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  1. 14steve14

    Royal Mail shipping module

    Compare your RM files with the files from a standard oscommerce shipping module as I believe they were created using the flat rate as a base. I expect there has been a PHP change somewhere. You should also be able to find out why the module does not work by looking in your php error files.
  2. 14steve14

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    Link to latest release version Latest version Is it a case that all the files in this latest release need to re-uploaded to the site or is it just the odd one or two. Upgrade instruction would be nice.
  3. I believe that the reviews area got a rewrite and update and for some reason the button to write and create a review has been removed. I asked Gary about this a week or so ago and was told that Its being made available to only the supporters in a module for the product info page.
  4. That's why we should stick to being a shop owner and leave the coding to those that know what they are doing even if it means paying someone to do it. All you have to find is a coder that will listen to what you want and do what you want, not what they think you want. Thats the hard bit with some. I have enjoyed a bit of a play with bootstrap 4. There are so many features that can be used and changed easily in all the areas of the code. All it takes is a quick read on the bootstrap code pages or w3schols sites and a simple change can make all the difference.
  5. 14steve14

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    Just out of curiosity, is there a way to make the area where the card details are entered look a bit better. At first glance I didnt quite know where to enter the card number, and if I didnt know I am sure some of my older generation customers wont know either.
  6. 14steve14

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    Just uploaded and installed this addon. After having an error which was my fault as I missed a file out when uploading to server, everything seems to be working well in both live and test mode. Many thanks to those that wrote the module and tested it. I wish there was a way to buy someone a beer.
  7. 14steve14

    Advice needed on shipping module

    I had a similar problem but it was on a very small scale. I send very few items by courier and then very few are heavy items, just over the 2kg limit of a small parcel with Royal mail so courier costs are not that high. I decided to keep things simple and just added a small percentage onto the cost of all courier deliveries to cover the additional costs to the far flung corners of the UK. I then push no additional charges for these far flung places. A bit of a cheat and not what you wanted, but it gets around a problem and looks good to those in the funny places in the UK that couriers dont like.
  8. 14steve14

    PayPal Credit option

    I think its more of an option for those that have a PayPal account as it gives your customers an option to buy from you using the credit account they have set up on their account, but I may be wrong. My problem is that I dont use paypal to pay so never see the option, plus I only ever make small paypals online so never go over the £99 minimum.
  9. 14steve14

    PayPal fee changes

    We got hit when we stated accepting Stripe as a payment method as they are cheaper as well. I wish everyone would pay using Stripe but some do love paypal.
  10. 14steve14

    Ancient Coin Traders - Phoenix

    Look who is making the comments. Its Henry again. Been allowed back in for some reason. Just block or ignore his comments.
  11. On my current site I went through loads of the tables and made them responsive just so if I choose to use my phone to view the admin pages they are easier to read. Only did the most accessed one though.
  12. @JcMagpie On a small device you are right. It looks like its coded as a responsive table but I dont think it is.
  13. 14steve14

    PayPal fee changes

    Dont PapPal also own Braintree
  14. 14steve14

    PayPal fee changes

    Looks like I really should read those long and boring emails that they send. I did get the new ebay seller news and they are supposed to be offering better protection to sellers.
  15. 14steve14

    PayPal fee changes

    Totally off oscommerce topic but ecommerce related. Who has noticed that Paypal has changed their fee structure. I noticed this earlier today after browsing another forum. In the UK they used to offer a small percentage discount if sales were above certain levels, plus a 20p transaction cost. Well no more discounts, level is set at 2.9% which is less than the usual 3.2% but I was already getting 2.9%, but the transaction fee charge has increased from 20p to 30p per transaction. Be honest - who noticed.