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  1. As long as you are only emailing those customers about their orders, customer services relating to orders or sales or policy changes thats fine. There is something in the regulations about a line between normal transactional emails and marketing emails.
  2. If you do not legitimately have customers consent which it sounds like you dont, as the box was pre ticked, you wont be able to email your current customer list. You could have done it before 25th but you didnt. But that is my interpretation of the rules.
  3. I just installed the twitter typehead search. https://apps.oscommerce.com/c1sKS&twitter-typeahead-autocomplete-search Its a module so you just upload the files, turn the old module off and turn the new one one. Real easy now. No code changes what ever. Anyone altering the core code on the CE version wants to learn to do things properly.
  4. Seeing as though you have to opt in now, technically you just do nothing and get deleted from their lists. I have saved the few emails that I have had from unknown companies and if I receive another email from them, then I will start the asking for data routine and see what they do. Businesses have had ages to get ready for this, so why today I am still receiving emails, past the introduction date, I have no idea. I had one customer, who over the years has been a PITA email me asking for the information that I had on him. I just used his email address, used @burtGarys modules and converted them to a PDF and emailed him back straight away. I could have waited the maximum 30 days before sending it too him, but I would have forgotten. I bet he didnt expect something back in less than 15 minutes.
  5. The dead line has passed. I hope everyone that was going to do something has done it.
  6. Ive said it before and I shall say it again Thanks Gary @burt for what you have done. Its a shame that others were not prepared to help you a bit more whether it be coder, developer or shop owner. Its a shame that it has come to this, but it had to happen one day. It could have been 4-5 years ago, but you saved the project as best you could. There seems to be some support from a few coders in this thread so may be its their turn to commit and move the project forward. Lets see what happens. I expect nothing.
  7. Thanks gary. Didnt think it was going to be as complicated as that. Will find time later.
  8. @wHiTeHaT This isnt going to be so easy then. It may be easier to manually check the data and then remove the customers if they are not on the mailing list using the built in delete tool.
  9. I have been thinking about customers data that is stored in the database. If I have no reason to keep that data I should delete it, or at least that is how I interpret the rules. So looking at my customer database I have customers details that have never bought anything. Should I delete that data. I think I should. To delete this data I have found the following code that Gary @burt posted ages ago I think it was. I have tried it on my databsase and it produces a list of 500+ customers. Is there a way to modify the query that I am using to also check to see whether the customer is on my mailing list. SELECT customers_id, customers_firstname, customers_lastname, customers_email_address FROM customers WHERE customers_id NOT IN ( SELECT customers_id FROM orders ) If not I will have to go through each individual one to see.
  10. @sinopia Its been like that with cookie consent for years now. If people updated their cookie consent code and their privacy policy then most of the privacy policy should already have all the required information. All of Garys @burt GDPR modules cover most of the rest of your comments above apart from the server ones which most good hosts would be doing any way.
  11. Heather Firstly I probably would not have deleted all your newsletter contacts. I would have given them the chance to unsubscribe or update their details in an email. If you have collected their information correctly in the real world you dont really need to ask them to re-subscribe. If you mention google analytics in your privacy policy you can still use them as google offer an app to allow customers to choose whether or not to be included which apparently is fine. A link is here so just put that in you policy. https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en The only other thing I am thinking of doing is adding a link and a tick box to the create account page to the privacy policy. In my view the privacy policy was the hardest bit as it needed to be really changed to comply, but in reality it was nearly there anyway. A few bits needed adding which I got from others policies like you did. I have also added all of Garys GDPR modules which makes everything so much easier.
  12. At the end of the day its been on the cards for nearly two years now, so people are leaving it until the last minute as usual. I personally think its a good thing what the EU are trying to achieve with this, and its not often I say something good about them. All an MP , or anyone else for that matter has to do is to read the ICO site in the UK and all will be as clear as its ever going to get. If people dont care about their personal data then thats their choice from now on.
  13. @burt Gary, I deleted you as a customer ages ago, as I think you you asked me to after doing some testing and work on my site. You are not even in my mailchimp mailing list which is an addon that we installed and tested. I have emailed all my newsletter subscribers and am sending out a second reminder this weekend for them to either unsubscribe or confirm their details. I have got some really good responses from customers, but also some bad ones where people are fed up of receiving the opt in or opt out emails when they were nor required. even after I had pre warned everyone that it was going to happen weeks before. I see so many of my competitors have not done anything yet, so I hope they are just waiting a few weeks.
