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  1. Ive said it before and I shall say it again Thanks Gary @burt for what you have done. Its a shame that others were not prepared to help you a bit more whether it be coder, developer or shop owner. Its a shame that it has come to this, but it had to happen one day. It could have been 4-5 years ago, but you saved the project as best you could. There seems to be some support from a few coders in this thread so may be its their turn to commit and move the project forward. Lets see what happens. I expect nothing.
  2. This may be a silly answer, but I say both. Privacy policy on create account, then its done, and then T&Cs on checkout.
  3. Thanks gary. Didnt think it was going to be as complicated as that. Will find time later.
  4. @wHiTeHaT This isnt going to be so easy then. It may be easier to manually check the data and then remove the customers if they are not on the mailing list using the built in delete tool.
  5. I have been thinking about customers data that is stored in the database. If I have no reason to keep that data I should delete it, or at least that is how I interpret the rules. So looking at my customer database I have customers details that have never bought anything. Should I delete that data. I think I should. To delete this data I have found the following code that Gary @burt posted ages ago I think it was. I have tried it on my databsase and it produces a list of 500+ customers. Is there a way to modify the query that I am using to also check to see whether the customer is on my mailing list. SELECT customers_id, customers_firstname, customers_lastname, customers_email_address FROM customers WHERE customers_id NOT IN ( SELECT customers_id FROM orders ) If not I will have to go through each individual one to see.
  6. 28d, 2018

    If you sell to customers in the EU you have to worry about it. To be honest its not that bad really. Its mostly common sense inhow I as a business deal with, use and store a customers information.
  7. Good work Gary. Looks ok, and one less cookie to worry about hopefully.
  8. @sinopia Its been like that with cookie consent for years now. If people updated their cookie consent code and their privacy policy then most of the privacy policy should already have all the required information. All of Garys @burt GDPR modules cover most of the rest of your comments above apart from the server ones which most good hosts would be doing any way.
  9. Heather Firstly I probably would not have deleted all your newsletter contacts. I would have given them the chance to unsubscribe or update their details in an email. If you have collected their information correctly in the real world you dont really need to ask them to re-subscribe. If you mention google analytics in your privacy policy you can still use them as google offer an app to allow customers to choose whether or not to be included which apparently is fine. A link is here so just put that in you policy. https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en The only other thing I am thinking of doing is adding a link and a tick box to the create account page to the privacy policy. In my view the privacy policy was the hardest bit as it needed to be really changed to comply, but in reality it was nearly there anyway. A few bits needed adding which I got from others policies like you did. I have also added all of Garys GDPR modules which makes everything so much easier.
  10. V3 $rick_astley $never_gonna_give_you_up

    It shows the level that this forum has sunk to as there is nothing else to talk about.
  11. At the end of the day its been on the cards for nearly two years now, so people are leaving it until the last minute as usual. I personally think its a good thing what the EU are trying to achieve with this, and its not often I say something good about them. All an MP , or anyone else for that matter has to do is to read the ICO site in the UK and all will be as clear as its ever going to get. If people dont care about their personal data then thats their choice from now on.
  12. If you downloaded the version that is there now, and then kept an eye on any updates on Github, you will be fine. It will take you ages to get the site up and running anyway so you will have time to update if there are any. If you dont alter the core code you could just overwrite all the core files with any updated ones and you should be ok.
  13. 28d, 2018

    Gary it will be good to help instead of taking all the time.
  14. 28d, 2018

    Gary @burtI really appreciate all your hard work on these GDPR modules. If you need a tester I will gladly help.
  15. Yes is the very simple answer. Just set up a product, set up attribute options and add options to the product. I sell downloads and what you are suggesting is just normal use for oscommerce. Payments can be setup to use Stripe, or many more payment methods. Downloads can only be accessed after payment, but using a free payment module will cover the free items. Downlolads have zero weight so its also possible to bypass the shipping page. The whole process is automatic. Dont know what country you are from but if in the Eu you must be aware of VAT MOSS. You can search the internet about that. Hope this helps a bit.