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  1. 1 hour ago, tttim6575 said:

    im not shouting theres just caps  i have to use caps  a lot  and forget to switch over are you really posting this fucking idot. Ifigured it out my self  i know how to code also and the person who wrote the damn script was an idiot 

    Generaly its accepted that using all caps on a forum is classed as shouting as it is on most forums. Insulting people here will get you no where apart from on a load of blocked lists which means you will get no help from those people.

    As you seem quite capable you dont need peoples help or advice even when they do not know your skills and you never tell them.

  2. 3 minutes ago, JcMagpie said:

    As others have already pointed out this once wonderful forum that was built on free input which was welcomed by all is now beeing reduced to $$$$$ by a handfull of people.

    No one with any comercial intrest in the selling osC code or services should have any say in how the forum is run full stop. Talk about conflict of interest!!! Most of the hostility is driven by vested commercial interests.


    You seem to be forgetting that without those very people we would not have what we have today. Some of us shop owners want to help push oscommerce forward and to do that we need to pay developers to get what we want. Those developers are found on and through this forum. They always have been and they always will.

    Lets not push away the very hand that feeds us, which may happen if we are not careful.

  3. 1 hour ago, MrPhil said:

    30 days might be a little quick on the draw. I wonder if there is legal precedent to say that's too soon to discard records? I would think that 6 to 12 months' retention of shipping information would stand up in court if someone sued you for non-delivery. Other information on the order should probably be retained for at least 12 months, perhaps longer (especially for warranty periods, not to mention financial records and tax filings). At some point you should be able to reasonably say, "Enough! I've held on to this information for long enough."

    It's only a certificate of posting. Not needed once the item has been delivered. 

  4. I only started thinking about this after I had a customer ask where his order was 3 months after I posted it. No proof of posting or anything as after 30 days I bin them if I have heard nothing from the customer.

    Saying that I have had one phone call this week asking where an order is and the order was never made. Items were still in the customers cart and he had not even started the checkout process apparently. This is the trouble I have when my customers are on the older generation.

    May be we should start a thread somewhere about silly customer experiences to bring a bit of light relief.

  5. Hi Dan @Dan Cole

    I do still manually enter the tracking numbers as I take all my post to the local post office and pay over the counter. Not the cheapest way I know. I would be interested in seeing or hearing more about how you do this. Its something that is so labour intensive, although not so much now.

    I am currently waiting for a call back from Royal Mail about their click and drop service, when I may have to do something different. This has only come about since I had two customers claim non arrival of orders after the 30 days that I keep the certificate of Postings for.

  6. Whilst not really connected to this how many here have read about Geo blocking in the EU. These regulations state that no customer within the EU can be put in a position that discriminates against that person on price, amongst other things. Search for Geo blocking regulations that came into effect on the 3rd December 2018 as they make interesting reading if you have the will to live.

  7. 1 hour ago, burt said:

    The purpose of public feedback would be to not rely solely on a (say) 1-10 star rating, where the ratings will be skewed enormously by supporters and haters, regardless of how poor/excellent an addon maybe.

    Agree with the above. Without some sort of written explanation there will be nothing visible to those that would like to download the addon to see why a particular rating was given. It will also allow the developer to answer such remarks when releasing new versions. Keep it simple and all in one easy to find place. In some cases it would take far to long to look for and read through long support threads.

  8. I am often told that there is no such thing as  a silly question. I believe that I have found that silly question.

    For what ever reason I am trying to add a tracking number from Royal Mail and a couriers into the comments box when updating orders in admin. That bit is easy using Gary's 'Canned Comments' code , and it all works fine and as I hoped it would. The canned comments are added in the  orders page after you have clicked to see the order. I want to show the customers zip/post code on the main orders page or front screen of the orders to make it easy which orders need the tracking number listed. The post office receipt matches the tracking code to the postcode, which cant be seen until the order is actually opened and viewed. That means I have to click on every order to find the postcode to find the tracking number, when it is only needed on certain orders. In my view that's a waste of time with 40+ orders a day.

    I hope this is all making some sort of sense to someone.

