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    Managing your Products

    I am a bit like @Dan Cole and everything is a bit hit and miss. When replacement stocks arrive, I check all prices and also stock check just to make sure that stock levels are correct. If cost prices have risen dramatically I may even have a look for other suppliers at the time. If I leave it too long it all gets forgotten about until the next order. I also look at the product descriptions to see whether they could be changed or added to in any way just to keep them fresh. The same with the product images. This may sound bad, but if prices have risen lots, then I update prices similar products just so some dont look more expensive than others. When a new product arrives, I have already done my homework and have an idea of selling prices based on competitors prices and my buying cost, so its just a case of a bit of SEO work on the product names and descriptions, and the new products are added. I am currently going through the site and altering all the product description layouts. Over the years they got altered slightly and now I am trying to get them all to look the same. Its taking time, but customers seem to like it. I do have the margin report addon installed on my site so I can at least see how much profit I am making on individual items, and orders if necessary. I also have a report that lets me see how many of each item I have dold in a set period, so that helps with ordering stock.
  2. We have been waiting for years for the official oscommerce to be responsive. It hasn't happened, and you have critisised myself and others for running oscommerce down. We have all been here waiting for the promised changes to happen. What makes you think that something will happen in the next years to change the create account page. What you could, and should do is to create an addon that replaces the current pages and system, then others could use it on the official or BS versions if they wished. If you cant change the core code, change what people use by creating addons. If the first install instruction was to rename all the current files, uploading the new ones would be easy. Its great people making suggestions on how things could be improved, but you have to remember that no one here can make changes to the official version as you have heard many times. The only real way to make changes is through the addons area.
  3. Those messages are not a lot to do with GDPR, they are more to do with the EU cookie regulations, which were brought in 2011. They gave people the right to choose whether they accepted cookies from the site being placed on their computer. You do not need explicit consent to place cookies on a computer which is why you can just ignore the tick box and it will go away. By using the site you are agreeing to their use. There is no way that you can find a persons identity from a cookie, unless it is a bad cookie. If you were concerned about them, you would click the policy details and read what cookies are placed on your computer. I take it everyone here knows that you have to list all the cookies that are used on your site in your privacy or cookie policy. GDPR is a totally different thing, but does sort of encompass a bit about cookies and their use.
  4. GDPR does not mean that you cannot keep personal data. It means that you have to explain why you need to keep it, how you will keep it, how it will be used, and how long you will keep it. There is also another silly bit of EU rules about VAT MOSS and electronic services, which says that an IP address can be used as one piece of non conflicting proof to show a customers location at the time of ordering, so you must be allowed to store and keep it. Again the phone number can be used if it is a fixed landline. I think those requirements are that information is kept for 6 years. GDPR is all about protecting peoples personal data, and transparency about what a business does with that data, which has to be a good thing. Its not just the silly warnings on the first page load that is GDPR, its all the changes to the T&Cs and the privacy policy that are needed. Processes within the business have to be applied in how data is stored, what will happen if there is a data breach, and much more. How many people have checked that their hosts are compliant, as they have access and store to all of your data? I bet not many, as many will just assume that they are. How many of us store owners have the facility to contact all of our customers should a data breach occur. Again not many. Most could use the inbuilt email system, but again how many would get past their hosts email limits and know which ones sent, and which ones didnt. Gary made many modules to help a business with these rules and regulations, and if you have not purchased them yet, get in touch with @burt Just as an aside, I got a GDPR email earlier in the week, as the business had just found out about the rules, and they were notifying me about the change in conditions and policies, and also whether I wanted to remain on their mailing list. Only a few months late. For those that are reading this post, and have yet to fully read about it, there is a shed load and a half of information here. UK site ICO GDPR pages There will be similar sites for most other countries all you have to do is to find them. Sorry for the long reply, but some still dont get it.
  5. 14steve14

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Thanks Jack @Jack_mcs , that fixed the one part. Appreciated.
  6. 14steve14

