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  1. 14steve14

    Specials Image Overlay

    Why not use CSS to add the text ribbon. Doesnt look that hard to do. A quick internet search will find many results.
  2. 14steve14

    PayPal App v5.000

    @@inra311 What Gary is saying is to go to your admin area and go to content - modules and make sure that you have turned on product downloads otherwise the module will not show downloads on the checkout success page. If its not there you need to click on the install module button in the top right hand corner of the page and install the module then activate it. If you have it already installed then you may need to uninstall that particular module and reinstall it again.
  3. 14steve14

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    @@Jack_mcs Jack I just updated to the latest version and all seemed to go well with the update. I did notice that on creating the new site maps the page returned the following errors at the top Notice: Use of undefined constant DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG - assumed 'DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG' in /home/railway1/public_html/googlesitemap/index.php on line 33 Notice: Constant GOOGLE_XML_SITEMAP_CREATE_TOPICS already defined in /home/railway1/public_html/googlesitemap/index.php on line 43 Notice: Constant GOOGLE_XML_SITEMAP_MANUAL_IP already defined in /home/railway1/public_html/googlesitemap/index.php on line 43 There is also two entries for Manual IP in the configuration page which look identical. Cant understand why as there is only one entry in the sql file. Also after running the sql file there was this warning at the top of the page This table does not contain a unique column. Grid edit, checkbox, Edit, Copy and Delete features are not available. Apart from that all seems to be working fine with new sitemap files created.
  4. 14steve14

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Although this thread is not really the place to discuss this, personally I think all addons should be updated to work on the latest version. Now whether the addon creator does this or someone else, it does not matter. It should be made possible that addons are unlocked in the addon area so others can add to or improve the original code if the addon creator does not have the time, without the need to create a whole new addon which will cause confusion. This would be a benefit to the addon, oscommerce and future users. Now that sounds really simple, but there has to be some form of quality control, and that should be done by the original creator. If the new uploaded code is good and only a minor update the code should stay, but if it changes the addon greatly it should be moved to a new area. If the addon cannot be added to by anyone other than the creator, the creator should be able to be contacted by people that update the code and then have the option to updating the addon. Again this can be done directly or through the support forum for the addon. If an addon is not updated it is bad for the user and the addon. It causes confusion and also makes people ask question that are unnecessary in the forums.
  5. 14steve14

    Europe Cookie Laws

    @@joe122joe Just make sure that you also alter your privacy policy and cookie policy to comply with the legal requirements also. They can also be found by searching using something like google - other search engines are available. There are also regulations regarding what you can and cant do on your website and what text has to be on certain buttons on the checkout pages. The more you dig into EU regulations the more you will find that you need to do. The EU also regulates your return policy so that ought to be compliant also.
  6. 14steve14

    CONTRIBUTION Product Tabs

    @@mcmannehan And what is the solution. Posting a warning is no use if you dont also suggest a fix.
  7. Glad you like it. Its so much easier than the standard system. Hopefully in the latest version the specials section has had a rework and in now usable.
  8. I use the one from here http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8294 support thread is at http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/407909-advanced-specials/ You can add whole categories, manufacturers and more with the click of a button, or select just individual products.
  9. See http://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap/bootstrap_panels.asp about standard alert and panel colours.
  10. 14steve14

    SSL Certificate

    Have a read of the following thread. It may help you. http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/410451-time-to-get-secure-if-you-havent-already/page-4 I followed this tread when changing my site over to https on every page and it worked fine, but it was harder than just changing the configure files. I also had a problem with one box on the site and only in chrome http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/410571-security-padlock-warning-error-in-only-chrome-on-https-site/ I also had to resubmit the site to google webmaster tools using the https rather than http, and also create new xml sitemaps that had to resubmitted also. By the way I just clicked on the link for your site and there was a large certificate security warning so you should make some changes quick.
  11. 14steve14

    Invoice/Receipt to chose while checkout

    @@matthet If you are wanting the ability for your customers to chose how they pay for products, you may be better off looking for a payment module, for 'On account' or something similar. You could then allow certain agreed customers to use an account facility rather than paying up front. That is where the difference between and invoice which needs to be paid, and a receipt that means something has been paid would come in. A search of the addons are will find any addons which may make it easier for you to make something that you want. A payment module would be just that, a module that would be easy to install as long as you have the facility to create an account customer group or what ever. This may not help, but may give you a few ideas.
  12. 14steve14