    On the main orders page things like customers, order total, order date and order status are shown. I have added customers IP and order number there so I have a basic idea on how to alter that page to show a heading and can figure out how to show the postcode I hope, but have no idea on how to incorporate the order and a section of the delivery address to get the data needed to show relative to the customers order. This is where I need help. I need to know the sql statement to get that info please and where it would be best placed in the orders page code.

    Any help greatly appreciated.


  9. From a shop owners point of view I feel that it would be good to rate an addon and leave true factual feedback. The main advertising point that is used for oscommerce is the 7000+ addons that are available. There is nothing saying whether these addons are good, bad or just ugly and will work on the current version that is being used. I have personally wasted many hours, as I suspect many others have, installing addons that just do not work. This should have changed when the no core code change policy was introduced. Its now so easy to add or remove most addons and if an addon does not work for what ever reason then others should know. If an addon has core code changes then people that download that addon should know about it in advance. Coders will learn from this so leading to higher coding standards and less negative feedback. If people are not prepared to take general criticism then they should not release code to be used by others. Some coders also need to loose the attitude.

    The only problem I see is when a newer version of the addon is released which cures the problem that left feedback was related to. I would like to see older versions of addons removed, not just updated and left. The trouble being that this will take time and someone has to do it. The same with checking addons.

    When someone releases an addon there should be a demo allowed to showcase what it can do. Let people see the functionality and let them decide whether it does what they want. No demo no release. As soon as the demo is taken down the addon should be removed. Only trouble again this will take someone time. There needs to be away to report this type of problems to a moderator so they can sort the problem or remove the addon.

    What ever happens has to be for the good of oscommerce and not an individual.

  10. 44 minutes ago, JcMagpie said:

    And what if any proof do you have of this? Anyone who thinks the work is protected in anyway can allways ask for it to be removed.

    So many of your addons are based on code from a developer here who never releases free addons which can be seen by the disclaimer in that software. I hope you dont want me to name names because I wont. The IP still belongs to the originator of the code, noit the person who paid for the code which is why you need the original disclaimer in your releases of the code.

    There are some people on this forum who will not actively pay to support the software, but will happily take what was paid for code for free, even as we have seen further back in this tread that the code is worse than the original.

    But thats an argument that I am not going to get into on this forum.

  11. My problem with some of the latest addons added to the addon area, is that some are based on one persons paid for work. That work is done and offered to users to attract customers for that person, not to have people use the base of the code and release for free. Tha's surely taking work from the coder that first created the code. It would be fine if it improved on the original code, but in most cases it doewsnt as apparent by some of the comments here. But if thats the way that oscommerce is going, then so be it with HPDLs blessing apparently. May be addons should be created under a different licence that prevents that happening and something that protects the original creators intellectual property.

  12. If the truth be known your hosts upgraded their system to the latest php version, unless you agreed to the upgrade without checking that your code would work.

    Before it happens again, start development of a new store using the latest CE version of oscommerce then you should not get the problem again. As things keep changing you will have to make the move anyway sooner or later.

  13. 16 hours ago, honda4 said:

    Zahid, Yes I can see the sales per customer, but I have a recall for a product, I do not have the correct tools. It's not often, but well.

    If I could I would build a tool in which I could enter the productname (which is a partnumber in my case), and the tool would give me the customername-date ordered and ordernumber.

    And maybe total sales - very maybe per period 🙂

    Search the addons area. I had the exact same problem with a recal, and found one that did what I wanted. It did need some modification to for the admin page style as it was an older addon, but I cant give you the name as it will mean me advising people to use an old addon and that is not the done thing apparently. But there are several there already to do what you want.

  14. There is an addon that I use called stocktaking cost which is here https://apps.oscommerce.com/50HQp&stocktaking-cost.

    It can export to CSV and you can select categories that are not listed, but that has to be done manually. I generate a full report then edit that report for what I want. It does need the initial page layout, and the closing page layout to be changed to match that of the latest pages, but nothing too serious and the changes can be compared to almost any other admin report page.

    Its a lot less risky than messing with your database if you are unsure of what you are doing.