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  1. 3 hours ago, RAC said:
    Hello Steve
    I have a lot to think about, update or start again.
    I have been thinking about starting a fresh install alongside my 
    current files, to see how it goes, but then how do I view the new 
    test site? Is it a case of adding another rewrite to my .htaccess? 
    or is there an alternative? 

    Just grab a copy of oscommerce of what ever version you are planning to use, and follow the install procedure as you normally would but install into a folder or sub domain. As its all installed on to your hosting account in a folder, you just navigate to that folder, the same way as you would navigate to any site that is not in your root folder. The only difference being is that you must password protect the whole folder to stop others and the search engines finding it. You will also need a separate database so your hosting should allow you to have more than one database.

    I have a copy of my current site and a test site with the latest version. The copy site gets any changes done to it first to make sure that they work which keeps the main site operational and clean, and the latest version test site is literally just a play ground and future development site that one day could be used as the main site.

  2. I use Mailchimp. Gary did make an addon but he has never updated it to match their latest code.

    What I do its to export the customers that want the newsletter and then add those to the mailchimp list. Its a manual operation. Id just takes a while to manually get the two lists matching. There is an addon to export customers somewhere.

    There was an addon called mailbeez but thats not been updated for oscommerce for a long time.

    There may be a paid for one out there somewhere but whether it will work with frozen I have no idea.

    Apart from that I dont know of a working one that has all the bells and whistles.

  3. 1 hour ago, honda4 said:

    Hi folks,

    Paypal cost is running out of control here, I am going to ask my customers to pay 2,5% of this cost.

    Now I want to add this in the conformation message, but I have trouble finding the correct code.

    I would need the variable for the total amount, and multiply it by 1,025.

    If the variable would be $order_total, I would get this code I suppose:

    ($order_total * 1,025)

    But how would I get the variable for the order total? 

    That's where I get stuck.

    osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1

    The payment processor costs have to be considered a business expense and should be included in your price calculations. Discourage people from using PayPal by offering other payment methods. I used to only offer paypal and not there are bank transfer and stripe. Lots still use Paypal but not as many as there used to be.

  4. On 11/11/2018 at 9:30 AM, RAC said:
    I have been searching osc for steps in updating to a newer version, but 
    there seems to be different opinions on how to do it!
    Do you know of a post that shows the correct steps?
    Or would it be easier to start from scratch and install CE in a 
    different folder, (in public_html alongside my current shop files), 
    install all of my addons, import my current database, then????? Change 
    configure.php???, (only guessing). Or is this too simplistic, 
    (and I am living in a dream world)?

    If you havent altered any of the core files, then it should be just a case of uploading the new files to your hosts. You may have to turn off all the core modules first, then turn them back on again once you are ready, and you may have to check the databases are the same. That is about it in reality, but its not always that easy.

    The other alternative is to install a new set of files on your server, use it as a test development site and when ready copy the files across to your actual site. If you only install addons that have no core d=code changes things are made really easy.

  5. Every year we give all customers a free product during December. Its usually something really silly and which only costs a few pence to buy. We have given away sample sign sheets which included some of the scale signs that I sell which cost us nothing but a bit of time, a free downloadable scale model kit which again cost us nothing as it was a model that we developed, a free keyring that had the website and contact details on, this year we are giving away 100 6" rules which we were given for free by a supplier. We have done an advent calender in the past with special priced products every day, and we always give a free product to the first person to place an order on Christmas day.

    This year I am planning on changing the stylesheet of the site to make it look a bit Christmassy. I do always have a large Christmas based image on the index page wishing all customers a \Merry Christmas, so we do try to do something different.

  6. This has been going on for far too long and your shop is now totally broken as you say, but was working fine. Stop everything you are doing and start from a good known working copy of your site. If you dont have good backup copies, ask your host whether they have, most good hosts keep backups for 30 days. Upload a working set of files from when your site was working. That should get you back to something that is working. At least you will be able to take orders and satisfy your customers, they are the most important thing to you now as currently they are going elsewhere.

    Once you have your site working, upload another set of files in a different folder, change the configuration files and use this set of files as a test environment. You can then start loading the files for the invoice that broke the site away from your actual store. Once you have that working as you want, you can add the files you have altered or overwrite the whole set of files. Never play with your live site and keep regular full site backups. You should also keep records of what files you have altered as it will make things so much easier if things go wrong.

  7. 7 minutes ago, burt said:

    It should be fairly straightforward if (and I do realise that is a big "IF") user has not changed core code. 