    Quick Inventory

    @@aespinal The file that you downloaded probably wasnt a full package. If it was the top one in the addons list, then it wasnt as it clearly states. Make sure in future that you download a full package then add the altered files after. It would have been better however if the addon package creator, did actually upload a full package, which would save any confusion.
  13. 14steve14

    Advanced Sales Report

    In your admin/includes/boxes/reports.php you will find a line similar to '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_STATS_PRODUCTS_PURCHASED, '', 'NONSSL') . '" class="menuBoxContentLink">' . BOX_REPORTS_PRODUCTS_PURCHASED . '</a><br>' . You need to add the relevant bits from the code required to the code you already have. You should end up with something like '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_SALES_REPORT, '', 'NONSSL') . '" class="menuBoxContentLink">' . BOX_REPORTS_ADVANCE . '</a><br>' . Or just add that line below the one already mentioned. Just notice that the last line on the report boxes link code is different to the previous one. You may also need to add a lot of code to the code for the page that opens when you click the link. Lots of code was moved like the left and right columns in the newer version. You could work it out by comparing the file to an existing one already working in the store. You may be better off using an older version of the mod if there is one available.
  14. @@Gary is working on something that works with mailchimp. It may have been from one of his 28 days of code things, but I cant remember. I am waiting for him to get back to me with an update to it. With mailchimp you can have multiple lists that receive different newsletters and emails. I am sure people can use different signup forms to subscribe to different lists. May be worth a look.
  15. 14steve14

    Wordpress & osCommerce

    Are you going to add it to the addons area. It will make it easier for people to find.
  16. 14steve14

    the discount is not shown

    @@stevenlemon You have probably already lost some friends by running down a great product, but I do understand your frustration. The only advice I can give is to make sure that you use addons for the version of oscommerce you are using. If you like the look of the features in an old addon, you will have to convert it, or pay someone to do it. Most popular addons have already been converted to work with the latest version, so ideally you should use them. This generally means that they have been converted to a one click install after the files have been copied to the correct location. You cant get much easier than that. If you need to alter core code, then look to see whether there is a more up to date addon that does the same thing. Before installing any addons make sure there is an active support thread on these forums so that you can get help should you need it. If the support thread has no recent comments the chances are that it is not supported and you wont get help. Finally, remember that the people on this forum give their help freely and in most cases, in their spare time. You may not get help straight away as it is an international forum and people come from all time zones. If you want fast help, get a developer that knows oscommerce to get your site up and running as you want. Using developers from this forum will help move oscommerce forward. Dont give up hope on oscommerce yet. There is better to come if you believe the hype, its just a case of when it comes.
  17. 14steve14

    Product listing

    Use the backups you made before altering any files. You should really keep a regular full store backup if you dont already.
  18. 14steve14

    Paypal app - About to give up on this altogether

    @@Brainache You may be better off checking with paypal what server requirements they require. Doing a search for 'payapl server requirements' brings up thousands of recent pages.
  19. 14steve14

    Paypal app - About to give up on this altogether

    If your site is not yet live, how about changing all the information and making the whole thing live and doing an actual live test sale. I had a similar problem with the sandbox mode ages ago now, but everything worked fine in live mode. Just make sure that you change all the paypal required data from sandbox mode to live.
  20. 14steve14

    Header Tags SEO

    There is a good favicom generator and checker here. Not only will it check that you have one on your site, it will also generate all the favicons needed by various os systems and devices.
  21. 14steve14

    PayPal Standard & QTPro - has anyone got it working?

    You have got to hope that the next version of oscommerce has inbuilt stock control of attributes. I would use it more if it did. I cant offer any help with your issue, but wish you the best of luck in getting something sorted.
  22. 14steve14

    credit card payment with osCommerce

    Why not use a module that was designed to work with your bank or card payment provider. If tthere isnt one, they should be able to supply you with a working module. Speak to them and see what they suggest.
  23. 14steve14

    Search add-on Reviews

    @@ArtcoInc Are you going to update the smart suggest addon to work with bootstrap? It may help others.
  24. 14steve14

    Easier Attributes

    There was a long time ago an addon that changed the filename box into a dropdown box and listed all the files in the downloads folder. The trouble being that it did not search any sub folders. Download can be found at http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6410. Now, whether it still works without any modification I have no idea. Its not too hard to install, so could be worth a try.
  25. 14steve14

    PayPal App missing invoice parameter

    In the paypal app there is the option to save log files. Have you looked in there to see if there is anything that is serious. If you dont have logging turned on, turn it on, at least to save errors.