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  1. Oscommerce has been in a mess for years. After HPDL left things, the community took over and for many years kept oscommerce afloat, and did indeed upgrade it and got it working far better than anyone else had been able to. Along came the new owners, kicked out the one version that was at least useable and have now left things in an even bigger mess than they were before then have not been seen for many months and no news. Now there are several people all touting and attempting to sell their own forked versions giving the impression that it is something new and something everyone should be using, whilst the community version is going from strength to strength doing its own thing under a new name and picking up new users daily. The best thing that could possibly happen now is that oscommerce were left to die a dignified death, as it probably should have done years ago.
  2. 14steve14

    New management and osCommerce v4

    The community had been supporting the updating of the original oscommerce code for many years as the owner did not so there was a modern version based on the code available. The new owners took would not allow that software to be talked about here, but others are talking about their own cobbled together bashed and hacked code which is not official so something is a bit funny.
  3. 14steve14

    New management and osCommerce v4

    The new owners got rid of the people that cared, and then thought they could do a better job. They had an oscommerce based product that they already believed was better than what was already available so they could have released that until they got v4 ready. Instead they came, they lied and they seem to have gone. Shame really as it was looking promising for a while.
  4. 14steve14

    New management and osCommerce v4

    I agree. You would have thought that many ecommerce platforms would be developed for the store owners, but many seem to be for the developers.
  5. 14steve14

    Royal Mail Click and Drop

    Sorry for the late reply. The only thing I have done was to get coded a button that when clicked opens a csv document with the required information that can be uploaded to the click and drop royal mail system. Its manual unfortunately but I am sure a developer here could come up with something for you.
  6. That's fair enough. Point taken but until you have a working alternative to offer and is available for download from the same place as the old version, then there must be a way of stopping people using such an old version of the software that has not been updated in many years and really should not even be available for download from a responsible business. Any addons currently available for that early version are also very old and many have not been updated in the same number of years, and its also known that many are insecure, so they should, also not really be used. I also don't see you offering support for the older versions, but you are still allowing people to download and use it. Very strange but up to you. Thanks for your offer to have a look at V4 by the way. Should I feel the need to change my software and once you have a version released and proven to be working I will take a look..
  7. Why are you using such old software. There are better options around. Have you thought of using the spin off from oscommerce Phoenix. It was the community edition but has now been forced to move away from oscommerce to a new home.
  8. 14steve14

    Capture Fake Accounts IPs

    if the way you are thinking of doing this is the best way to do it in your eyes, I cant wait to see the addon you produce. If its that good and nothing currently available is any good, then yours will be the best. Release it when its done for the benefit of other community members.
  9. 14steve14

    Capture Fake Accounts IPs

    Do it how ever you like, but like I said there are free and paid for addons that will do what you want so it is possible.
  10. 14steve14

    Capture Fake Accounts IPs

    There are addons to capture a persons IP address when creating an account but depending on your version they may need some work to get working correctly. Use google to search for one as the addons area search is very hit and miss. I have google recaptcha as security on my create account and contact us pages and still I get a few spam accounts so you wont stop them all. If you are using any version of Phoenix you may get better support at their new home at https://phoenixcart.org/forum/
  11. On what page do you want this text to show. Show an image would be easier than trying to explain where. Do a screen shot and mark the place where you need the text to show. As you are using Phoenix you may be better off posting in the new home for Phoenix phoenixcart.org/forum/
  12. 14steve14

    Remove Extra Type from PDF Invoice

    Is it possible to email those invoices to a customer when the order status is changed?
  13. 14steve14

    New management and osCommerce v4

    @osCommerce-Official it sound as if you already have a product as you are posting screenshots from it in other threads, so why not release that. What is causing the wait until later this year for a release.
  14. 14steve14

    Payment methods

    I notice that there is no Stripe payments module in the list. Is it something that is planned in the future.
  15. 14steve14

    Zip Files Not Downloading

    There should be a new folder in the root folder of your store where the files are stored ready for download. The files to be downloaded should be in there with a funny name. Unless I am wrong. I stopped using download by redirect ages ago as it caused too many problems. But if you have tried without download direct then it should have worked if everything was set up correctly.