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  1. 14steve14

    PHP and the newest cPanel

    I can see my hosts doing something like this soon. Siteground have been saying that they are updated all existing users cpanel account to their own system so something like this may happen to me soon. More reason to get on an upgrade I suppose.
  2. 14steve14

    Increase the gab below the logo and boxes

    Add a margin to the bottom of the header area. Depends on what version you are using as to how to achieve it.
  3. 14steve14

    Stripe Payment Module Not Working (Phoenix)

    You can also set your actual account to test mode and see all the information there to. Why couldnt you get the old Stripe module to work,. I have it working on an old test site and it tests fine, but as Stripe say it may cause payments to fail, but as SCA is not currently required it should not really matter.
  4. 14steve14

    Thoughts on OSCommerce?

    Try installing a copy and have a play. Its a five minute job to do for someone that knows what they are doing. You will then find out how deep you will be in.
  5. If you are not using the PI modules in Phoenix I have uploaded an addon to enable this type of page layout with only changing one file and creating a few new folders. Really easy to instal and use and can still use any standard content module that is created for the product info page. Addon can be found at https://apps.oscommerce.com/wilqp&better-product-info-page-layout-phoenix
  6. Just uploaded a new version including the suggestions made by @JcMagpie.
  7. That code change was already done in the version that I installed. Your other code changed worked on positioning the button correctly but had to be changed in includes/modules/content/header/cm_header_search.php
  8. I have this working on a Phoenix test site and it works correctly. The only trouble being is that the search button locates under the seach box, but with a bit of negative figures in the css it sort of looks right all on one line. I dont think I had to make any changes to any of the latest code.
  9. 14steve14

    Square Payment option

    Dont know whether this topic will help you
  10. 14steve14

    Does osCommerce work "out of the box"?

    As others have said, yes it will work out of the box. Will it give you all the functionality you want out of the box.? No. You will need to put in a bit of work to find the features that you want and install them. With the latest Phoenix version that is not as hard as it sounds as most modules are one click installs. Give it a try, you may be surprised.
  11. 14steve14

    Fake accounts

    Thanks to those that helped with info in this thread. It would appear that after a few days all fake accounts have stopped being created and also stopped sending emails through the contact us form. I would like to think that this is because I installed the google captcha mod as before that nothing changed. I did change the time between sending emails in "action recorder" also. I now have a simple maths question, a captcha and honeypot on create account and contact us so lets hope its stopped them until they figure out a way around them again.
  12. 14steve14

    Fake accounts

    Just installed the above. Will see what happens now. Hopefully they will loose interest soon.
  13. 14steve14

    Fake accounts

    Over last few days I have started getting these types of new accounts at a rate of 10-20 a day,q and attempts to send emails. Haven't had any for a long time so it's being a real PITA. I have a maths question on the contact us form but nothing else. I have added a honey pot thing but that hasn't stopped anything just let's me know it's happening. This weekend I am going to find a recapthcha addon and see if that stops them.
  14. Thanks for that. I will update the files when I get a few minutes.
  15. This sort of got cobbled together with the help of a few people. I believe that it gave Gary the idea for the PI modules that he did as he was talking about doing something during our discussions, but I was aware that some may not be supporters and have access to those files. I have since played more with my test site and have further split some of the widths modules to allow for greater layouts, but it was such an easy change I am sure that others could do the same. What is the benefit of adding "row is product". If its worth it I could add to the current files.