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Jack I am having a few problems with the manual create sitemaps feature. There is also a problem with the cron not working either. I have read and installed everything and checked and double checked the install. After the install when I go to http://MY_DOMAIN/googlesitemap/index.php all the files generate as they should. No problems there, so assume that everything is as it should be. When I hit one of two the manual run buttons in the admin area no files are created and a new browser page opens with the following url. https://mydomain/admin14/' . HTTPS_CATALOG_SERVER . '/googlesitemap/index.php. Which is not right.When going into the configure file HTTPS_CATALOG_SERVER is present and is my full website address so something must be wrong somewhere. I have spoken to my host about the cron job and they say that it should work fine as it is, so it must be a coding error. I can only believe what they say. Could this all be releted to the incorrect url above. Any help or advice you can give me would be appreciated.
  7. 14steve14

    Problems with Google ads and new Edge sites.

    Why do you want ads shown on a site. That just takes customers away from a site, unless it is used as a revenue builder.
  8. Seeing as this is the page layout to have, why doesn't someone creative enough get something set up and release as an addon package of modules to achieve this. With all the skilled coders here, it shouldnt take too long. I am sure it would be appreciated by many.
  9. If there is something available, whether free or paid for, then you dont have to worry. Just add it to your store and do some AB testing. See what people use, and see whats best. Not that hard to test, as long as you keep both checkouts running. Let us know how you get on.
  10. Wouldnt it be better to create a new price module, or what ever modules are being altered, so that code supplied in the core is not changed. Would make updating at a later date so much easier.
  11. I think I will just let it slide, but if one person thinks that it makes you wonder whether others do as well. I have had some interesting conversations about GDPR with other businesses and its surprising, even on these forums, how some dont care about the regulations and are just carrying on as they would have before. I suppose it will take one huge fine to make people take notice.
  12. I have this in an email from a customer last night funnily, replying to an email I sent about him not completing a sale. He had what looked to me to have tried several times to buy something but kept abandoning his cart. After about 15 attempts, I sent him an email asking whether he was having problems on the site, to which I got this in a reply, complete with spelling mistake.. I could not check out without agreeing to your web terms, in the present environment surley we should have a choice for you to keep and possibly sell my information? Sorry will have to shop elsewhere. Now, I have yet to figure out what to reply to this, without really annoying him. The way I see it is that any business that is complying to GDPR will require his information. I need to keep a minimum for 7 years anyway for tax and accounting purposes. I only collect names, address, phone and email. The basic minimum that I think i need. It also does say in the privacy policy that he would have to agree to, that we don't share any information bla bla bla. But what really got me, is that somewhere he gets the opinion that I cant be trusted with his information and I would do something against GDPR with it. I would love to know where he eventually gets his items from, as some of them I cant find anywhere else on the internet as I make them here.
  13. Why not convert the module to work without core changes. You may have to rethink the whole thing, but most things can be done.
  14. @BrockleyJohn Stupid question. Lets say you have two equal height columns that match the height of the image, and you want to add say the description or tabs below the two columns, is there anything that needs doing again.
  15. I have thought again about guest checkout and other GDPR stuff what with thinking about updating my site. I believe that a website browser/looker or what ever you like to call them, will become a customer when they create an account, even if they dont buy anything and not complete a checkout. It does mean that they have given consent by understanding the GDPR policies, but may not have signed up to receive newsletters. Now, how long you can keep the data they give is something else. As you have no real need to store the data, when should you delete it. If they signed up for a newsletter, you can keep it as you need it to fulfill their request. There seems to be some difference of opinion on guest checkouts. Some say use them, others say dont. There does not seem to be much information one way or the other. I recently changed my T&Cs as there were a few mistakes in there, and a solicitor suggested a few alterations. I have kept a copy of the old terms and added a note to the page, when they were altered. There is also a note on the new files when they were uploaded to the site. Its just a way of keeping a record of any changes. Technically it should be possible to check when the customer created an account, and be able to match a set of Terms for that date. It may not be the best way, but it sort of works. Love to know what others are doing.
  16. 14steve14

