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  1. 15 hours ago, abcdefg said:

    Not having bootstrap is not a big deal for me.

    Its not really about you, its about your customers. Check your google statistics if you have them and see how many people in this day and age use some other device apart from a desktop computer to view your website. Also check your google rankings to see whether you are being penalised for not having a responsive website.

    At the end of the day its up to you, but people are genuinely trying to give you the best advice.

  2. 12 hours ago, ArtCamp said:

    My problem is as follows, as every day I tried to enter my Oscommerce using my usual username and password and I get a message: Invalid administrator login attempt. Which does not make sense because I enter with the same account every day, maybe it's something very simple.
    Can someone help me?

    Have you tried resetting your admin user details. There are many posts on these forums on how to do this.

  3. I have not reviewed a website here for a long time as all site designs are down to personal preference but the sliders and all the different boxes on the product pages distract the buyers eyes from the products that the site is trying to sell. On the home page the slider in the main content of the page should be a lot slower and also the full width of the page. The one in the header should be removed as all the information should be available somewhere else on the site. That would also tidy up the search box area. By removing all those sliders will get your main content above the fold and the site can do what it is hopefully designed to so, and that is sell products. Its a long scroll on a phone to even see a product.

    Put your site in here and run the test if you havent already. https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly

    Then put it in here and correct all the errors. https://validator.w3.org/

    More recent ideas on sliders at https://www.commercegurus.com/image-sliders. There is also some good information on the yoast website about how they are not that good for SEO. Whilst they work in a few cases, one on a page is not too bad, but here there is too much of a distraction. Saying that though, how many people actually land on the front page of your website. Google analytics will tell you that.

    I did notice that the fonts are not all the same in the product descriptions, and I dont quite know why there is a large image under the descriptions. Does it need to be there.

    As all websites are a work in progress this isnt too bad a start. What it really needs is customer feedback and refining over time once the site is live. What I would do is to spend some time doing research on competitors sites and see how yours can be made better than theirs.

  4. I have done a quick search of the addons and cant seem to find anything like this. I have tried one that didnt work at all and just kept giving loads of errors so I gave up. This is the one that I have tried http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6902

    What I need to do is to find out when a particular product was sold, and to who it was sold. This may seem silly but I sell electronic components and a supplier of mine has contacted me about a safety notice on a product. I have sold only a few of the particular batch, as I have lots of them on the shelf, but I need to know who bought the other items. I can also see a benefit to this type of addon for other reasons, but for now it would be good to find something to save me having to go through hundreds of orders to find one particular product name since I bought a thousand of the items.

    Can anyone offer any help or advice please.

  5. What exactly are you having doubts with? Its harsh to blame a product when you are trying to use something that is not compatible and from a third party. That's not oscommerces fault. I hope you chose a theme with free support so they should be the ones you are talking to as they supplied you something that does not work.

    Hopefully you have found out that the community version of oscommerce is responsive, and is also module based so you just upload the files to the correct place and then install and activatee the addon using its settings.  Couldn't be any simpler although you do have to change the way you currently work. There are loads of addons currently created for this version of oscommerce and in the true sense of open source, you can produce more to fit your needs if you wish and release them for others to use.

    Why the fixation that you need a theme. Do a search for bootstrap themes and you will find many. Most of the store look can be changed by changing or adding css. Not difficult, even I can do it.


  6. If people really want to know what devices people are using to view a website the owners should sign up for google analytics, or similar services.  It will save all the guessing and speculation what people are using to view a website, although I do believe that they may not all be 100% accurate. It will also depend on your customers. I was surprised to find that only 22% of my customers used a mobile device and a further 18% use a tablet, so nowhere near the 80% quoted above, but my customers are of the older generation due to the hobby, but that may have been 40% of customers who may have gone elsewhere because the site was not mobile friendly. Can I afford to loose that many of my customers because the website is not responsive, of course not.

  7. 1 hour ago, Mikepo said:

    @14steve14 I'll have to try this myself, as last time I couldn't get it to work.  The modules (price, reviews gtin, etc) dropped below the image.  I'll try again.

    I did add the following into the user css file.

    @media only screen and (min-width : 768px) {
      div.cm-pi-gallery {
        min-height: 600px;

    The 600 is the length that I did have to play around with a bit, and may need to again. I also think it helps having the description under the image and full width 12. It looked really silly otherwise.

  8. have been having a bit of a play with this on a new version of Frozen. I thought others may like to see the results. There have been no core file changes, and apart from a bit of padding in the button code nothing has been changed. The layout is created by using the method that Gary explained further up the thread. The product price will be played with later as I need to convert some code to make the layout different as I need to show customers the savings on the actual price and the buying price.

