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  1. 1 minute ago, valquiria23 said:

    Thank you very much Zahid @JcMagpiefor your contributions to decorate and make OSC more modern.
    These simple changes would be great to incorporate into the OSC core to give the Admin a renewed look.

    have a great day.


    @valquiria23 I wish the core had a set of files like the latest product info files so a store owner could easily customise the invoice and if necessary the packing slips. Would make the whole thing so much easier.

    @JcMagpie Do love these files though. Have had  a play to get the output like my current invoice page but the invoices do look better than standard which isnt really worth the paper its printed on. Only thing I am going to have to add is the order contents stuff but that looks easy enough to do.

  2. 7 minutes ago, LeeFoster said:

    Not sure if its a bug or if it's just me.

    I have a test store at the moment that is running Phoenix and I have removed all currencies and added GBP however the price for everything now shows 0. If I add USD back in everything shows but in Dollars.

    If you have set the language to default and nothing shows have a look in your includes/language/english.php file and change the one instance of USD to GBP and see if that helps.

  3. 1 hour ago, Kurre said:

    It is for a client of mine, but I will consider it if there is no free ones.

    If its for a client you should be able to make something. Gary did a great batch actions module that has already been metioned that is really easy to use to print and update multiple orders, that may not cost you that much if he will sell it to you. If you are looking for free then a search of the addons area and lots of trial and error to see if they work before finding something.

  4. I will answer my own question first. This is my thoughts on why I wan to upgrade my store.

    I have Phoenix as a test site that I am working on when time and finances allows. Over the years I have adapted and altered a version of Edge that is currently my live site.  My current live site runs happily on php5.6 and apart from the odd blip every now and again it works faultlessly and does what it is supposed to do. It has many addons added, and some are currently not available to work on Phoenix, but I am looking for others. My biggest worry when finally updating the site is that the database update may have to carried out by someone that knows more than I do and that may cost a few pounds.

    My reasons for wanting to upgrade the current site is because the software used to run the site have moved on. PHP versions are faster and more secure. Some are not going to be supported for much longer. Bootstrap4 is so much better than BS3 and it is easier to make small changes to the site. Phoenix gives me more options to make the site as I want it. Its modular so its really easy to add features with only one click and change a few settings. There is no cut and paste coding for now.

    I am also a monthly paid up supporter of Phoenix because I want to see the project move forward and as a business I understand that code time costs money and it should not be expected that someone gives their time for free so I can earn money. Some of my profits should go back to help the coders improve what I am using for free. In the few months since Phoenix was released so much has been done and lots of new features are available.

    If I had a bricks and mortar store I would need to pay to keep the structure of the store clean, tidy and updated and its the same with my website. It needs to be up to date and it needs to make the whole shopping experience good for my customers.

  5. This is just a simple sort of question. If you are using oscommerce in any form from 2.2 or 2.3.1 up to latest Edge or Frozen version, would you upgrade to the latest Phoenix version?  If not why not? Be honest. I am not here to push one version over another, just trying to find out store owners reasons for either upgrading or not upgrading.

    If you would not upgrade why not?

  6. 50 minutes ago, JcMagpie said:

    That has been around for some time and I'm not aware of any new restrictions in 2019? maybe other's do. So if you have not changed your email setup (default text) and your not pushing out marketing emails then nothing should have changed.

    Unless you host has started using a new spam filter on the mail server.

    feel free to send a test email to one of the test site and will see if it gets flaged as spam.

    I had not changed anything and just in case something had been changed some how I restored the whole site to a point before I was having the trouble which was only a few days ago.  I did read through a standard new account email and can see nothing that should not be there as it's a transactional email not a marketing email. What I have done is to alter the email title just to see if it would make any difference and it's a case of wait and see. 

  7. I am having a bit of a problem where all my 'New Customer' emails are being returned and marked as spam. I have not altered the email from that as in the standard code. The problem started early last week. My hosts have apparently changed nothing and I have restored a copy of the website before this point.

    The hosts are suggesting that something in a standard email does not comply with CAN_SPAM requirements. Has anyone else had similar problems as I can see nothing really different between my older edge version of the emails and the latest Phoenix ones.

    If I send the text of the email that has been bounced back to a different email address using the same email as the store sends from within my hosting account the email is received fine.