    If no core code is changed;

    • upload new files to overwrite old 
    • check any installed modules for new database entries

    I was going to say something similar to this but didnt risk putting my head on the chopping block as a few people still advocate changing core files.

  8. When I started the website 9 years ago I only used PayPal standard. It was easy to set up, and customers love it. I have recently started to use Stripe as its cheaper than paypal, but its a PCi nightmare. I wish the payment module could be updated by someone that knows what they are doing using their latest code. I looked into using Sagepay or one of the other payment processors, but always got scared of the long contract terms, but they are considerably cheaper to use. I also offer bank transfer, but few customers use it.

  9. Please read the advice already given. Its all good. Stop worrying about what may or may not happen in the future. If you choose to use OSC in any form, that is up to you, but do expect there to be an official update any time soon. There hasn't been one in the last few years, so it wont happen soon. If you want to use osc use the BS version that is now at Frozen. Its PHP7 ready, and hopefully someone on these forums will update things as they change. Its the best you will get. Whether it will be developed further by anyone is up to them. You, me and everyone else will just have to wait and see what happens as no one knows yet.

    If you dont like what is happening here, find an alternative. There are plenty to choose from.

  10. Although there are bundled products addons available you may be better off using a cross sell addon, or something that allows a customer to buy two items together at a discount price. Something like the better together addon, but it may require some code changes to bring it up to date. May be do a starter bundle that includes all the safety gear that is needed for a particular product.

    Forcing someone to buy something that they may already have will loose you customers, but its up to you what you try to increase sales.

  11. If downloads have some manual intervention in their creation they are not covered by the VAT MOSS requirements. So it a file in manually attached to an e-mail, then manually sent, then the regulations can be bypassed as its no longer classed as an electronic service. I could then sell to the whole of the EU with no problems and no discrimination, but I think the best thing to do is to carry on as I am.

  12. On 10/20/2018 at 11:01 PM, MrPhil said:

    So the problem is really not that you want to dump customers, but that handling different countries' taxes (VAT) is just too complicated? Same problem here in the States, where the 45 or so states that charge sales tax all have different ways of doing it. The fix is to harmonize and streamline tax regulations so everyone can play by the same rules. I wouldn't hold my breath on this one. I'm not going to be collecting sales tax for any other state, or VAT or any other tax for outside the US, unless it's made super-simple and fully automatable.

    Dead right. The administration would cost loads more than I actually receive for these downloads so it seemed pointless. May need to make the system manual and not automatic which would save all the trouble.

  13. I only really took any notice of this as I block all EU countries from buying my automated downloads. This was done because of the complicated EU regulations on VAT MOSS. Looks like I shall now have to stop selling downloads as the sorting out VAT for all EU countries will cost more in administration costs and time than the downloads create. The other alternative is to have someone re write the downloads system so its not automated and has some manual input somewhere, which is not really what customers want.

  14. I have just been reading about yet more EU Regulations. This time about what they call Geo-blocking.


    It will apply from 3 December 2018.

    I have had a quick read and its looks like it another legislation to make sure all websites and services are available to all EU members regardless of where they are in the world. There are loads of sites available so a quick google will find lots of answers. Havent yet found anything that should be applied to a sites code yet, but I bet there is something somewhere.

  15. What I would do is to install a copy of the latest BS version from Github to your web hosts either in a seperate folder or as a sub domain. Set everything up, add your addons and generally play and change the  look and feel of the site as much as you want. When you are ready to activate the new look store you need to close your store, and get someone to transfer your customer and product data from one database to your new one. There are lots of other bits that need transferring to. Once that is done either redirect to the files on your hosting, or move the files to the root and away you go.

    That is what I did on the advice of a developer, who when I was ready transferred all the database data across, and away I went. There was no rush, no panic and I could play and get used to the new code as long as I wanted. It also meant that the website was only offline for a few hours, rather than days.

  16. The shipping in cart addon does exactly what it say. it shows your available shipping options and the costs to the customer when they see their shopping cart. OSC as standard does not do this. Thats why I said you had to install, activate and setup some shipping modules. It can only show the prices of the shipping if you have set them up first.

    This is what an older version of the addon looks like although it has been modified a bit.



  17. Once you have this addon installed you need to make sure that you have activated and set up one of the shipping modules. This can be done by going to your admin - modules - shipping  and then clicking on the 'Install Module'  button at the top right hand corner of the page. Once you have set up a shipping module it should show up in the ship in cart addon in the same way that it will show in the checkout shipping page when checking out.