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  1. can oscommerce do digital downloads?

    I was told a long time ago that SDS was no longer needed. The hole that was there had been closed apparently. I didnt use any of the additional features such as group downloads so wasnt too bothered by that. I have never had any problems with the BS version as far as I am aware.
  2. GDPR modules Thinking about GDPR some more and looking at some of the modules Gary has created, I was thinking about the contact us form. Should there be a box warning or consent check box on that page as the name, email and possibly phone number could be kept for future contact. The same sort of thing with the product notification page. Not too sure both pages have been set up to allow modules to be added to them, but should something be done just to cover business owners.
  3. Updated Stripe payment module

    You may be better off starting a new topic rather than asking a question that is not related to the original post.
  4. What Gary has coded allows the store owner to chose a similar product from another manufacturer and it puts the link in to a button in the discontinued warning message. If the customer reads it he can click the link and will see the recommended product. There is also the usual cross sells on the product that may interest the customer. If a product is just deleted I take it Google will eventually stop trying to look for it, but what about deleting the product and SEO. Is that affected. When a product goes out of stock and is no longer visible Google records it as a 404 or something and that gets corrected when the item is back in stock. If a customer searches in Google and clicks on a link that goes nowhere it really annoys, but the same would happen if the product was removed and still searchable in Google. I am also thinking of creating a new discontinued category that is not visable on the site but will still allow products to kept there. Its funny how everyone has a different opinion and there seems to be nothing that is the right way to do it. Its the same with a quick search on Google. So many different ways, but nothing 100% positive and correct. Google says keep them on the site.
  5. Redirects with a message to say something that can be changed would be great. A way of creating a redirect sounds really easy to. After looking at some of the other addons, this all seems too simple.
  6. I sort of hoped that you would come up with something. You seem to make everything sound simple. I recently stopped selling a range of tools by one supplier and this sort of got me to thinking about all those 404s being reported in webmaster tools or what ever its called today. A search on line came up with lots of ideas, but nothing really definite, hence my question. I currently have your 'out of stock' module, that I have installed on the site, but have not got turned on. I also have your 'View complete range' button on the product pages so something could be done with what I have, but it would be nice to have something that works a lot better. On you this years 28 days of code I didnt seem to receive a copy of the files for bonus day two. Could you send another copy. Cheers.
  7. I had so many problems with customers and recaptcha, this is what I did. Not had a complaint since and really easy to code.
  8. This may be in the wrong place, if so hopefully someone will move it. I have a shop with over 4000 products listed. Some of those products are now discontinued and wont be replaced. Some of them have been on the site for years, and may have links to them in the search engines. Should I delete them off the site and forget all about it, or should I do something else. Some of them also have an equivalent item from another supplier. My thoughts are to 1. Manually keep the product pages, but to put a notice at the top of the page that the product is no longer stocked. Then direct the customer to click a button on the page that will take them to the main or sub category that the products were in. That button is already on product pages. 2. Create a redirect somehow that will redirect any customer to the replacement items of the main category. My thoughts are that this may cause confusion unless there is a message as to why the redirection. 3. Move all the discontinued products to their own discontinued category, set the stock levels to zero, show the product and remove the add to cart button. My store checks stock and removes out of stock items from the site until they are back in stock. (May be this should be changed to). 4. Just remove the product and forget all about it. What do others do, or what do others suggest their clients do. Are there any good addons available. I had a look and there are some that will show a product as discontinued but all need core code changes which I dont really want to do. May be I should have thought of this before Gary finished his 28 days of code.
  9. Why not add a module that would allow people to sign up to your newletter rather than keep the information of someone who does not want you to have it, or they would use a proper checkout, where the option is available.
  10. If you like the template on that page you linked to, buy it and support @burt and the on going progress of the BS version.
  11. I bought a house off plan once and that was a great bargain. I did the same with the 28days of code this year. I dont spend so long on these forums these days, and thought it would be a great way to support the only truly good version of oscommerce. I was thinking of becoming a lifelong ambassador of oscomerce but didnt think it value for money as nothing is happening with the official version. I do still use osc and am planning an upgrade of my current BS store to the latest version, but now may leave it until its changed BS versions. We will have to wait and see. Garys code is always good, and I have never had any serious problems with any I have used or had Gary code specially.
  12. From the webinar I took part in, it seems that you need to get explicit consent to store the data. When getting that consent you have to link to your privacy policy which should detail what you will do with that data once you have it, and how you will protect it. You don't need to ask for consent every time as they have already agreed to how you use it. One idea that was agreed that could eliminate some confusion for customers is to have pop up boxes when a customers clicks on say the email box when creating an account with a short bit of text as to why you need to give that information.The box would then disappear when they start typing assuming that they read it. What was stressed as being very important was storing the date that consent was given, which oscommerce could do as it records the date that the account was created. As long as there is a checkbox on that page then all should be fine. There will be a lot more confusion to come yet. It will be good to see what some of the larger websites do.
  13. Gary. If you emailed every one of them and they all asked for proof of your identity before they will let you know you would regret contacting them all. It would also waste your time.
  14. @MrPhil its not a case of just moving to the US or somewhere else. It affects everyone that sells to customers in the EU. Moving to the states means you would still need to comply, though how it will be policed and enforced I have no idea. Gary beat me to it. Its another EU fudge up if you ask me. I can see what they are meaning to do, but in true EU fashion they make it too complicated. Just including data that has already been collected made it almost unworkable. If I have to get confirmation from all my customers before I can once again store their data, I will be spending so much time deleting stuff, that nothing else will be done. @ArtcoInc As Gary says that will need to be mentioned in the privacy policy for the site.
  15. You need to let your customers know that you pass on their information to outside sources and need their permission to do so. So not only should it be in your privacy policy, you will also need a tickbox to confirm that you can share it. On the create account page you will also need a tickboc to say that a customers has read and understood not only your t&cs but also the privacy policy. Or thats how I read the regulations.