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  1. 2 hours ago, YePix said:

    No thanks. Phoenix is not for me or for users in the EU. It may be that in the USA, UK or elsewhere, also for those who use the standard but users who adapt their software to their own needs in order to work more efficiently need something more than standard

    Ok so what is missing from Phoenix that would make it work in the EU and all the countries in there? Lets discuss and see if we can improve the product that you will not use.

  2. 2 hours ago, YePix said:

    No thanks. Phoenix is not for me or for users in the EU. It may be that in the USA, UK or elsewhere, also for those who use the standard but users who adapt their software to their own needs in order to work more efficiently need something more than standard

    So why dont you make those changes and then make them available to other users to improve their user experience. Keeping things to your self helps no one apart form yourself, but that is the latest trend within these forums I feel.

    My site has been customised to suit my business needs, and its taken a long time to get it to where it is today. The older versions on the site have been online for over 12 years now, and believe me there have been many changes. Many of the changes I paid for over the last few years have been used by others as they are now supporters codes and are available for the benefit of others. Thats how things improve. Any Phoenix installation can be altered to suit, so the attitude that Phoenix can only be used in certain countries is the fault of those businesses in the countries where people cannot be bothered to improve what they have. Your fault no one elses. The core coders give you the building blocks, all you have to do is to put them together to suit you, or you could just let others fund it and do it for you.

  3. 14 hours ago, YePix said:

    Hallo Leute, wer von euch nutzt noch die Version 2.3.4-1 EDGE ?

    Hello everyone, who of you is still using version 2.3.4-1 EDGE ?

    Finally upgraded to a whole better system in November. One click installs and no core code changes makes things so much easier to work with. Only advice would be to plan out the upgrade and stick to a version, and not try to keep with the latest.

  4. 53 minutes ago, Heatherbell said:

    No more complicated than VAT! 🙄

    Dont say that. Its complicated enough as it is, or may be its because I am new to it. Last time I ran a VAT registered business was way back in the 80's so its changed a lot. Covid has a lot to answer for, either that or its my choice of businesses. I never knew selling into the model railway sector could prove so fruitful. Its all these people sat at home with nothing else to do. Still I am making the most of it whilst it lasts.

  5. 3 hours ago, Heatherbell said:

    Remember to apply Tax Class to your shipping mods. Even though Royal Mail standard postage is VAT Exempt to purchase (although Signed For is Standard Rate), VAT must be applied to all P&P charges except when applied to orders consisting only of Zero Rate or Exempt products.

    I was reading about this yesterday and its a bit confusing. Royal mail as a Universal Postage Service Provider are VAT exempt, but if the goods sold include VAT then VAT is charged on the postage. I have it as a note to ask the accountant next week to clarify.

    I also have a note to add VAT to all the shipping mods. Loads of notes of things to do on the live site just before the change over so I hopefully will not forget.


  6. 22 hours ago, puddlec said:

    yes, something like

    UPDATE products SET products_tax_class_id  = Replace(products_tax_class_id , '0', '?')

    change the question mark to whatever number it is (normal warnings about backups etc, apply here)


    the other method would be to use easy populate, select tax class, so it appears in the download, then change it that way, then upload

    This getting ready for VAT is a nightmare not only with Phoenix. I have managed to change the custom invoice that I use to have the VAT element added plus the VAT number, that bit was easy. Also added the VAT number to the website address so that was easy. I have used mysql to change all the tax classes on a text site so that's good. I have created a PI module that shows text saying that VAT is included in the prices, which seemed like the easy way to do it as most sales are B2C and in the UK. I did try a module that shows prices with and without VAT but that messed with another module where I show MRRP and discounts, so hopefully thats is sorted.

    Apart from having to use a new accounts package that works with MTD and hopefully a new payroll system, things are looking good. Just got to register now.

    What else could I have possible missed.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Heatherbell said:

    The link was provided because your question was "which customers should and should not be paying the VAT" which implied that you did not "get that".
    You set it up the same way as you have already done for 20% VAT i.e. set a Tax Class e.g. Zero Rate, set a Tax Rate for that Tax Class i.e. 0%, configure a Tax Zone for that Tax Class to include the non-UK countries to which you ship.

    Thank you. Thats more help.

  8. 10 hours ago, philip71 said:

    To follow-up on this and eventually help others, I was able to update to following the Github instructions here: https://github.com/heatherbellho/CE-Phoenix-Updates ..  Thanks for the pointer ecartz !

    I would not go up to the very latest version. Go back to where there will be more working addons. Several developers are not upgrading their addons until so be aware that you may be restricted to the features that work for the very latest version for now.

  9. Business is booming in the lock downs and I now have to think about setting up my site for UK VAT.

    Hopefully I have this bit right. I have set up tax rates for UK VAT at 20% which I hope is how it should be done. When testing this seems to work correct and includes VAT at 20% when the products have the tax class set up.

    The bit I dont get is what to do about the rest of the world. and which customers should and should not be paying the VAT.

    Is there a good guide on these forums anywhere as I cant find anything?

    Any help appreciated.

    Also before I forget is there an easy way to turn on the tax class thing for all products rather than having to do them all individually?

  10. 1 hour ago, Jan_hartvig said:

    Thanks! that made the text disaper on the index.php.

