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  1. 10 minutes ago, LeeFoster said:

    I'm on Edge bs4 and I suspect the same. Just don't want to hard code css changes and break it in mobile view.

    You are right. I have just tried and regardless of what I try  I cannot replicate the layout I had in Frozen. Something somewhere must have changed. I have had a quick look through the module files and the template files and they look very much the same. . I will have to dig deeper.

  2. 50 minutes ago, LeeFoster said:

    No code changes?

    The only code changed was mentioned in the original thread you found. It was CSS added to the user.css file to control the length of the image placeholder. I did also add some padding to the buy now button as I wanted to make that intl a module which would have had padding in it but that has been done now in the latest version.

    I am about to try the same thing on the latest Phoenix version so it will be interesting to see if it still works.

  3. 12 hours ago, LeeFoster said:

    What changes did you have to make to achieve this? I've got the below module and trying to get it under the price and add to cart button.


    Lee, it was just a case of playing with the sort orders and the widths as explained in the original post.  The gallery was set to 6 and everything else was either 3 or 6 apart from the product name that was still 12. Here is an image of the settings from admin.


  4. 54 minutes ago, Druid6900 said:

    Yes, I'd have to agree.

    The shipping and payment modules would PROBABLY work, but, I have thousands of items and we are looking at a lot of paid person-hours to put them all back in. It's not really worth the effort or expense.

    I guess it's a fine program if you're just starting a store, but for an established one, it's a deal-breaker.

    I recall going for MS2.2 to 2.3.1 using a series of scripts to convert the initial database and they worked perfectly.

    I dont understand why its a deal breaker. It would take someone that knew what they were doing a few hours work to transfer the relevant database tables to a new database. I had someone do it the last time i upgraded from ms2 to BS Edge and the cost was a lot less than I thought it would be. Not every table needs to be transferred. it is probable something that many could do themselves but I have no inclination to mess with my database, its been working for too long.

    As to converting your addons, that may take a lot longer, but  most software needs updating at some point and if you rely on your store to earn money then what ever money is spent on your store is a business expense and should be factored in to your pricing. Think of a website upgrade and a repaint of a bricks and mortar store. Most payment modules will work as far as I know. The big problem will be updating them for the latest strong customer authentication updates next month. The admin side has been left and is still very much the same as all the BS versions and even as far back as 2.3 versions so admin mods will require no modifications hopefully.

  5. 4 hours ago, Hotclutch said:

    That might be a vision, but the CE is far from that stage ,and i doubt it ever will be. Last time i checked there was code being added to the template files even.

    So my point remains in that to update to a newer version of the files you just over write the core files that you have with the latest version ones. It does not matter if the core files are being changed or added to as thats what updating will do.

  6. As long as you know what you have changed it's fine. I thought the idea was that updating the software is a case of replacing the core files. If you alter core files you will have to alter them again when updating. I keep a record of the changes I make to the language files so they can easily be changed again after an upgrade. At the end of the day it's up to you what you do and how you do it. 

  7. 10 hours ago, ArtcoInc said:

    @Heatherbell Very nice and useful! 👍

    It should be pointed out that, while the current school of thought is to avoid 'core file' changes, both Language and Template files are NOT considered 'core files', and as such, we can modify these all we want.


    What should really be done is to create a new module with a different name and upload it. Then remove the current module and replace with the new one. That way keeps core code files safe for when updating the site with a full file upload overwrite.

  8. Contact @burt by message as he did something in his 28 days of code which he initially did for me. It allows you make up a new product of a bundle of items from items already in stock. If a bundle is sold it reduces the items individual stock levels, to a point where it will not allow purchase of a bundle in one of the items are not in stock.

  9. 38 minutes ago, eaglik said:

    Has anybody got any updates, tricks or soluitions to making Stripe payment module and Oscommerce work properly to satisfy the upcoming "  Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) " rules being introduced in September ?

    I have been using Stripe within my OSC shop for about a year now and other than a slightly longer wait for payment than some other services it seems to work well and I cannot fault them ( I know others complain but I have had no issues to date )

    I had a poke around the web and cannot find an obvious answer ( or not understand one if it is there ! )

    Some people mention some add ons but again am not sure to what they refer to and whether they would help with this issue or not

    I am happy enough to exchange some beer tokens for the right help if somebody knows how

    I tried a while ago to get a developer to recode the module, but not one that I could find would actually do it and allow the code to be released on the forum for free or donations. In the end I gave up. Hopefully something will be done before the deadline as I got another email today from Stripe letting me know I needed to do something. All we can do is wait and see.

  10. @Mort-lemur This looks like it could be a great help. Never really thought about this sort of thing in the past.

    When I discontinue a product I move it to a hidden category for a few months just in case I bring the product back or an alternative one from another supplier.  This should make the job so much easier.

  11. Google have similar tools to show percentage of mobile use. If someone uses Analytics and is not using a mobile version they should look to see what numbers are viewing their site using a smaller device. It surprised me when I initially looked.  Knowing your desired customer base also helps.

  12. I would only use the Phoenix version. Other versions are no longer being developed or maintained or are really old and could be insecure. As far as I am aware there are no vulnerabilities with the Phoenix version.

  13. 4 hours ago, supercheaphobb said:

    So after your comment

    Do you want to know about spelling mistakes / grammar or not?

    Either way while I am typing... On the store front after install you have "Welcome on Store Name" I think this is meant to be Welcome to

    But if you feel this is nitpicky I won't bother contributing as a shop owner about small error's...

    Not too sure language errors are essential and a priority as most store owners would need to change these anyway. I went through nearly every language file and altered something just to make the site different to many others. Saying that they ought to be right.

  14. As many will already know I have a .com oscommerce site up and running. I now been able to buy the .co.uk. What should I do with the .co.uk. Some have suggested just having a redirect to the .com which seems a bit of a waste, whilst others have suggested having a fixed page website with things like information pages and practical advice rather than have all the links on the oscommerce site. Sort of turn it into a blog type site if that makes any sense with links to the old site.

    What would be best for the business and the website whilst also considering SEO.

    I may even use it for testing a copy of Phoenix for now.

  15. 23 hours ago, supercheaphobb said:

    Not a bug but a should have / need - in Australia and not sure where else we have to put our ABN on the invoice and also the invoice need to be called a Tax Invoice, we should be able to enter our business number / tax number in admin - configuration - store and the invoice needs this number on it along with the word Tax Invoice (or also make this a name which can be entered in admin configuration) this would make the included invoice usable for many.

    Totally off topic I know but there is nothing stopping you, or anyone else,  creating a package that makes changes to the core code to comply with country specific legal requirements. If everything was kept country specific it would make loading them and updating them easy as each countries requirements changed. A package that would alter things like address layouts, tax values, date and time formats, and all sorts of other changes would be a start to making the code international.

  16. 11 hours ago, LeeFoster said:

    Does anyone know of a royal mail shipping module? I know there is the one below but it is 7 years old and for v2.2


    Thats the addon that I use for my RM shipping. I do only send out either large letters or small parcels up to 2kg so it was easy to adjust the price brackets to suit my site. There is no parcel size option as used by RM now but it can be made to work. I have set the site to show different options depending on total cost of the order as RM compensation is so low now, (over a certain cost only signed for shows) but again have no problems. Customers love that it is easy to use and selects to what is available depending of weight and order value. Any orders over 2kg use a courier module that was in the earlier version of this addon, but for some reason was removed. Just get the files from an earlier version.

    Its just a shame that there is no third zone for international postage which is something that I may look into creating.

    Updating prices is easy once you get the hang of the way they are listed.