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  1. I have a site which will sell products by download only and this Super Download Store is just what I need so firstly, thank you.

    Secondly, I have to ask if this is a 'stand alone' program or is it's meant to work with another - like oscommerce?

    If so, do I have to replace files/folders?

    Also, I am with OK Pay, I have their payment module, where do I put it?


    I'm normally pretty good at this html stuff but this .php is a bit alien to me and I'm dead worried about making a serious mistake!


    Thank you for being here, Steve


    As it is in the oscommerce add on section i definately think that it needs oscommerce. Download the folder and open it. Within the folder there are install instructions, read them. It really is that easy.

  2. With Separate Pricing Per Customer will the customer any ware be able to see the name of the group they are in? Or is it only in ADMIN it is visible?

    Instead of asking the same question over and over, have you thought of creating an account yourself and looking to see if you can see what group you are in. I do not use the contribution so cant really tell you. But looking could be your only answer.

  3. Chris:


    I have added this add-on today manually. Everything appears to have gone very smoothly. Now, can anyone tell me how to ADD a Product to be a downloaded product? I can't seem to see where this is done. I've looked under Add New Product and looked under Product Attributes and can't seem to figure this out. Sorry in advance if this is a simple request, I'm completely new to the whole osCommerce engine.


    Thanks in advance for helping me out.



    I hope you have this sorted by now. I f you havent.


    To create a downloadable product, you first need to create the product in your store. Once done you need to go to product attributes, and select the product you have created from the drop down list. You thren set up the attribute and ensure that the file name also includes the file type so it may be something like oooooo.zip. Save the attribute and now when you open the product in your store you should have an attribute to select on the product info page.

  4. A new version will be uploaded when it is ready. I don't allow public uploads to my contributions.



    Well said Jack. its a shame that other contributors do not take this stance, as it prevents the add on becoming a pile of rubbish. I have tried so many add ons to find that they dont work. Keep up the good work.

  5. I am thinking of installing this add on. I have read the forum and keep seeing the same question asked, but it never gets a response. People are saying that once they have sent an email to a customer, the module will not allow another to be sent. Unless this is fixed, what is the point of mailbeez if it will only send one email to a customer. I would like to use it to send weekly or monthly newsletters. Will it do this.