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  1. holdika

    Customer Add Product

    I have a couple of question. My online store is download based. How is the customer able to add the download link to the product? Is there a way to hide certain categories where customers are not allowd to add anything? Suggestions: -When a customer add a product able to track each product purchase monthly and how much of that has been paid to the customer by the admin. Or the customer can request a payment from the admin (min $25) -At product info have a 'Submited by SuchUser" -Some small profile info of the customer -Able to add download link to the product.
  2. holdika

    Hide Categories

    Hi I have installed Customer Add Products. I have so many categories. How can I hide some of the categories in the 'add a new product' where I don't want the users to add new products? Thanks
  3. I have a problem with the POPUP option. When I click on Enlarge Image the window opens blank. Any ideas?