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  1. Why not pay a developer to make it compatible if you cant do it yourself, and release it back to the community. There wil be a developer somewhere glad of the work, and the community will appreciate it if it works.
  2. change the distance between footer information links

    Just be aware that if you alter the spacing you may get reports from google when testing your site for mobile devices that the spacing is too small. What its saying is that on small screens people wont be able to correctly hit the correct line. It will be the same where there are lists of links such as categories, footer links, the information box and where ever else they can be found.
  3. What I meant was is there a way of making all the images the same size if they are uploaded to the store in different sizes. I make all my images the right size so both large and small images are consistent, but I do know others don't do this.
  4. @burt Gary. I prefer the look of the cards. It looks so much better. Just a small thought. Is there a way to adjust the image size so that all images are shown the same size, or is that something that may be too difficult. May be something to look into lots later but could it be done when uploading an image to a product to create a small and large size image, then the problem would not arise. It would mean that all images need to start the same size and shape I suppose. Like I said, something for the future.
  5. If you need to add something like a license number to each of the products, then you may not need to register for VAT MOSS or the equivalent in your country, as part of the system and sale involves manually adding of something into an email. May be worth looking into. I also cant see why a download needs to have a set quantity. Its the same file taken from the downloads folder every time surely. Hopefully you do not assign different files to every download of a similar product.
  6. @MrPhil If the IP address is different because the customer is out of the area and say on holiday, it would not match the location of the delivery address so would not be one of the two required non contradictory pieces needed. This is such a nightmare for the legislation and the paying of VAT I just stopped selling downloads to anyone in the EU apart from the UK. So much easier, but still does not stop those wise people who enter a UK address when buying outside of the UK. Just keeping separate details of every order and from which country the sale came from which is required to fill out the VAT MOSS form every month, if not every quarter, was not worth doing as I sell very few downloads. It was very cost prohibitive.
  7. On the 25th May 2018 the updated General Data Protection Regulations comes into force. Well who knew anything about that. It would appear that the EU has or is about to change the way that people collect and store others data. This apparently supersedes the Data Protection Act in the UK. It has also been mentioned that when we leave the EU we will still need to comply with the regulations as the EU has made it worldwide somehow. Has any store owner seen a sensible easy to understand website that explains how this may affect store owners, or like me have you never heard about this until now.
  8. These are questions you should really be asking a qualified accountant not a person on a ecommerce software website.
  9. Password protect site

    Most webhosts that use cpanel have the feature to password protect folders, so you could use that. Failing that you could try adding the following to the top of your htaccess file. Dont forget to add your IP address in the right place. order deny,allow deny from all allow from <your ip>
  10. Texting Promotions?

    Whilst I hate SMS marketing, and delete and block any that I personally get, I do think that there is a place for SMS messages where a text is sent when updating an order status. As it would be part of the sales process there is no GDPR worries.
  11. Would be interested in something like this as well.
  12. You will have to pay a developer to code one for you then if there is nothing suitable, or nothing that you can alter to fit your requirements.
  13. Progress Update

    Official OSC has been dead for a very long time. I expect after the flack and abuse HPDL took on these very forums about the lack of progress he just got pi$$ed off and didnt return. Its his bat and his ball and he can play if he want to. He has chosen not to. Someone here took it upon themselves to move the project forward, but they to now feel that it cant go further forward as it is. I cant blame him for that as it has taken many hours of work to get it where it is, and without the support of other coders and some shop owners it was decided that it was time to stop.
  14. What others are getting at is that the official version of oscommerce available from this site and most cpanel hosting has not been updated for many years. The unofficial BS community version available from github is responsive using bootstrap, and has been updated for new php7 versions. It is also a very different beast, with very simple module upload and installs. It is the version that most new addons are made for, and most coders here use it and can give you help should you need it. If you want to use the official version, you can, but its not recommended as its not been updated in years.
  15. Free Program Purchase

    I sell zero cost downloads and they work with all of my payment modules. The product weight has to be set to zero, which bypasses the shipping choice, and somewhere I found a free payment method module that needs to be added. I use this one https://apps.oscommerce.com/xy0S The support forum is
  16. It does on mine and I dont think I changed anything.
  17. I see on several sites now something similar to what is on the Lloyds bank site. https://www.lloydsbank.com/personal.asp There is an option to manage cookies. How that works I have no idea.
  18. As long as you are only emailing those customers about their orders, customer services relating to orders or sales or policy changes thats fine. There is something in the regulations about a line between normal transactional emails and marketing emails.
  19. If you do not legitimately have customers consent which it sounds like you dont, as the box was pre ticked, you wont be able to email your current customer list. You could have done it before 25th but you didnt. But that is my interpretation of the rules.
  20. I just installed the twitter typehead search. https://apps.oscommerce.com/c1sKS&twitter-typeahead-autocomplete-search Its a module so you just upload the files, turn the old module off and turn the new one one. Real easy now. No code changes what ever. Anyone altering the core code on the CE version wants to learn to do things properly.
  21. I added a little bit at the top of ours about the new regulations, changed the bit about data access now being free, and a bit somewhere near the bottom about how long we keep the data. There was also a bit changed about cookies. That was it really. But saying that ours was good anyway and was changed only a year ago.
  22. Seeing as though you have to opt in now, technically you just do nothing and get deleted from their lists. I have saved the few emails that I have had from unknown companies and if I receive another email from them, then I will start the asking for data routine and see what they do. Businesses have had ages to get ready for this, so why today I am still receiving emails, past the introduction date, I have no idea. I had one customer, who over the years has been a PITA email me asking for the information that I had on him. I just used his email address, used @burtGarys modules and converted them to a PDF and emailed him back straight away. I could have waited the maximum 30 days before sending it too him, but I would have forgotten. I bet he didnt expect something back in less than 15 minutes.
  23. The dead line has passed. I hope everyone that was going to do something has done it.
  24. MATC

    Thats how I interpret it should be done. Dont keep asking the customer the same thing. Silly thing is very few actually read any of the store policies, but the law says you have to have them.
  25. Ive said it before and I shall say it again Thanks Gary @burt for what you have done. Its a shame that others were not prepared to help you a bit more whether it be coder, developer or shop owner. Its a shame that it has come to this, but it had to happen one day. It could have been 4-5 years ago, but you saved the project as best you could. There seems to be some support from a few coders in this thread so may be its their turn to commit and move the project forward. Lets see what happens. I expect nothing.