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  1. You need to find the relevant bit of code in the admin/orders.php page and add <mark></mark> after the opening <td> and before the closing </td> if you want the whole bit of text highlighted, or you could try narrowing it down to just the line that you need highlighted.

    I cant remember if mine is standard or whether its been changed but look for something similar to

    <td class="smallText">' . nl2br(tep_db_output($orders_history['comments'])) . '&nbsp;</td>' . "\n" .

    and change it to

    <td class="smallText"><mark>' . nl2br(tep_db_output($orders_history['comments'])) . '&nbsp;</mark></td>' . "\n" .

    Hopefully that will give you a bit of an idea where to look in the code, but I expect someone will be along soon to tell you the right way to do it.

  2. 20 hours ago, LeeFoster said:

    Took a little trial and error to get it right but I have managed to do so, thanks.

    Is it a secret or are you going to tell how you did it in case others find this thread.


  3. @raiwa

    I have the following on that line.

    'sort_order' => $GLOBALS[$class]->output[$i]['sort_order']);

    I have just downloaded your amended latest files and have uploaded that file to the site which does have at least that change in it. This may have been my fault for not updating to the really latest version. I will try some test payments and make sure that all is well.

  4. @raiwa The sort orders are all zero in the database.

    The settings in admin are

    Shipping 2  
    Sub-Total 1  
    Tax 3  
    Total 4  

    Sorry that took so long I had to get orders out to office, and was not ignoring you.

    When I updated to the latest version I think I removed the module and reinstalled it again as I uploaded all the files, but I may be wrong.

  5. Is there a separate sort order for the Stripe module, as on all the other payment modules it works correct. Out of Paypal, BACS, Cheque, COD and free its onlt Stripe that messes about. Sorry to be a pain, well its not really me its my book keeper who keeps complaining.

  6. On 3/18/2020 at 8:27 AM, raiwa said:

    Uploaded Update

    Version 1.0.16
    - Fixed order total sort order not saved in database

    Was this change to get the order totals in the correct order on the invoices as I was getting them in any order and now that are all in the correct order byut updside down. Total is at the top P&P is in the centre and sub total is at the bottom. Any way to get them the other way around.

  7. 1 hour ago, LeeFoster said:

    From my point of view, 'No'. I just can't keep putting it off so waiting for and then going live with it and continuing updating my test shop is the way I'm going to go.


    1 hour ago, Dan Cole said:

    For me that is both fair and realistic.  I have add-ons I can't live without and until they are updated the choice is update or lose those functions.   My current plan is to get a live site up and running (I'm close) and then keep a development branch going that I can add updates to, both core and add-ons. Taking that to say and when it's ready to release, I'll rinse and repeat.  Until the add-ons get to a point where they are not impacted by changes to the core I don't think it can be managed in any other way.  If there is, I'd certainly be interested in knowing. 




    2 hours ago, burt said:

    I'm constantly surprised and sometimes astonished at the words that come out of shopowners...

    What you guys are implying is that it is too much work to apply a 1 or 2 or 5 or 10 minute upgrade to your shop, because you have used addons that change core code or may break.  Would that be a fair assessment?

    Same with me as with both Dan and Lee. I so far have not changed any core code, but I am going to have to just to get what I consider to be basic functionality that is required to run my store, which is not currently available or possible with the current core code (not bashing the core code though), its more the fault of the availability of addons. Some apparent addons for Phoenix still require core code changes either because the developer has no idea what they are doing, or there is no way around it. I cant afford to keep putting off an update, and I cannot keep paying developers to carry out addon updates, when many are not that interested in doing it (the original addon creators I mean).

    As with others I will update the live store with the version that I am currently working on, and when time permits, carry on updating in a test site until I feel that its right to upload and update the site again, and then start the test site all over again when new updates become available.

  8. I think the strategy is sound of stopping at a certain release. At some point us store owners have to get on and do other things like run the business even though times are getting a bit tough at the minute. Its easy for developers to keep changing things, but it takes time and money to get things changed and converted and not all of us have bottomless pits to pay for code work as addon developers are not keeping up as they have businesses to run to.

  9. 16 minutes ago, nedragdnuos said:

    I currently have my frozen site live and running and was wondering which version of phoenix I should be upgrading to? I can see the development is moving along quite quickly and I figure that it would take me a month or so to do the upgrade. If I jump to the latest version would that be sensible or go for a lower version ie: or etc?


    Any suggestions would be great!



    I decided to use as thats just before loads of major changes took place. You are right though, development is moving fast and I could not keep up with it so just decided to get on and use the version where I was. I will update again in something like 12 months time and keep doing that now, rather than add every incremental update.

  10. If you have just started using oscommerce, bin that version. Use the latest Phoenix version. Its so much better and there is a Purchase Without Account mod that is easy to instal and well tested, and is still beig improved and updated. Even if you have been using your version for a long time consider upgrading to something better.

    If you want to continue using your outdated version search for PWA in the addons area where you will find a PWA mod, but you will have to find a verion that will work with your old OSC version.

  11. I updated this module earlier today and on testing both live and test there is the following error

    1054 - Unknown column 'billing_nif' in 'field list'

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the module but still get the same error even after clearing the computer and server cache.

    To get everything back working correctly I reverted back to a copy of a backup of the includes/modules/payment/strip_sca.php file.

    Has anyone else seen this error?


  12. For the first time last month my sales through Stripe exceeded those through PayPal. The only problem with Stripe was that they kept your money for up to 7 days, but for some customers its down to three now just in case of chargebacks. On the one occasion I have to contact them for payment suppport they were reallt efficient and helpful. Not too sure that their charges are negotiable though unless you have a huge volume.

  13. 10 hours ago, Fredi said:

    Nobody deals with this module, so I will look for other options.

    Again moving on and hoping someone else has done something rather than you doing it.

    I give up some people just are not prepared to improve things and want it doing for them.

  14. 1 hour ago, Fredi said:

    Hi Steve!
    If I were a coder, then I would have done it without your conversion.
    I am not a coder. You know it. And every time you offer me to code. You're doing fine! But about coding, better give your advice to coders.

    Or please you encode.  :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Well pay a coder to do it then the same as we all have to instead of waiting for someone else to do it. Its easy for you and others to sit there and make these sort of comments that something would be good for your site, but there are only a few of us actually investing in the code and supporting the forward movement of oscommerce as you are fully aware.

  15. What ever you change that text to, make sure that it complies with local legislation. If you are in the EU then you have to be careful what buttons say as you have to make people aware that the next step of the procedure is to checkout and pay for the order.

  16. Or as most business will do suck up the costs. I am not too sure that the Consumer Contract Regulations allow for withholding part of a payment, but there may be  clause in there somewhere. I know several business that in calculating final selling prices of goods add in a percentage for returns, so this will just get added in to that.

    Stripe and other payment processors are also doing the same. I also think ebay are doing the same with their fees. Its not their fault the customer cancels or returns products so why should they give their costs back. Luckily I am in a low return business. Got to feel sorry for clothes or shoes sellers.

  17. Hopefully you or your hosts will have a backup of everything to a point before you started any updates. I would like to think that you have the store backed up before you started so just delete all the file son the server and replace with the backup. Then get your hosts, or you use your backup of the database and restore that.

    Once you have done that everything should be working as it was, then you can either leave well alone if you are unsure of what you are doing and get someone that is sure of what they are doing to complete the update.