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    On other version of oscommerce if you don't enter a weight, there will be no shipping charges. Don't know about what you are using though.
  2. 14steve14

    How to show customers zip code/postcode in orders

    Found some time to try this and everything works as I hoped it would. Tomorrow will be the test to see whether it makes entering the tracking numbers easier which I hope it will. It took ages today without the postcode being visible. Thanks Rainer.
  3. 14steve14

    How to show customers zip code/postcode in orders

    Thanks Rainer @raiwa I will take a look later when time allows. Sounds really simple now.
  4. 14steve14

    Paypal App - Fee

    Whilst not really connected to this how many here have read about Geo blocking in the EU. These regulations state that no customer within the EU can be put in a position that discriminates against that person on price, amongst other things. Search for Geo blocking regulations that came into effect on the 3rd December 2018 as they make interesting reading if you have the will to live.
  5. Agree with the above. Without some sort of written explanation there will be nothing visible to those that would like to download the addon to see why a particular rating was given. It will also allow the developer to answer such remarks when releasing new versions. Keep it simple and all in one easy to find place. In some cases it would take far to long to look for and read through long support threads.
  6. From a shop owners point of view I feel that it would be good to rate an addon and leave true factual feedback. The main advertising point that is used for oscommerce is the 7000+ addons that are available. There is nothing saying whether these addons are good, bad or just ugly and will work on the current version that is being used. I have personally wasted many hours, as I suspect many others have, installing addons that just do not work. This should have changed when the no core code change policy was introduced. Its now so easy to add or remove most addons and if an addon does not work for what ever reason then others should know. If an addon has core code changes then people that download that addon should know about it in advance. Coders will learn from this so leading to higher coding standards and less negative feedback. If people are not prepared to take general criticism then they should not release code to be used by others. Some coders also need to loose the attitude. The only problem I see is when a newer version of the addon is released which cures the problem that left feedback was related to. I would like to see older versions of addons removed, not just updated and left. The trouble being that this will take time and someone has to do it. The same with checking addons. When someone releases an addon there should be a demo allowed to showcase what it can do. Let people see the functionality and let them decide whether it does what they want. No demo no release. As soon as the demo is taken down the addon should be removed. Only trouble again this will take someone time. There needs to be away to report this type of problems to a moderator so they can sort the problem or remove the addon. What ever happens has to be for the good of oscommerce and not an individual.
  7. So many of your addons are based on code from a developer here who never releases free addons which can be seen by the disclaimer in that software. I hope you dont want me to name names because I wont. The IP still belongs to the originator of the code, noit the person who paid for the code which is why you need the original disclaimer in your releases of the code. There are some people on this forum who will not actively pay to support the software, but will happily take what was paid for code for free, even as we have seen further back in this tread that the code is worse than the original. But thats an argument that I am not going to get into on this forum.
  8. My problem with some of the latest addons added to the addon area, is that some are based on one persons paid for work. That work is done and offered to users to attract customers for that person, not to have people use the base of the code and release for free. Tha's surely taking work from the coder that first created the code. It would be fine if it improved on the original code, but in most cases it doewsnt as apparent by some of the comments here. But if thats the way that oscommerce is going, then so be it with HPDLs blessing apparently. May be addons should be created under a different licence that prevents that happening and something that protects the original creators intellectual property.
  9. 14steve14

    Adding images into product description

    I dont understand why the images need to be in the product description when you can add so many additional images using the standard set up. The mind boggles.
  10. 14steve14

    Suddenly a lot of error messages

    If the truth be known your hosts upgraded their system to the latest php version, unless you agreed to the upgrade without checking that your code would work. Before it happens again, start development of a new store using the latest CE version of oscommerce then you should not get the problem again. As things keep changing you will have to make the move anyway sooner or later.
  11. 14steve14

    Suddenly a lot of error messages

    Are you sure that the PHP version on your server has not been updated.
  12. 14steve14

    Generate inventory report from osc2.3

    Search the addons area. I had the exact same problem with a recal, and found one that did what I wanted. It did need some modification to for the admin page style as it was an older addon, but I cant give you the name as it will mean me advising people to use an old addon and that is not the done thing apparently. But there are several there already to do what you want.
  13. 14steve14

    Generate inventory report from osc2.3

    Just remember that not everyone has the same skill levels as you. Most are just store owners with no or only basic coding skills. Most wont even have accessed their database in the past. Only trying to help, but wont bother next time.
  14. 14steve14