  8. I think its about time that we as forum members stopped being negative and stop trying to stir things up as some always seem to do. There are things that we all know that cannot be changed so we must stop trying to make those changes. If you were HPDL and you kept seeing this negativity and constant criticizing and complaining from some members of the forum, would you want to help. I wouldn't as some are very negative and very unappreciative with what they have and always want more. If HPDL is working on a newer version then good on him and we will all have to wait to see what is done. If the core team don't want to show up here that's their choice and again we must abide by their decision. We as forum members cannot change anything. Without the past work of those core team members we would not be using oscommerce so be appreciative of that.

    We have to realise that things are as they are, and that they will not improve in the very near future, and we have to make the best with what we currently have available to us. We have to support this current activity or let it die. We have to start being positive and we all need to help where we can. We have to stop expecting others to do things for us and we all need to contribute in a way that we can.

    If people are not happy with what they have, they can always go and fork the project and make the changes that they feel are required, or go and use something else. This was recently tried and failed dismally. Its not that easy to do, and there are many talkers and a few doers. People want the earth, want it now and will not help. The same happens here.

    Gary has made his position perfectly clear in the past and that is his decision and we must accept it. We have to remember that without Gary this conversation would not be happening as there would be no oscommerce.

    Rant over.

  9. 33 minutes ago, Moxamint said:

    Hi Steve, move the required code changes from index.php to includes\modules\content\index_products\cm_ip_product_listing.php and I think that's it.


    Sort of tried that but bits have changed and I was unsure on how to modify the old code to match the new. Now I have said that I hope I was looking in the right place.


  10. Thanks for that Gary, I will take a look later. I am really after a custom sort order as over the years I have added more and more products  which are the same or similar to other products already stocked and listed and its nice to get them all grouped together in order within the category. Or am I missing something obvious. Its been a long day.

  11. 29 minutes ago, Philo2005 said:

    Thank you for the hint. I think I must go to a programing course before I can use this and try over days how this is going to work. 
    I was looking for an example "user.css" , I could clone and override items with preferences i like.

     Seems there is no such a standard "user.css" to be used as base.

    user.css is only used to change things that the store owner wants changed, and that may not bee what you want. If you are using Chrome or Firefox as a browser, they both have developer tools that you can use to find elements on a website or even view source code. Search in your browsers addons area to see what they do. I searched for bootstrap 4 themes and found sever for my Phoenix site and uploaded the whole css into the user css which totally changed the lok of the site. What I plan to do later is to remove the bits that I have not marked as changed to reduce the file size.

    If you search for css help you will find loads of online reading without the need to go on a course. You can do the same for SEO once you get a site live to save a few bucks. w3schools is good site as the bootstrap one but only use the site for the correct version of bootstrap that you are using.

  12. @Jack_mcs  Been using this addon for years and find it really helpful. I have just tried to install the latest version of this addon to the latest version of Phoenix running on php7.3. I have uploaded the supplied admin/orders.php file rather than try to cut and paste the code into a standard file as I thought it would be easiest. I get the same error as mentioned above. The actual error I am getting is


    Warning: Use of undefined constant SHOW_INVOICE_SHIPPING - assumed 'SHOW_INVOICE_SHIPPING' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /####/####/####/####/####/includes/functions/general.php on line 1585

    There is also another error


    Warning: sizeof(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /####/####/####/####/####/orders.php on line 526

    Line 526 is

    if (sizeof($order->products[$i]['attributes']) > 0) {

    Any help would be appreciated.

  13. 18 hours ago, cigarsforless said:

    simple to install, but over complicated in some aspects and be prepared to pay thru the nose for each and every must have add on, basics like ups shipping will set you back 79 bucks if you want live rates, same for usps, fed ex the list goes on and on. much rather support osc and tweak some code myself than pay a grand or 2 a year to woocommerce

    Every business has startup or running costs and website development for an online business should be included. But if you are just playing at websites then I see your point it can work out expensive. I had a look at opencart and there developers release a free version of a full addon that does not include every feature as a taster. Great idea and one that should be done here, but part of every sale should go back into the pot to help pay for future core code updates and changes.

  14. Make sure that your user.css file is the last one listed in your view source. Mine was first in the list not last, and there has now been a fix for this so look in the phoenix announcements thread if you are using Phoenix..

    Also use the developer tools available with most browsers, I know chrome and firefox have them, to inspect an element to see what is controlling the area or item you want to change.