    When i open the extra pages it shows :

    Warning: Use of undefined constant pages_title - assumed 'pages_title' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /customers/e/0/4/bikesupport.se/httpd.www/extra_info_pages.php on line 39


    Warning: Use of undefined constant pages_title - assumed 'pages_title' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /customers/e/0/4/bikesupport.se/httpd.www/extra_info_pages.php on line 46 Serviceschema



    Have you tried doing the same as for the first error on the lines where the second and third errors occur.

  11. Could you not remove all the shipping modules and then create a new module that only has what ever text you want to show instead, or start with something like the COD module and alter that to suit your needs.

  12. 28 minutes ago, gritsop said:

    That's correct. However, OSC should be flexible to support all cases. OSC is not limited to just one case.

    Dead right. Its something that a lot of people are going to have to figure out how to get working as not everyone that uses Phoenix is in the UK.

    If I was you, I would contact either one of the core coders and suggest how this could be done. Failing that contact one of the other coders on this forum and see if they would be interested in coding something initially for your site. You could then pass the code on to the core developers, or release it as either a paid for or a free addon.

    Could this talk be moved to a separate threads as already suggested by Gary so as not to pollute the original thread.

  13. @ecartz @raiwa  Sorry been away getting orders out. I should have been a bit clearer.

    I have had two customers since Christmas enter a company name and both times the first letter of the company name is capitalised and every other word in the name after that is lower case including one ltd on the end. So its like 'International business machines ltd' when I think it should be 'International Business Machines Ltd'.

    Company name setting in admin is set to true even though advice is not too.

    I have just uploaded the latest package and after testing with company name set to true everything seems to be working as I would hope.

  14. Rainer

    Not updated to the latest version just yet, but have had a few customers sign up with a company name and it does not come out formatted with capitals for every word. The line for the company is

            if (isset($customer_details['company']) && MODULE_STORE_SWCLEANER_CLEAN_COMPANY == 'True') $customer_details['company'] = RemoveShouting($customer_details['company'], 'company');

    Should this be capitalising every word in the company name. If not, what changes are required.

  15. On 4/17/2019 at 6:39 PM, ruffryder007 said:

    Hi Guys! I am wondering if there are any add-ons out there that can integrate osCommerce with QuickBooks Online? I see there is an EZ QuickBooks contribution available, however, it does not specify if it works with the online version of QuickBooks. I'm simply looking for a way to save a tone of time by not having to recreate every online sale I make 1 but 1... it's extremely time-consuming.

    If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

    I am starting to use quickbooks and would love to know this too.

    2 hours ago, timpaine9920 said:

    Integration with QuickBooks Online (Intuit) consists of the followings steps:

    Authenticate with your QuickBooks Online accounts and Import your Chart of Accounts.
    Export your receipts to QuickBooks Online and categorize them during the process.

    Authenticate with your QuickBooks Online accounts and Import your Chart of Accounts.

    Go to your receipts tab and click on (Export All) button and choose (QuickBooks Online)

    Then put in your QBO details to authenticate.

    And authorize the connection.

    Export your receipts to QuickBooks Online and categorize them during the process.

    Click on the "Export All" button or if you want to export specific documents check the check box to select each item and select "Export Selected" option under the receipts tab. Then choose QuickBooks Online.

    Next you will see your receipts grouped by vendor name. Link each one to the correct Expense Account from QuickBooks. Categories assigned within the Shoeboxed account have no impact on the export process. Receipts must be categorized during the export regardless of whether they have a Shoeboxed category assigned or not.

    Click the Export all to QuickBooks and you're done! Your receipts will be automatically sent to QuickBooks as general journal entries.

    I hope this information will be helpful!

    Tim Paine

    There must be a way of automating that rather than having to go through that every day.

  16. Whilst you cant charge extra for people using Paypal you can discount other payment methods if you want. There is an addon for that somewhere.  I personally just add a set percentage into the packaging cost to cover all the fees from the payment processors.

    1 minute ago, spacegremlin said:



    It is not something to "fix". It should be balanced in your accounts - you do accounts right?
    The order total is a sale - the Paypal total is a receipt - the Paypal charge is an expense.

    sorry dont understand you.


    ideal is also worldwide?? thank you.



    The fees you are charged by your payment processor can be claimed as a business expense, is what's being said here, the same as any bank charges can be.

  17. I was in a similar situation to you are. In the end I decided to start with a fresh install of the latest version, and start adding all your addons and mods if they are available. Becoming a paid up supporter and getting all the back dated supporters code will be a good investment. Most of your older addons will break or require lots of updating so its not really worth the trouble of keeping the old ones and trying to update what you already have. Some may need updating more than once through the process.

    It took  along time to do mine due to work pressures but after a few months it was ready for the database information. Gary @burt kindly sent me a copy of all the database changes required to update the old database to the new specs for the version I was planning on using. I have done one minor update since and all is still good..

  18. I have been looking through the Stripe documentation to see if there is a way to email a customer to let them know that a payment has been made through Stripe from Stripe. It would appear that it is a possibility, but I have no idea on how to achieve this.

    Has anyone done something similar, or would it be a good idea to add this into the addon so people know they have made a payment. It may also notify them if a payment has been taken twice as happens some times with this module.

  19. On 11/25/2020 at 10:34 AM, burt said:

    I believe this is down to the Order Status

    and whether it is "public" viewable.  That would be where to check.

    Admin > Localization > Order Status

    Check "public status" on the status that Stripe orders get set to.

    I know its was  along time ago, but with a bit of testing I eventually got this how I wanted it. It was indeed down to the public settings.