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  1. Have you searched the addons area. There are several in there, but they may need upgrading to the latest version, although they should not be too hard to do, as it is mostly admin alterations. Some may have been altered already.
  2. Are both of those addons compatible with the latest BS version. They may need a lot of converting to get to work, but if you did that then why not upload the file changes as a latest version so others could benefit from it. Shame to do all that work, and then not make use of it. There used to be an old thread on these forums somewhere that explained how to convert a store to UK address layouts and also date format. It is a bit old now so could do with being updated, but the same code blocks need to be changed although the code is different. It was only a case of changing the positions of blocks of code in some files, and then change the date format in the language file. So your first move is to put everything back as it was but removing all the code changes and sql alterations and start again by reading
  3. Many thanks fir the help. Seems to work like a charm. If an order now contains only downloads most payment modules are disabled which stops people paying using cheques and bank transfers. I am looking at the PWA addon where that allows users to select which payments are used so it might get improved and turned into a module yet if I can fathom out which bits of the code to use.
  4. Search the internet. There are lots of bootstrapped templates out there which you may be able to make look like your store in colours and header images.
  5. I will try to get time to look into this ore tomorrow. RThanks for the advice so far.
  6. Unfortunately there is no real way of altering the codebase from older versions to the BS version. It does mean that you have to start over with a fresh install, but that should be looked upon as a way to update your store. Think of it as giving a bricks and mortar store a coat of paint and a reshuffle. As PHP versions get updated on hosts, the latest version will be the one that works. It is possible to alter the database so it will work with the newer version so at least your data can be used. Sorry for the bad news.
  7. Now you have that working drop your website url into this page and see the results In this day and ages no sites should fail this simple test.
  8. I am hoping that someone can give a bit of advice on how to restrict the payment methods for downloadable products to only PayPal. I have searched and not really found anything apart from an older addon that means that every product can have the payment method set, which is sort of what I want to do, but entails a lot of mods. There is also something that lists all the product ids in an array, but the list is ever expanding and currently nearing 300. As downloads are virtual products is there any way to select a virtual product and only allow say paypal standard for the payment method. Any other products purchased at the same time will also be payable using paypal. Any help welcome
  9. @@discxpress @@Jack_mcs I seem to remember that I had a similar problem when I installed this addon. What I cant remember is what I did to correct the fault. The only thing I can see different from the instructions is that I added the css code straight into the user.css file, and its still there. That may be all I did, or I may be totally way off base.
  10. It will be something from the never ending to do list.
  11. Why have they got the same meta tags as I thought every page needed different meta tags and they are so easy to change in the BS version.
  12. Why not keep the shop in the root and built the test/development store in a folder, and when you are ready to go live, just copy all the new files to the root. Makes a lot more sense that way round.
  13. What do you mean split out. It will also be helpful if you also gave a bit more info about the osc version you are using.
  14. PayPal are making lots of changes and lots of upgrades to their security. Some changes have happened and some are still to come. There is a page here that may be of interest There are other pages also. Generally PayPal sent out emails to all of the merchants that would be affected, but people dismissed the emails and never read them. May be your problems are related to these upgrades if they only recently started. I believe that the PayPal app should work fine, so if you are using the app, then your problems may be related to something different. If you are not using the app, then this may be the cause of your problems and your pay pal modules may need to be upgraded. It may also make a difference if your customer used a PayPal account rather than paid using a debit or credit card.
  15. Without knowing what version of oscommerce you are using it will be hard to give an exact answer. On some older versions there was a setting in the admin/includes/functions/session.php file where you could alter the length of the session, but it looks different in the newer versions. Try searching for 'extend admin session' that may get a few answers. There might also be an addon which auto saves the page but I may be wrong..