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  1. Over the weekend I have had two cases where a payment has been received from PayPal, but no order is shown in the stores records. The items are still in the customers basket. The customers have received a payment confirmation from PayPal and I have received notice that I have received a payment. I know that this probably means that they did not return correctly to the store after making a payment, but what can I do to get the order to complete, create the invoice and store the info in the customers data, and remove the data from the customers basket. I am using the latest version of the PayPal app, and until this weekend have not had any problems. The payment is shown in the PayPal app logs and on the PayPal site, but nothing on the store. I have contacted PayPal and they say there is nothing they can do as they cant resend what ever they send after the payment has been made ,which would update the store. There is an invoice number created as there are a few missing from the sequence and the invoice number is visible on the PayPal payment page.
  2. 14steve14

    Chrome now marks all HTTP sites as insecure

    This has been reported on many sites for a long time, so those that have ignored any warnings up until now, should really be doing something. Saying that there are still some here that are not using a responsive code base, and most search engines have been penalising them for years, and still they take no notice.
  3. @burt Cheers Gary. I contacted the customers, explained what I needed to do as the items were still in their baskets, and completed the sale using a COD payment method. Luckily they both understood. I have the Master Password addon installed which made this so much easier. I also suspect it was a PayPal blip as it had not happened before, and has not happened again since. I certainly knew I had not altered anything as suggested by one idiot. Its just annoying when it does happen as there is no easy way to rectify what should be something simple. May be an idea for an addon for next years 28 days if that happens..
  4. @wHiTeHaT Glad to see that you are assuming that I have done something. I have been at this long enough to make sure that before I post on here, i check things through first. I wanted help with clearing the data from the customers cart and creating the missing invoice and order, not with a lecture on what I may have done wrong. As all is currently working fine, I can assume that a blip was in the system somewhere and I am not worried about it, so I will gladly ignore your comments that were unhelpful in any event. If you have nothing constructive or positive to say, keep it shut. I can see why many have blocked you, as I now have, so post your rantings if you want to. At least this post from you made a little bit of sense unlike many others you post here. @Omar_one I will look into this. Thanks very much. Its a shame that it didnt show up in any of my searches, but we all know what the search is like here. Again thanks for the link.
  5. I searched this problem and found nothing that really helped. I searched the addons and found nothing. For now I have completed the order using a one off cash payment module and marked the orders as paid. Then sent an email to the customers who had the problem to ignore any emails that they may receive about this order. There must be a better way. if not there should be.
  6. Its also possible to voluntarily register for VAT in the UK. I personally think, that as long as the required code for the store is available to allow the customer to comply, then that is fine. Others have to comply with the different legislation in their own countries, and in the spirit of open source should update the package accordingly. Thats how it should be kept up to date as laws and regulations change in each country.
  7. The MYSQLI_ASSOC was fixed by changing all instances of MYSQL_ASSOC to MYSQLI_ASSOC Thanks for the nudge in the right direction @MrPhil
  8. I am trying to get the older margin report addon found here https://apps.oscommerce.com/MjiQc&margin-report I have used this on my older BS store and everything worked, but now its on the latest version and PHP7 things are not working. I have got most errors sorted, but am currently stuck one piece of code which is <td align="right"><table><tr><td><?php echo tep_draw_form('export_to_file', 'margin_report.php', 'get', '') . tep_draw_hidden_field('action', 'export') . $get_vars . tep_draw_hidden_field('sql', $listing_sql); ?><input type="text" name="file" value="example_filename" onfocus="javascript:if(this.value=='example_filename') {this.value='';}" onblur="javascript:if(this.value=='') {this.value='example_filename'}"></td><td><?php echo '<input type="image" name="submit" src="' . DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/images/buttons/button_export.gif" alt="' . TEXT_EXPORT_BUTTON . '" width="65" height="22"></form>'; ?></td></tr></table></td> I am stuck on replacing the bit that is DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/images/buttons/button_export.gif" alt="' . I have no idea what to try and trial and error are causing more errors on the page. Hopefully this will be my last error on that page, then its on to the 2nd page in the addon.
  9. That is not defined in the configure files. What I have done is to just hard code it into the file so it now looks like <td align="right"><table><tr><td><?php echo tep_draw_form('export_to_file', 'margin_report.php', 'get', '') . tep_draw_hidden_field('action', 'export') . $get_vars . tep_draw_hidden_field('sql', $listing_sql); ?><input type="text" name="file" value="example_filename" onfocus="javascript:if(this.value=='example_filename') {this.value='';}" onblur="javascript:if(this.value=='') {this.value='example_filename'}"></td><td><?php echo '<input type="image" name="submit" src="' . 'includes/languages/english/margin_report.php' . $language . '/images/buttons/button_export.gif" alt="' . TEXT_EXPORT_BUTTON . '" width="65" height="22"></form>'; ?></td></tr></table></td> and the error has gone. Got another one now though. Ther eis a bit of code $date = tep_db_query("SELECT curdate() as time"); $d2 = tep_db_fetch_array($date, MYSQL_ASSOC); and the error is Warning: Use of undefined constant MYSQL_ASSOC - assumed 'MYSQL_ASSOC' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) Any advice on this bit as I dont even understand it.
  10. @burt Gary Fully agree. This is not what the core code is for. If shop owners are too lazy to look to see if there are addons that apply especially to the legal side of their business, then maybe they should think of something else to do.
  11. If all the legal stuff is included somehow with the install package, who checks to make sure each of the packages are compliant. It would be a full time job checking every countries legislation for changes. At least if it was in a seperare package people from each country would keep it updated if a change was required. It just needs some form of checking so it doesnt end up a mess like lots of the other addons.
  12. 14steve14

