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    Updated Stripe payment module

    I use Stripe as a payment method on my site and notice that the payment module itself has not been updated since 2014. The module works fine as it is so there is nothing to worry about. Stripe have updated their API recently and I was wondering if oscommerce was ever going to update this module.
  2. 14steve14

    Updated Stripe payment module

    Already have a BACS module on the site. Its the littlest used of the payment options that we offer, but great when it is used as no fees to pay. PayPal is the second most popular as that's what people recognise and Stripe is the most popular for card payments for now until the module no longer works as payments will be refused. Have removed cheques since the local branch closed and its too far to drive for one cheque. May have found an alternative if there is no one that feels that they can update the Stripe module. I have even put the job on People per hour and got many replies but very few that could answer the follow up questions so that didnt work.
  3. On the 25th May 2018 the updated General Data Protection Regulations comes into force. Well who knew anything about that. It would appear that the EU has or is about to change the way that people collect and store others data. This apparently supersedes the Data Protection Act in the UK. It has also been mentioned that when we leave the EU we will still need to comply with the regulations as the EU has made it worldwide somehow. Has any store owner seen a sensible easy to understand website that explains how this may affect store owners, or like me have you never heard about this until now.
  4. 14steve14

    Updated Stripe payment module

    @JcMagpie Been using them for ages now. Cheaper than paypal and as I found out one day great customer support. No complaints here. Just have to be patient and wait for your money, but that will change apparently when the new modules are used as the risk for the processor changes. Opencart module has been updated as have a few others so some can do it. Above my pay grade though. Code does look a nightmare though. Hoping @HPDL gets on to this as he is now back. Other payment modules may also need changing to comply, but who knows.
  5. 14steve14

    Updated Stripe payment module

    I received the following in an email from Stripe. Dont know how it changes things but if two factor authentication is required a new module will be required. Speaking to Stripe they say I need to speak to a developer, but as I have already tried that looks like I and many others may need a new module or a new cart.
  6. I had a similar problem when I started in as much that I wanted to put images into files with the same name as the categories. I use this, but it is old, but it does work. Now the problem being that I only use the CE version of oscommerce and not frozen, and I do not use php higher than 5.6 at the present so things may need to be altered and recoded. I am going to add it into a frozen test site but so far do not have the time. https://apps.oscommerce.com/IqETn There may be better and newer addons out there but I have not looked lately. If nothing else it may give you a heads up on recoding something to suit your needs.
  7. First off welcome to the community. Cant wait to see what you come up with. Something like this has been missing for ages. I currently have to export newsletter subscribers from the website and upload to mailchimp, then unsubscribe manually. It does not take long, but is a pain in we all know where. What I never get to see that may upset some users is those that unsubscribe using their site account feature and they never get unsubscribed from mailchimp. An addon wil make things so much easier Like I say, cant wait to see what you come up with.
  8. 14steve14

    Question for Ambassadors

    When I asked for commercial support I only got replies from people that are just here for the purpose of getting work. Those people never contribute anything back to the community, and would not allow their work to be released back so others could use it. I could see no addons that any of them had produced, and any feedback I could find was not always the best. Needless to say I never went with any of them, but saying that never got the work done even after posting on sites like people per hour. If looking for work, try to build a relationship with the forum first and continue to do this. It will create a better impression.
  9. If you want to use oscommerce look for many posts with links to the community version called Frozen. Its the latest incarnation of oscommerce and is used in many shops, its just not official. Its the only version really supported here and the only one that has addons created for it.
  10. Let us know how you get on with this. Most things can be altered in oscommerce by adding to the user.css file so there is no real need to have loads of crappy looking templates or themes. There are also bootstrap themes that can be easily applied.
  11. 14steve14

