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  1. On 10/29/2020 at 5:31 PM, jm2.solutions said:

    When I click the Retrieve Live Credentials button I get the following error.  It's been like this for weeks.  HELP!!  I did the same procedure for a friend of mine a few weeks ago. His works fine.  Thanks to anyone who can help me resolve this issue.

    • Could not initiate the start account procedure. Please try again in a short while.


    Got a similar message after trying to reset PayPal details. Had to do them manually.

  2. 9 minutes ago, burt said:

    I believe this is down to the Order Status

    and whether it is "public" viewable.  That would be where to check.

    Admin > Localization > Order Status

    Check "public status" on the status that Stripe orders get set to.

    Thanks Gary. Just checked both payment modules and they are both set to the same status apart from there is an extra one in the Stripe setup which I am not using so have turned off the public status and will see what happens. If that does not work will have to try some other settings in the stripe modules to see if it can be stopped.

  3. Rainer I was wondering if there is a way to stop the payments information/comments that are returned from Stripe from showing on the invoice when printing. I know printing the order comments is not standard, but Gary coded a hook so the comments customers leave in the checkout process can be printed onto the invoices. This is information that is saved in the database where customers can add a comment to their order. Unfortuneatly its the same table that saves the payment information from both PayPal and Stripe, but PayPal does not show.

    When a customer pays using Stripe all the transactional comments that are received show on the invoice, and also in the admin - order - status_history section.

    When a customers pays using PayPal  nothing shows in the invoice comments but the similar information is shown in the admin - order - status_history section.

    Both sets of transactional information is saved into the same table in the database.

    I have tried to compare the two different payment modules but can't find where this is coded. Can you give any helpful advice on where to look in the two payment modules. I am aware that this is not really part of the Stripe support, but it would be nice to stop the information showing on the invoices and its Stripe that is causing the problem

  4. @raiwa  Rainer

    Am I right in saying that if I want the entered City text to be all in capitals when creating an account and when updating the address details I should change

    (isset($customer_details['city'])) $customer_details['city'] = $this->RemoveShouting($customer_details['city']);


    if (isset($customer_details['city'])) $customer_details['city'] = strtoupper($customer_details['city']);

    and the same change in the delivery address bit of code.


  5. 13 hours ago, retromog said:

    I did not go with Phoenix because I couldn't really find info on why or what the difference are.
    Thanks again!

    Easy one. Anything before Phoenix is no longer being updated and could be insecure. Phoenix can be used on all sized devices as its based on bootstrap and is fully responsive, meaning that google and other search engines will not penalise you. Phoenix can run on the latest php environments. Once hosts stop using php3.something oscommerce will stop working or need lots of time spent getting the errors removed, and there will be hundreds if not thousands on a fully working store. Phoenix is still being worked on and is in a state of constant updating, which may go against it, but it is secure, and developers are only developing for this version.

    If you want just a landing page why use oscommerce at all. Just create an html page to suit.

  6. Jack. I was all geared up to add this to my new Phoenix site but I see that you still have core code changes that are required. Is there any way that these minor changes can be added into a hook or something. Otherwise it looks like something I could use, but cant if it required these manual changes.

  7. 1 hour ago, Yurius said:

    "With posts like the ones you keep posting..." Let me ask you, what do you mean? What is so provocative here, why are you excluded from the club? Are Phoenix leaders so authoritarian that they don't accept constructive criticism? As you know, the truth is born in a dispute, and countless people who agree with everything do not help the promotion of the CMS in any way.

    If you look at nearly every post in this thread from the OP you will see that they all knock, belittle, criticize and moan about the one core coder that is doing more than any other person to move Phoenix forward. His negative attitude does not help anyone. He keeps stating that he supports Phoenix and then in the next post he will put here he will be moaning again. And when someone point that out he says they are being provocative.

    2 hours ago, Fredi said:

    And I will support him.

    Utter rubbish. All you do is mock and add snide comments about him. No wonder he wont help you. When you bite the hand that feeds you, you are being unthankful, ungrateful, unappreciative. You get what you deserve. Sorry. Fredi you are now on my block list so it wont matter what you say.

  8. Ken

    I would love to give you an answer but dont know. I personally use Mailchimp for sending my weekly newsletters as the system is easier and better than the old fashioned almost useless one with Phoenix. You also should be aware that using the core newsletter modules could lead to your URL being reported and blocked. You are also restricted on the number of emails your host allow you to send in an hour.

    Not to scare you though.

    Have a look at mailchimp the first 2000 customer addresses are free as long as you dont exceed the limit of emails sent. The hard bit is getting the subscribed customers into the mailchimp lists, but it can be done.

  9. @raiwa Rainer. I have just added a download (virtual) product to my cart and I get the following error


    Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in /home/railway1/public_html/includes/modules/content/shopping_cart/templates/tpl_cm_sc_shipping.php on line 8

    I did get a similar error which I posted about in the forum here but that change has obviously not stopped the error in this module

    The trouble I am having in that your code looks nothing like the core code so cant suggest a change.

  10. When I have customers do the same, the order status stays at pending for the first order as its not completed. When they come back again the new order that is completed gets a fresh order number and goes to payment received status. It works like that with both the Payapl and Stripe payment modules that I use. Never tested it with the bank transfer module but I did think it was supposed to happen like that.

    I would check the way your payment module is set up.

  11. Rainer. I was hoping to keep the site open but think it may be best to just close it for maintenance straight away. I want a bit of time to have a break and the UK covid lockdown seems like a good time to get the new site finished and uploaded and then tested fully before making it live. If I stay open I dont get the time to do anything.

  12. I think this question may be a bit of a silly one.

    Am I correct in my thinking that selecting 'Checkout' will disable the checkout. If so does it just stop the checkout system but will allow things to be added into the customers cart or will it also prevent anything being added to the cart.

    I dont want customers to be able to add items to their cart whilst stor eis closed but still want then to be able to look around the site and see whats available.

  13. Lyn

    Try the attached file. It may not work on your phoenix version but it does work on the latest version. I have only tried it on the test products on a test site so will be interested to see how it works with hundreds of products.

    It is also called specials advanced.php so you can either copy and paste the code into your file or create a whole new link in admin to the file which will prevent it being over written should the specials file ever be updated in core code. The language is not far off the standard advanced specials language file I seem to remember.

    It may help it may not



  14. 9 hours ago, Fredi said:

    Hello dear Lee!

    I'm glad to see you!
    We haven't communicated for a long time.
    Perhaps there are 2 alternative templates in the secret vault of the Secret Club. But I don't know anything about them ...

    Therefore, I have to work as I can ... I beg your pardon, my dear friend!

    You don't seem very appreciative (as normal) of all the work the two core developers have done to separate and move the code to allow a simple way of creating templates and changing the look of the store. No files that are supplied in core need to be changed to create a new look or template, that is why the user.css was moved, and lots of other files were moved into the template folder. Its what people asked for and its what people got.

    Anyone is free to create a template. So far I see none in the addons section so may be its not that big a deal to most or people are like always wanting someone else to do it for them.

    Just to put something right. The user.css stylesheet should be the last stylesheet called as that will be the last stylesheet read and will have all the changes in which will over ride all the bootstrap styles. If its first all the changes will get changed by later called stylesheets. Altering the user.css stylesheet works as it should if you put the time into finding the correct code to add to target what you want to change, but you know that already.

  15. I am  a bit surprised that the module is still working and Stripe are allowing payments without strong SCA.

    I am using version 1.0.16 on a frozen store with no problems so updating to even an older version of the current module should work.