  14. @Mort-lemur Heather I have no idea about that. I have read somewhere that you can still use them, but I cant find it now. I think they did mention that in your terms and conditions or privacy policy that customers must agree to when creating an account, you can mention that you may collect data when using a recover cart module, but I may be wrong.
  15. @ArtcoInc I dont doubt it for a minute. There are already hundreds of so called GDPR specialists offering help to businesses. Half of the people I know who run similar websites to mine are taking no action other than altering their privacy policy as thats all they have been told to do. One even paid just over 500GBP to be told that he wasnt compliant and that the company would sort it all out for him for more money. With the help of Garys modules I have done most of it myself. The biggest cost is having a solicitor check over the policy updates to make sure that they are legal, but not necessary compliant.
  16. I have just installed all the GDPR modules from this years 28 days of code from @burt, and they work faultlessly. If you havent yet bought the package these modules are worth the money alone. Contact @burt to buy the whole set plus lots more.
  17. I have just found this blog post that explains what to do to a woocommerce site to comply with GDPR It can all be transferred to oscommerce sites easily. https://businessbloomer.com/how-to-make-a-woocommerce-website-gdpr-compliant-12-steps/?ck_subscriber_id=125262429
  18. I have been using oscommerce for many years now, and a few things that I still find difficult to get a handle on are things like the attributes. They are difficult to set up on a per product basis, and there is no stock control on them in standard form. I would use attributes more but without stock control I cannot keep record of what I have for each item. Older addons are available for this so may be could just be re coded. My next thing is 'Cost Price'. If oscommerce could record stock price I could easily see what I am paying for each item, that would allow me to see what margins and profits I am making on each item, order or what ever. It will mean that I can also see a stock cost for things like end of year accounting. It could also be used when adding products as specials as I could easily see what I paid for each item. Initially a small change but lots of potential after. I know there are older addons already out there. A guest checkout would be great although there are addons already. A better order email system that would allow different emails to be sent on status updates. The current emails dont allow for up-selling of even giving specific information on a specific order update or store action. Something that would improve the buying experience would be better than a standard email. This could also incorporate product notifications that are automatically sent when a product is updated or re-stocked. Whether an email templating sort of thing could be done I have no idea. Product dimensions would help with a lot of shipping modules. but how it would work out parcel size in multiple product orders I have no idea. Gary did something for his 28 days of code with a batch printing module, something like that would save store owners a lot of time, and could be built upon with further modules like address label printing. Finally an improvement to the current shipping modules that could be copied across to other shipping modules that would allow tracking to be entered and emailed to the customer in the new improved email system. Some parts should be removed from core. Like the email/newsletter system. Lets face it it is not the best that is available today, and I dont know of anyone that uses it as most emails that are sent can get classed as spam and can harm a business. May be an easy way of adding/syncing emails to other external programs. What really needs to be done, rather than bloating core code is to figure out a way of making oscommerce fit for purpose in today's ecommerce world.
  19. How about something like https://www.civicuk.com/cookie-control Don't know how good the free version would be or how easy it would be to implement as I haven't really looked yet.
  20. After reading posts on here I also found the following page that may help with cookie consent ideas, https://eugdprcompliant.com/cookies-consent-gdpr/ May be an enterprising developer could write and sell something made for oscommerce, but think of the legal side of getting something that is not compliant.
  21. Just found a bit about what Mailchimp are doing before GDPR comes into effect. Dont know whether it affects their api or anything. Read about it here Mailchimp and GDPR
  22. I dont know whether I have seen this link before, but if so there is no harm in showing it again. Its the ICO site about GDPR https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/
  23. Legislation comes into force on 25th May 2018 so less time that you thought. That sums it up sort of. You need to get consent again for everyone that you send emails to, not just new customers. You need to notify all customers about GDPR and what it means to them and their data. You have to give them the option for you to remove their data.You need to change your privacy policy to let people know how you are complying to this legislation. You need to make sure no option is pre checked where personal data is entered. The list could go on and on. Yes its being sensible with what you do with others data and personally identifiable information, but there is so much more than that. I do have to agree that the EU has gone over board a bit with this legislation, but it was done to bring all EU countries into line as some were more strict than others.
  24. I have just found a very good blog post about GDPR and online stores. It makes good reading for all small store owners https://www.oberlo.co.uk/blog/gdpr-compliance-ecommerce-shops
  25. Gary did a lot of GDPR modules in his 28 days of code which seems to do all or at least most of the things that shop owners should need. I am going to install them and see what they are like.