    The description is under the image disclaimer, as will be the cross sell products, recently viewed and the reviews and what ever else will be tagged onto the end of the page. These may even be placed inside Garys 28 days of code tabs so will have to see what looks best.



  9. 1 hour ago, CamilaSwartz said:

    Thank you, can I just download it to my system and then it works? I have the 2003 version of os ecommerce. 

    You have to create a new database, then run the installer that is included once it is uploaded to your hosting server. The database will be filled with test products and setting so you can see the store working. Then you need to set it up and activate some modules. Then you will need to transfer all your customer, order, sales and product data from your old database to the new one. If you cant do that, there are people here that will either help you or do it for you if you post in the paid for help area.

  10. You really have two choices. None of them are easy.

    There is a mobile addon that creates another set of files on your system, but it is no longer being supported, and wont be.

    The second is to install the BS community version of oscommerce. There is a link in my signature. This does entail a complete rebuild of your current store, but that may not be a bad thing depending on how old your current store is. You will have to add all of your current addons again, but newer versions may be available. Then all you need to do is to convert your current database to work on the new files. The new BS version is so much easier to work with and in most cases, addons are just a case of uploading the files, and clicking an install button.

  11. I had this just the other day. Everything was working fine up to a few weekends ago. Then two orders were paid for but not recorded. Order numbers were passed to PayPal and in the orders list these numbers were missing. No emails were sent to either the store owner or the buyer. The items were still in the customers basket, as I was asking for help in emptying these baskets and completing the sale.  It hasn't happened since, so I am assuming that it was either a website or PayPal glitch. Luckily the items purchased were saved at PayPal.

  12. Well stop trying to change something that cant be changed. This is a public forum and everyone of us here, and some have been here a lot longer than some, have a right to keep pointing out the obvious when people seem to take no notice of what is being said. All these pointless comparisons should also be removed as they serve no purpose. They are just your opinion which you seem to want to freely voice but others cant voice theirs. But never mind as lo g as your ooinion matters and no one elses does.

    As i said if you want to change something create an addon and do it that way. No matter what you keep on about it will not change the official version. If it could then this whole post would have a point. 

  13. I am a bit like @Dan Cole and everything is a bit hit and miss.

    When replacement stocks arrive, I check all prices and also stock check just to make sure that stock levels are correct. If cost prices have risen dramatically I may even have a look for other suppliers at the time. If I leave it too long it all gets forgotten about until the next order. I also look at the product descriptions to see whether they could be changed or added to in any way just to keep them fresh. The same with the product images. This may sound bad, but if prices have risen lots, then I update prices similar products just so some dont look more expensive than others.

    When a new product arrives, I have already done my homework and have an idea of selling prices based on competitors prices and my buying cost, so its just a case of a bit of SEO work on the product names and descriptions, and the new products are added.

    I am currently going through the site and altering all the product description layouts. Over the years they got altered slightly and now I am trying to get them all to look the same. Its taking time, but customers seem to like it.

    I do have the margin report addon installed on my site so I can at least see how much profit I am making on individual items, and orders if necessary. I also have a report that lets me see how many of each item I have dold in a set period, so that helps with ordering stock.

  14. 1 minute ago, JcMagpie said:

    As long as the people using it care that’s all that matters. Development may be slow and on an as required basis but it will continue. I personally don’t have a problem with Harold popping in as and when he is able. 😊 Will hopfully be looking at the checkout process in due course with the help of a kind developer.

    I intend to do what I can as and when time allows. Anyone else can do the same or not, after all there is no compulsion to be involved its all voluntary.

    The ideas are still relevant even to your new project.😊

    We have been waiting for years for the official oscommerce to be responsive. It hasn't happened, and you have critisised myself and others for running oscommerce down. We have all been here waiting for the promised changes to happen. What makes you think that something will happen in the next years to change the create account page.

    What you could, and should do is to create an addon that replaces the current pages and system, then others could use it on the official or BS versions if they wished. If you cant change the core code, change what people use by creating addons. If the first install instruction was to rename all the current files, uploading the new ones would be easy.

    Its great people making suggestions on how things could be improved, but you have to remember that no one here can make changes to the official version as you have heard many times. The only real way to make changes is through the addons area.

  15. Those messages are not a lot to do with GDPR, they are more to do with the EU cookie regulations, which were brought in 2011. They gave people the right to choose whether they accepted cookies from the site being placed on their computer. You do not need explicit consent to place cookies on a computer which is why you can just ignore the tick box and it will go away. By using the site you are agreeing to their use. There is no way that you can find a persons identity from a cookie, unless it is a bad cookie. If you were concerned about them, you would click the policy details and read what cookies are placed on your computer. I take it everyone here knows that you have to list all the cookies that are used on your site in your privacy or cookie policy.

    GDPR is a totally different thing, but does sort of encompass a bit about cookies and their use.