

    Financial reporting contribution

    Hi, Might be that the value for the "products_cost" is missing. insert into products (products_quantity, products_model, products_image, products_price, products_cost, products_date_added, products_date_available, products_weight, products_status, products_tax_class_id, manufacturers_id) values ('1000', '', 'emergen-cimmunedefense.jpg', '430.0000', '215.0000', now(), null, '0.00', '0', '0', '0')
  2. Charles_K

    Customer Private Messages

    Hi, Did you ever find a solution to this? If so, would you mind sharing? Or if someone with better skills than me could help me/us out with this one. Thx in advance.
  3. Charles_K


    Hi, Is it possible to get this great contribution to check changes in directory permissions also?
  4. Hi, Did you find a solution for your problem? If so would you mind share it as i'm trying to get it to work with enable/disable categories also. And i cant seem to get it working...
  5. Charles_K

    Enable/Disable categories contribution

    Hi, I'm having the same problem! Did you get it working? If so, Would you share the solution! Thx in advance /Charles
  6. Charles_K

    [contribution] Total B2B

    Hi turbot2, Did you get any replys to your question? If so what was the answer? Or did you install it? If so did it work?/Was it hard to install? Thanx in advance.
  7. Charles_K

    Actual Attribute Price V1.0

    Hi, Is it possible to see a screenshot of this contributon in action? So one might see what it look's like? :-"