    Group products in product_info.php

    There used to be some computer configurator addons, but I know they wont have been updated for a long time, so may need work. Have a search of the addons area. There are also some bundled products or better together addons that may do what you want, or at least be a starting point for coding something better.
  13. But where would the legal stuff stop. GDPR, Taxes, VAT and all the different legal rules from every country, the code would be a nightmare. May be there should be a package available for each country, similar to the concept of a language pack, that would include all the legal stuff for all the countries, all as modules. Each pack could them be maintained by someone with an interest and knowledge of the laws in each countries. Each pack could also contain things like currencies set up, date and address layouts, and so much more, but it will take lots of organising and will soon become a headache,and would get left and then become outdated because only a few people would want it, and others couldnt be bothered to update things as needed. It would become a mess like many other addons. It would also mean more work in altering the core code to allow these things to be added as a package. The only trouble being this will never happen as no one can access the core code, and without help Gary cant do everything on his own.
  14. 14steve14

    Upgrade 2.3.4 to CE database SELECTIVELY.

    This may seem like a silly thing to say but as you are having problems doing this, why not contact one of the many developers on this forum and get their paid help. They may do it really quickly and save you many hours of stress and worry.
  15. 14steve14

    Cannot make TLS 1.2 work

    I have just updated the PayPal app, and when testing got the failed and failed message. I contacted my host who checked and everything should have worked. I eventually found this post and uploaded the paypal.com.crt file from this tread and everything now seems to be working as it should. All the time though I could get my account balance, so was not too worried, but just wanted everything to work. Its a shame that someone cant update the latest app with this corrected file. Thanks again for this post as it helped.
  16. 14steve14

    BS Bundled products at a discount addon required

    Thanks Gary. I will contact you direct.
  17. 14steve14

    Need to update for TLS 1.2

    Are you sure that oscommerce needs updating. I thought lots of this TLS updating stuff was all about the server. Speak to your hosts. I may be totally wrong though.
  18. 14steve14

    product warranty on Product info page

    If you have Garys 28 days of code files you could use the product tabs modules to create a tab that has warranty details on the product page. I dont know how hard it is to use, but he did create lots of tabs over the 28 days. He may even be able to create a new tab or something for you at a small cost. Failing that you may have to convert one of the existing options so it works with edge.
  19. What I meant was is there a way of making all the images the same size if they are uploaded to the store in different sizes. I make all my images the right size so both large and small images are consistent, but I do know others don't do this.
  20. @burt Gary. I prefer the look of the cards. It looks so much better. Just a small thought. Is there a way to adjust the image size so that all images are shown the same size, or is that something that may be too difficult. May be something to look into lots later but could it be done when uploading an image to a product to create a small and large size image, then the problem would not arise. It would mean that all images need to start the same size and shape I suppose. Like I said, something for the future.
  21. If you need to add something like a license number to each of the products, then you may not need to register for VAT MOSS or the equivalent in your country, as part of the system and sale involves manually adding of something into an email. May be worth looking into. I also cant see why a download needs to have a set quantity. Its the same file taken from the downloads folder every time surely. Hopefully you do not assign different files to every download of a similar product.
  22. @MrPhil If the IP address is different because the customer is out of the area and say on holiday, it would not match the location of the delivery address so would not be one of the two required non contradictory pieces needed. This is such a nightmare for the legislation and the paying of VAT I just stopped selling downloads to anyone in the EU apart from the UK. So much easier, but still does not stop those wise people who enter a UK address when buying outside of the UK. Just keeping separate details of every order and from which country the sale came from which is required to fill out the VAT MOSS form every month, if not every quarter, was not worth doing as I sell very few downloads. It was very cost prohibitive.
  23. You will have to pay a developer to code one for you then if there is nothing suitable, or nothing that you can alter to fit your requirements.
  24. 14steve14

    Progress Update

    Official OSC has been dead for a very long time. I expect after the flack and abuse HPDL took on these very forums about the lack of progress he just got pi$$ed off and didnt return. Its his bat and his ball and he can play if he want to. He has chosen not to. Someone here took it upon themselves to move the project forward, but they to now feel that it cant go further forward as it is. I cant blame him for that as it has taken many hours of work to get it where it is, and without the support of other coders and some shop owners it was decided that it was time to stop.