    Generate inventory report from osc2.3

    There is an addon that I use called stocktaking cost which is here https://apps.oscommerce.com/50HQp&stocktaking-cost. It can export to CSV and you can select categories that are not listed, but that has to be done manually. I generate a full report then edit that report for what I want. It does need the initial page layout, and the closing page layout to be changed to match that of the latest pages, but nothing too serious and the changes can be compared to almost any other admin report page. Its a lot less risky than messing with your database if you are unsure of what you are doing.
  15. I have been looking on this forum and searched other websites, and would like to find an addon that is suitable for use on the BS version, that will create bundles of products, which can be made up with in stock items, and sold at a discounted price. When a bundle is sold, the stock of the individual products must be reduced. I currently have a x-sell addon installed where these products are set up to be listed at the bottom of a product listing, but really want to sell at a discount a bundles of items. What I am thinking of is to create a new product in a category of products. For example, the bundle would include say a soldering iron, a soldering iron stand, a tip cleaner and some solder. All the items are available from the site individually for say 30 GBP. The bundle will cost 25 GDP. When sold all stock for the bundled products and the bundle must reduce by one. I can find older addons such as "better together" or "bundled products" or "Master products" but nothing that will work with a BS version, and nothing that does not have hundreds of core code changes. Converting something is way above my pay grade without a lot of help. Any help or guidance appreciated. I dont care whether the addon is free or a paid for one, but it must work.
  16. 14steve14

    Voice search strategies

    Does anyone here know anything about Voice Search. With the increased popularity of voice search assistants should anything be done on websites to help with this type of search SEO. There is not that much information on line that I can find quickly so thought would see if any SEO experts have any links or ideas. I did find something that said Google would start to tailor searches towards voice assistants over mobile and laptops. Whats others views on this and is it something that store owners should be worrying about.
  17. 14steve14

    BS Bundled products at a discount addon required

    Message Gary he may sort something out for you. I have the working code on my test site but after all this time have yet to upload it to the main site. The main thing I wanted was the stock levels deducted on the sale of a bundle, which it does and it wont allow a bundle to show id stock levels are out of one of the required parts. There is a need to create a whole new product called the name of the bundle, but adding products to it is easy once done. Like I say give Gary a message.
  18. 14steve14

    Laravel Ecommerce System

    The trouble with this old oscommerce code base is that it is so old no one is interested in it outside this place. HPDL is not here. Gary is trying to do something but it will never really work as he openly admits. There needs to be a move away from this old fashioned code and go to something new. There is only so long that something can be kept alive before the sticking plasters start to fall off. Sorry to say that, but coding something from the ground up using laravel is probably the best way forward. Start afresh and get people interested from outside. No current addon would work with any new code so everything needs to be written from the ground up, so why not start again. The answer to that is that no one coder can do everything on his/her own, and the more people you get involved the more discussion takes place as everyone has their own agenda and nothing gets done.
  19. 14steve14

    Laravel Ecommerce System

    @JcMagpie I do like the look of some of the laraval based stores that I have looked at. A quick google search found a few. Like you say that may be the way forward. The trouble is that as it is new, there will be a learning curve for anyone involved. I have been saying to deaf ears for a long time that any new ecommerce package will need to give store owners what they need to operate effectively a store in todays world, not 10 or 20 years ago as some do. If they have to be bought and paid for then so be it. There has to be a way for the original developers who put a lot of time and resourses into the software to make some money from their efforts otherwise they wont do it.
  20. 14steve14

    Laravel Ecommerce System

    Its good to see any new cart being developed but it must give store owners what they want to run a business in todays world. The problem with any new cart is that it has to attract developers first so addons get coded, then it has to attract store owners. One without the other will not work. Store owners will not move carts unless they can get what they want and if its not available they will either stay where they are, or look at something else. Developers also have to learn to listen what store owners want, rather than what they can give store owners. Store owners know their business and what that business needs, developers dont. Store owners have to get out of the mindset of only using something if its free. If they were to invest in the software more development work can be done and the product improved. Its a vicious circle that is hard to get right.
  21. 14steve14

    Free shipping on select products

    If you do your shipping by weight you could just enter a zero for the weight when creating the product.
  22. 14steve14

    store logo not change

    Have you cleared the cache on the server and on your device you are using? Is the new logo saved in the folder where it says it should be?
  23. 14steve14

    newsletter never be able to send out

    As I said in my previous post the inbuilt newsletter manager is not really useable. You have been blacklisted so all emails you do send may be marked as spam. This is one of the things that can happen as you have found out. Bin it. Forget all about it, and use something like the free version of Mailchimp. There is an addon somewhere that will allow you to export customer details and this includes just first, last and email address of newsletter subscribers. Import this list into Mailchimp regularly to catch any new subscribers, and send up to 2000 newsletters for free. Any more and the paid version will be required. Mailchimp allows you to create your own layout of newsletter, so a bit of time spent doing this is important. Its also easier to use than the inbuilt oscommerce system and will get better results for your marketing campaigns. In 2018 I started sending newsletters weekly rather than monthly and my turnover has significantly increased. You can sit messing about with a system that will never really work, or you can use something that does work and was designed specifically to send newsletters. I know what I would do.
  24. 14steve14

    Product Image Appearing Too Large...

    What version of oscommerce are you using as it will make a differentce to how the images are handled, and how large was the image that you uploaded, and what size do you want the image. .
  25. OP. You really answered your own post in that post. The person you need to contact and ask the question to is @HPDL