    Recover Cart Sale for CE

    After adding all of Gary's GDPR modules to my site, I did have a company go through my website, my T&Cs and my privacy policy to see whether they comply. They all do. So I have taken advice, probably more than some. The initial check and report was not that much as I belong to another forum and it was a special deal, so well worth the money. The T&Cs and the privacy policy have also been checked by a solicitor to see that they are ok. Again, more than some have done that I know. There is a full report with other areas that in reality need some work but comply just, but they will be done when money allows. There was a big area mentioned where caution should be taken and that was with recover carts and my current mailing list as some subscribers were signed up whilst I had the tick box pre ticked. I will give advice based on the advice I was given. If people dont like it, its their choice. If people chose to ignore the regulations to suit themselves then that's their choice.
  17. 14steve14

    Recover Cart Sale for CE

    If they had previously bought from your store, and agreed to receive emails then yes you could possibly get away with sending them emails. But you cant class a non sale as a sale hence a legitimate excuse to send a marketing email, in my and many others opinions. If they are a new customer there has not been a sale yet so they are not yet a customer, so you do not have permission to send marketing emails. All you have is an email address from a website visitor that has not even given you permission to save, let alone store their email address, and have given no permission for you to contact them. How can that comply to GDPR.
  18. 14steve14

    Recover Cart Sale for CE

    Its the same throughout all of the EU. Without permission, you cant send unsolicited sales mail unless you have implied consent. You can if there is a contract in place and a it is necessary as part of the sale. You could argue that the person has created an account and agreed to the T7Cs of th4e site, but if there are not subscribed to emails, then you still cant send to them. Check the rules on GDPR. Unless you have consent to contact customers, and unless the email is required as part of the transaction, you cant contact them. Unless I and many thousands more are misinterpreting the rules. If you have tick boxes which specifically say that you will market to customers that abandon their cart, then you may be fine, but who in their right mind would signup for that. Have a read here https://www.willows-consulting.com/has-gdpr-killed-abandoned-cart-marketing/.
  19. I feel for you. I have several manufacturers in the industry I am in, that will not sell to me because I don't have a shop. Some of the largest sellers that do have a shop, discount this particular manufacturers product heavily, and they do nothing. One of these manufacturers are also a distributor, and entice many smaller suppliers to them, and still wont sell those items to people without a store. I understand that they are trying to protect their brand, but some need to wake up to the modern times. I still get hand written invoices from the company for the advertising I do with them.
  20. I did this a long time ago along with some other info including the mobile number, which is just the standard fax column. I also added the customers number as it was useful for another link accounts addon I have. The extra info saves a lot of time when trying to contact customers. Got to do it all again now that I am planning a new store of BS frozen.
  21. 14steve14

    Admin Addon Margin Report

    In my usual fashion, I am looking at this also. I have the admin back end installed, and dont mind altering that at the moment, and am looking at the front end. To make things simpler I was debating removing some of the features as I only need to know the margins on products, and not individual orders and all the other stuff that comes with it. What I want to keep is the way the prices are displayed on the product pages, so maybe it wont be that hard to convert now the product page is modular. My question has to be though, would it be better done as a module or a hook? If a simple module, It may be possible for me to alter, hooks I have no idea. Dumping the unwanted stuff from the back end easy.
  22. 14steve14

    checkbox instead of list

    Have you created the options correctly?
  23. I made sure that I specifically asked my suppliers whether I could use their images, and asked also what part in their terms and conditions gave me the right to use their images. I kept their email replies, and still have them to this day. Most of the images they use are from the manufacturers and without asking them all, it was easier to get the permission from my suppliers. One supplier that I deal with direct, only gave me permission to use the images and not to distribute the images. How do I stop people just downloading freely what they believe to be an openly downloadable image from the internet. If you have no idea what can happen if you use images without getting permission, search the internet for 'Getty Images' and see some of the things they have done to protect their images. If you dont get permission it can cost lots of money so just be polite and ask. Most will say yes.
  24. 14steve14

    Options as images

    @Tsimi I am getting a latest version store ready, so will give it a go when I get time and test it for you. Thanks for having a lok at this.
  25. If you want another options as images module there is always this one. It may need a bit of an update for use on the latest version as I havent looked at it in a while. Sorry to link away from this thread and version https://apps.oscommerce.com/b277x&options-as-images