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  1. Have a look through the addons area. There are lots of image ones in there and some that allow you to choose the name of the folder that you want the images stored in.
  2. Are you using the same database for both stores, or are they separated, as the two different versions of oscommerce use different file structures I believe.
  3. As with using any logo or registered trademark, you need permission to use it. If you are buying your products from the manufacturer or trademark holder you will be able to ask them. They will generally say yes you can use it as you are an official supplier. If you are buying from an unauthorised distributor or buying on say ebay to sell on again, you will have to ask the the trademark holder for permission to use their property. The above also generally applies to official product images. Just because they are available on the internet does not mean that you can use them without the owners consent. Proper legal advice is the way to go.
  4. There is also an addon called recover carts that may do what you want.
  5. Yes that is all possible using oscommerce. Saying that its not the best way of doing it as for example oscommerce does not save copies of the emails sent. You may be better off using a better program for emails if you want to keep a record of them. There may be additional addons out there, but I expect there is nothing for the latest version that works really well. There is also a newsletter option within the admin area, but again there are better options out there such as mailchimp.There are others.
  6. All the information you require about using PayPal is available on the PayPal website. Have a read on there. It will explain more than we can here. PayPal will close any accounts that they deem to be breaking their rules. They close accounts of those that are getting lots of charge backs, If you follow their extensive rules and behave yourself you should be fine. The only downside with PayPal is the cost, but there is no monthly fees with express and standard so you only pay for what you receive. You can also get your money in a few hours into your bank account as long as you have over the free transfer value in your account.
  7. Yours is a very difficult question to answer when only you know what you want a payment provider to do for you. Try speaking to your bank as they will have an option for you. Failing that lots of local searches on the internet to find a provider that you can afford as costs will vary wildly and will be dependant on sales totals. There are many modules for oscommerce for most of the main providers which all work. You have to decide which one to use. They are all relatively easy to set up in your store. Where they vary will be in their backend which is where you see all your transactions on their website. PayPal is by far the largest and most popular for smaller businesses but they do say that once you get to over 500 dollars in sales, then there are cheaper options out there. You can get to your money quickly, but be aware that they can close your account down with no warning.
  8. I must really find a few minutes to look into this again. Business has gone daft, which is not too bad I suppose.
  9. @raiwa I already use this addon, and it has saved countless hours in getting customer details and addresses almost 100% correctly formatted. Whether it would be better as a hook or header tag I have no real preference, but a header tag may be easier with all the core pages that the hook code would need adding to. Also having less core code changes may make upgrading the store easier in the future, unless it is possible to alter the core files required for a change automatically, which i very much doubt.
  10. In which case you are going to have to download all the official ones and find the files that match your version. Shouldn't take too long. If the site code was hacked, you need to clean the code and that could mean starting again. Most good hosts would keep a backup of the site for 30 days, so it may be possible to ask them. Someone also should have a saved known good backup of the site. If not they deserve all the hassle they get. You say that you cant migrate to a newer version, can I ask why that is.
  11. I have gotten the page to send an email to the store owner but for now I had to remove the Action recorder code from the page. Is there any one that can explain in idiot terms how to allow the action recorder code to work on another simple form that is a copy of the contact us form with changes to the language defines.
  12. This is going to sound a really basic question, but I am thinking about creating a 'Suggest a Product' form page for my website. The page will only require things like full name, email, contact phone and a text box. I also use a maths type question ant spam thing on the contact us page so will be adding that as well. There will also be a text section on the page, but that is easily sorted with a language define. This would need to be emailed to the store owner, so nothing that the contact us form doesnt do. Is it possible to do something along the lines of the contact us page and change the names and titles or is it a bit more complicated than that with things like the action recorder code, or would that not be required. I am using a BS version of osc. Any advice or guidance will be appreciated.
  13. There are no official version after 2.3.4. Getting a look forum and a new addons area is considered more important than getting the next version completed by the looks of it. See my signature for info on BS version and where to get it.
  14. That generally means that the text for the box heading is missing. Have a look in your includes/languages/modules/boxes/bm_card_acceptance.php file to see if its there. Hopefully the file has not moved in the latest version.
  15. The bootstrap version is also better supported on these forums and in addons / modules being made. It is also being worked on and updated constantly if you use github to monitor the changes and upgrades.