    Where to start for newbie

    I dont wish to sound harsh, or to try to put you off, but if I was starting from new, I would avoid official OScommerce like the plague. Its old, its not been updated in years and it is not mobile friendly. It has loads of other faults as well, so too many to list here. There are better free ecommerce platforms out there. Well thats the official release anyway. What you will find on the forum is a version called community, bootstrap, edge, gold frozen and many other names, but they are all the same. Use one of the latest versions, frozen is the best and latest and you will have a decent website to start with. No need for templates as the CSS is easy to change. All latest addons created and developed are for this version rather than the official version, so that must tell you something. Like any new software it takes a bit of learning, but it is not that hard to pick up basics. This forum is great if you need help.
  12. 14steve14

    osCommerce website given refresh

    Funny how Harald is updating the main website but know where does it mention what is happening with the software itself. Shame really.
  13. 14steve14


    Why do you say that. There are so many supposedly good SEO companies out there or blokes at home that think they know SEO and they achieve nothing that someone cant do themselves with a bit of effort and work. Most of what a professional can do can be done with oscommerce easily so no need to pay. If there was an SEO company that had any conviction of what they can do will actually show a reward why wont they offer their service on a pay by results type thing.
  14. It would be up to the developers of the BS4 admin and the CE version to get together and discuss this. It is one area that Gary openly admits to not having the time to do too much with, but the code will have to meet his standards. The only problem I see with updating the admin are is that every admin module or report will also need to be updated. Thats a lot of work in someone fancies doing it, but none will. There is also no room here for another fork of the software. It just wont be allowed and any posts relating to it will be removed. May be there is potential for someone that wants regular updates to post the ones that are carried out on Github so the forum members can see what is being done. The CE version is constantly being worked on so there are loads of updates happening. We cant all expect one person to do it all.
  15. What do Nochex say. They would be the ones to ask.
  16. 14steve14

    Stripe Payment Module

    I have been trying to get the Stripe Payment module updated fora while, but can get no interest from anyone that knows what they are doing. Earlier last week I received the following email from Stripe. It now looks as if the current Stripe module will no longer work after 14th September unless there is an update. If the module is not updated, myself and others that use Stripe as a payment method will have to move to an ecommerce cart that has updated their payment system. Is there one developer out there that is prepared to update this module. I am sure costs could be discussed. I also assume that other payment modules will need to be updates also.
  17. 14steve14

    Stripe Payment Module

    @mhsuffolk Its a huge problem and one that I cannot see being sorted. As its a payment industry thing others are bound to have to be updated. I have tried to find a developer to update the stripe module and no one is interested. Tried on people per hour and only got unknowledgeable people wanting daft money or developers from oscommerce who are partners and wont allow to give the updated module to the community.
  18. 14steve14


    Your best bet is to find some really good current information on the internet. There are loads of people that think they know how to do SEO, but very few actually do. You have to find the ones that do, and that's not easy. Read lots and learn what the basics are. Google has some very good information and tools available to make your life a bit easier. Then try to get that basic information into every page of your site. Depending on the version you are using will depend on what addons you need to install.
  19. 14steve14

    Email queuing system

    @burt Gary I have been following this thread with interest. Love what you are doing it does sound good. If you want another tester I will be pleased to help if I can, Time is currently very short due to circumstances, but I may be able to input something.
  20. 14steve14

    App is not working in php 7

    None of the official versions of oscommerce will run in php7 as far as I know. The community BS version does. It can be found at https://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/396152-bootstrap-3-in-234-responsive-from-the-get-go/
  21. 14steve14

    Updated Stripe payment module

    @Heatherbell I have no idea. Maybe a quick google or even a search through the user manual or on Stripe. I dont use the proxy server setting on my setup.
  22. 14steve14

    bootstrap new install

    Thats the very reason I blocked the OP ages ago.
  23. 14steve14

    SMTP Authentication and OSCommerce

    The email system is not the best to put it politely. Use something that is designed to send emails like mailchimp. All you have to do then is to figure out a way to sync the subscribers, which is not too hard. It may also save your site from being blacklisted. Mailchimp allows you to send nice pretty emails and its free up to a certain level of subscribers.
  24. 14steve14

    Return to Top App

    Have a look in the addons area for 'back to top' or something similar as I think there was one done previously that may or may not work. Saying that anything done through the 28days will help move osc forward.
  25. Then update it then. If you cant do it, pay someone to and give something back to the community.