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  1. roedel

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hi guys, i am running QBI since 2005, was very happy until recently. The only issue i had with my old version V3.10 was the import of bundled products. I contacted the owner of the software and he convinced be to upgrade to V3.85. I hesitated but Adam guaranteed the upgrade would be easy and quick. Well he was right all i had to do is run a exe file on my PC and voila the upgrade was installed in minutes. After the update another problem occurred, a problem that i did not have before the update. All orders are imported as invoices, not as sales receipts. As a workaround a have to modify the iif files manually. I could not figure out a solution with Adam, the problem seems to be somewhere deeper in his software. The thing is after that update there are no more php file we could modify manually. The thing somehow develops a own live on my server, i am not a super programmer crack but i installed many mods myself and know a bit how to troubleshoot. While Adam was very responsive we came to the point where he asked me to give him all my login infos: "Cpanel OS Commerce Admin panel". Not that i mistrust that guy, but we have many customers and active credit card processing going on.... So: A: is it legal to have someone you don't know dig through your database? B: Would you provide that log in info? Please let me know your opinion, i am a bit frustrated at this point. And don't forget: Never change a running system!
  2. Any idea anybody? How can i remove that image?
  3. Hello, i modified the store so an image is displayed for all payment options we are offering in checkout_payment.php Now the Payment image, such as paypal also shows up in invoice.php For example, here is how i got the paypal logo into checkout_payment.php by editing the language file of paypal_ipn.php I am lacking basic Php skills to format that payment method field in invoice.php to text only, or is there another simple approach? Anyway here the code section of invoice.php containing that "ENTRY_PAYMENT_METHOD" filed: Any help is highly appreciated. Chris
  4. I received this notice from Authorize.net - does anyone know if the AIM module need to be updated or enhanced to SSL3.0?
  5. roedel

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Hello all, just received this meesage from USPS: ----- Original Message ----- From: USPS Internet Customer Care Center To: undisclosed-recipients: Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 9:32 PM Subject: United States Postal Service® Action Required for Web Tools APIs We are informing you that USPS Web Tools will be implementing changes due to the May 2007 Rate Changes. In May, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) will implement the new Rates in accordance with the Federal Register, to adjust postage prices to cover operational costs and respond to changes in the marketplace. With this change, the USPS Web Tools will release new version iterations and corresponding XML schemas for the APIs: domestic rates, international label and custom forms APIs. The international APIs: Global Label Express Mail, Global Label Priority Mail and Global Label Airmail Parcel Post will be realigned to three new services: Express Mail International, Priority Mail International and First Class Mail International. Within these services, two new service types, Express Mail International Flat Rate Envelope and Priority Mail International Flat Rate Box will be added to the Web Tools international APIs. The Domestic Rate API V2 will be modified and can be used after the release of Rate V3 for other than Large Priority Mail pieces. A staging environment will be available in early April. Updated user documentation will be posted on USPS.com at [url="http://www.usps.com/webtools"]http://www.usps.com/webtools[/url]. Please look for a follow-up email in early April notifying you of specific dates and detailed information. If you have any concerns or technical inquiries, please contact the USPS Internet Customer Care Center via email at icustomercare@usps.com or phone 1-800-344-7779. Sincerely, Patti Mason, Manager, USPS.com Does anybody know if this will have any effect on the existing version of this contribution? Thanks Chris
  6. roedel

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hello Adam, thanks for your great support. Tried everything regarding sales taxes now. Can't get it working. I even switched off the sales tax function in QB and your contri, no effect. Any other ideas? I wonder if somebody could provide a known working test iif file, so i can check the function of QB and compare it to the files my shop creates. (roedel12@yahoo.com) Best regards Chris
  7. roedel

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Just installed this great Contri. I get an "transaction not in balance" when i try to import the orders into quickbooks. Looking at the Iff file in excel i can see that shipping ($6.95) and the item price ($25.30) both have a minus symbol in front of them. Also the ammount of any item is considered as negative (-). Somebody know how that is possible?
  8. roedel

    HTML Order emails

    Help, anybody!
  9. roedel

    HTML Order emails

    Got the same problem, any idea how to fix it?
  10. Hello, i got the same problem. It is related to the US $ symbol. I assume you use it in your store. Switch the currency symbol in admin to "USD" and run a test. Anyway i would love to figure out how to get this working. Anybody an idea?
  11. pixclinic, Thank you thank you thank you. I am stupid, i never went over /checkout_confirmation.php when testing this mod. I thought the error message should appear at this step, should have known better ... Have a nice weekend, Chris
  12. Tried all the CC Test numbers that come with the Aim module They all go throught without any error message, in live or test mode, thats kind of odd...
  13. Yes, OSC is in live mode. My test account at authorize net is currently down, i wait for a feedback from auth. nets tech support. Back in August the test account was up and running, i had the same problem..... But anyway, shouldnt i get some kind of auth-net error message using a fake login and key?
  14. Oh that was fast, thanks, here the configure.php: I think i aready checked this back in August... Thanks Chris
  15. High there, i posted the same problem before back in August. It looks like my aim module does not connect to the athorize server at all. If switched to live mode and using the test credit card numbers provided with the mod (i can enter any auth NET login name and key in admin) i get no error message or other clues, i land directly on checkout confirmation. After going through all 20 pages of the forum It seems like i am the only one who ever faced that problem. I have CURL and a own SSL certificate. Help :blush: Thanks in advance Chris