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  1. Click on the credential tab in the PayPal dropdown. A page like below should open with two buttons. One called retrieve live credentials, and one called retrieve sandbox credentials. Click which ever one you are trying to get and complete the additional information as requested when pages open on your screen. Do nor manually fill the infopaypal-app.thumb.png.f1cef951efa398e4d50b51e44c310c51.pngrmation in the boxes.

    Clicking the correct button will get the information from PayPal and auto fill in the details in the form on the page.

    Image shows page.


  2. What ever version of Phoenix you are using there will be a menu for PayPal in the admin area.

    You may have to fist select the PayPal payment option from the payment modules in the admin area.

    I just installed PayPal payment standard in the latest version of Phoenix in less that 5 minutes. It automatically got all the information it needed once I click retrieve sandbox or retrieve live credentials.

  3. 36 minutes ago, sickaporean said:



    Yes, i dun test the connection anymore. But then i have installed paypal module, but unable to find  entry for me to input credentials now .......


    In the admin click on Paypal in the left column, click on credentials, and on the page that opens there should be a button on the right of the page that says retrieve live credentials, and another that says retrieve sandbox credentials. What happens when you click those. I also think its possible to manually enter all the info on that page but it was a long time ago that I installed mine.

  4. I am thinking of using Royal Mail Click and Drop for all my post now, so has anyone else managed to integrate oscommerce with RM click and drop. Integrating it would save so much time rather than copy and pasting all the customer details into a spreadsheet then uploading that on a daily basis.

    If its not been done is there a developer out there who would like to give it a go at a cost of course.

  5. On 5/18/2020 at 3:34 AM, terriwarren said:

    I downloaded the order total discount add on. I want to create a code. The discount will be for any item, in any category, and for any customer. My site includes PayPal express checkout, so customers don't need to have a customer id.

    How do I configure this discount add on?

    Post a link to the addon that you have downloaded and installed on your shop. That way people will be able to understand which one you are using. We also need to know what version of oscommerce you are using as versions differ. You may also need to check that the addon you installed is compatible with your version of oscommerce. There may even be a support thread for that specific addon. Its very difficult to give help on such a question as we have no idea what you are using and what problems you are having.

    Just remember that the people on these forums that are giving help do so in their own time usually whilst running their own business so be patient and make sure the question can be understood.

  6. I am thinking that I would like to remove some of the very early data from my database before transferring it all to a new version of the shop using Phoenix. First question I suppose Is it really worth doing? Would there be any gain from deleting all this old data.

    Current database backup size is 389,909,542 bytes.

    The store has been online for over 10 years now and I have never removed any old orders or data from that far back. I do remove inactive customers and their address details using the inactive customers addon. I also notice that the order comments table is full of comments from PayPal, Stripe, my delivery tracking information and of course the comments left by customers. Is it worth removing some of this data?

    If it is worth removing all this old data is there a great one off addon that will remove it all , or will it be lots of different addons or even just something to remove it in mysql.

  7. Have you looked for a working USPS shipping module in the addons area? I expect you will not be the first person to need one.

    Failing that could you not create another table rate for the international shipping option.

  8. Stripe works pretty much the same as PayPal in as much as they charge per transaction. The good news is that the charges are cheaper than PayPal. The downside is that you have to wait to get your money for up to 7 days in the beginning, and at some point later they allow you to choose how you receive your money and when. Its all PCI compliant and there are no additional fees to pay for that unlike many payment processors. There is also their own fraud detection system that to a degree protect you from chargebacks. The other advantage is that there are many buyers who will not use PayPal, and this gives them a choice at no real cost to you as its free to sign up. Sound like I work for them. I dont, just a happy customer.

    Best is to go to the website and see for yourself.

  9. @burt @ecartz Thanks for the help but you may as well be speaking with forked tongue. I think its something that will be put on the list of things to do when the new site is uploaded in the next few months. I can then look into this again, so sorry Gary its on the to-do list that may be aiming your way one day.

  10. My current live store is using a version of Edge so it's old and due an update, but a customer brought up a good comment about the description and name of download files in the orders section or the invoice. He was having problems downloading files and remembering which ones he had done. All he could find was a written description and not the actual file name. The model number is close, but that model is the same for different scale downloads, which does not really help him.

    Is there away of adding the download file name to the  page somehow that could later be transferred to a Phoenix site. See image below for where to add file name.

    I hope this sort of makes sense.



  11. The text for the button is found in includes/langauges/english.php. Search for

    define('IMAGE_BUTTON_CHECKOUT', 'Checkout');

    I changed mine to

    define('IMAGE_BUTTON_CHECKOUT', 'Secure Checkout')

  12. 12 hours ago, raggety_bug said:

    Hi Frank - Thanks for the quick reply.

    I've installed that add-on, but it only adds a plus and minus to either side of a numeric input box. Maybe I should have asked how to replace the buy now button with a numeric input box and a button that would add that number of items to the cart....

    Most addons like this you can increase the number in the box either by using the plus minis buttons or entering the number required into the input box and then click the buy button and that many will be added to the cart.

  13. 8 hours ago, Patty said:

    Well, I tried, but this is too complicated for me. I think this addon will have to be completely revamped for the latest Phoenix versions, for they are very different from the earlier ones.
    I hope someone tackles it soon, for this is an important feature to have in the store. IMHO I think it should be part of the project.

    I am sure it will be updated, as @raiwa Rainer has said many times when the next fixed release is available. Until then people will have to be patient. its one problems that people have created for themselves in using code that should not really be used in a live environment.

  14. @Ken_Shea Apart from having a new code base (ish) which is secure and up to date, Phoenix is also really easy to upgrade as long as no core files have been touched and messed with. Everything is modular. Adding some addons is as simple as upload the files to the correct places, go to admin and install and configure. Along with the fact that Phoenix is suitable for smaller devices as its bootstrap based it will keep the great gods at google, and other search engines happy as its mobile friendly and will show the site in mobile searches. Many of my customers use a smaller device and say the site is good, and that's without upgrading to Phoenix.

    I fully understand about the expense of upgrading from a rather long in the tooth system, I am on an edge version with was bootstrap 3 compatible, which you have probably spent lots of time and money on making all those little changes to make the site suitable for your use. Your biggest problem will be when most hosts turn off PHP versions under 7 (many have stopped supporting these early versions already) as the site will take lots of updating then, and of course things like javascript is constantly being updated.

    Suppport on these forums is getting less and less for the older versions. Developers just are not wasting time on early versions, and who can blame them, so getting any help may be harder in the future.

    Your website is the gateway to your business and if you decide to invest in that gateway its entirely up to you. If you are happy with what you have then leave it as is. I also hate it when the fraternity say that you must upgrade, or you should upgrade. Its up to you as only you know your business and customers.

  15. In most countries and especially in the EU, because of the GDPR regulations you could not contact any customers who is not a customer or not agreed to receive mailings from you anyway. It would also be hard to send anything to a non customer without them previously giving you their email address, which requires them to have created an account.

  16. @Jack_mcs Jack Thanks for the great addon. Works great on There are a few errors with the boxes control page but I dont use that any way.

    Only thing I did was to change one line in the admin/includes/languages/english/modules/boxes/sitemap_seo.php file to

    define('MODULES_ADMIN_MENU_HEADING_SITEMAP_SEO', '<i class="fas fa-sitemap fa-fw mr-1"></i>Sitemap SEO');

    which added a sitemap icon next to the text so that made all the admin box titles look the same on the page.