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  1. Ok, well I don't get something: This contribution works fine and all, but if someone adds something to the cart, it gives a cart subtotal! So what good does it do to hide the prices, only to have them just show up anyways without being logged in? Did I miss something? :'(
  2. I think what he's referring to is some kind of contribution moderation. For example, it seems anyone can upload a "fix" or updated contribution in OSC, but the dev mods for Mambo and Joomla CMS test out the contributions before they get uploaded. With the way the system is now, it is a general mess, with no sure way to know if the thing is going to work before you install it. There's also no guarantee that one contribution in OSC is going to work with another contribution. Mambo also comes with an installer, that way you aren't editing core files, and possibly screwing up your site. If a contribution doesn't work, you hit a button to uninstall. With OSC, you have to re-edit each individual file to uninstall. Overall, I've become so familiar with the OSC files only because they seem to be user-intensive, and if you're not familiar with programming, you can forget modifying your OSC store. Unfortunately, I just don't have time anymore to fool with the OSC files, as it seems to take me an entire week just to diagnose a problem. It's frustrating. FYI, Mambo's SEF URLs is NOT compatible with the new version of OSC, because the latest version of OSC incorporates SEO URLs, employing the mod_rewrite in apache, which is already being used by Mambo, so you end up redirecting the redirects to a 404 site. Good Luck!
  3. Great! Thanks. Also, thanks for the vertical link layout. It's awesome. :) You're pretty cool, Jack. B)
  4. I installed the latest version of this contribution. I use an earlier version on another site without this problem. When I view the links.php page in the store, it shows 5 columns for categories. This is throwing off the template for the store. Is there any way to change the number of columns listed in the body text of the links.php page? View the problem here Thanks!
  5. chynathedragon

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Usually those people drive slow in the passing lane... Actually, I think the quote goes, There are no stupid questions except the ones never asked.
  6. chynathedragon

    Obsolete Shoppe Enhancement Controller

    The only real things I need to get around are Header Tags, which I did get updated fine, since I wanted to use Jack's fill_tags.php script, and User Tracking, since it uses session ids, and I think I have a work around for that. I'm just going to use a spider session killer for now, and see how that goes. Otherwise, I'll just uninstall User Tracking, which I have an old copy of, so I'll probably be ok there; then install a different visitor tracking contribution. Like I said, she's not paying me to redo her site. So next time around, I'll know to charge more. ;) Oh, Mibble, by the way, its not about understanding SEC. Its about efficiency. But thanks anyways for your input. As always, you're always so helpful. I'll be alright.
  7. chynathedragon

    Obsolete Shoppe Enhancement Controller

    That's a nice thought, but she's not paying me to redo her site. Just optimize it. And while I agree with you, I'm not going to have time to do that anyways.
  8. I am working with a client whose web designer installed her osc site, with the obsolete and no-longer-supported Shoppe Enhancement Controller. Why the web designer would create a site in April of 2005 with contributions that are over 2 years old is beyond me. (This isn't the only contribution that he did this with, either.) :x I'm trying to find information on installing the darn thing, so that I can work backwards to uninstall it... :wacko: Unfortunately, the install documentation that came with the contribution isn't much help. Considering that one of the contributers, Ajeh aka Linda McGrath, hasn't posted on this forum since 26th March 2004 - 01:48 PM, I'm hoping to find someone else that has better installation instructions for this contribution, or works with it enough that I could get some help... :o I was finally able to get the Header Tags part of it updated, but you want to talk about a royal pain sorting through all those mods... :sweating:
  9. chynathedragon

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I'm installing this script on an osc store for a client. Install went fine, except now when running the froogle.php file, it says the file is completed, but when I click on the link, I get a 403 Forbidden error. I've checked permissions on the server in the cPanel, as well as disabled hotlink protection, but still having this problem. Additionally, when I manually download the outfile.txt, it is blank. (By the way, I have this script installed on 3 other servers with no issues.) Url to outfile is: Froogle Outfile /me calls..."CCCCCCalvinnnnnnn" :D
  10. chynathedragon

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Yes, that's correct. You'll want to start with a / though By the way, I didn't laugh. Only giggled. Just kidding.
  11. On one of my sites, it works the way the instructions state. On the other, it works the same way yours does. I'm going to go ahead and submit them like they are, with the googlesitemapsitemapindex.xml name. Did yours work for you?
  12. chynathedragon

    [Contribution] Cross Sell (X-Sell) Admin

    Thanks a bunch, Alex!! I'd all but given up hope on this contribution...but had this thread subscribed to. You rock. :D
  13. chynathedragon

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Good to know. I never got around to posting yesterday that the errors you describe were on your server's end...but I'm happy the issue is resolved. :)
  14. chynathedragon

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    try extending your timeout settings in php.ini (you may have to have your web host do this for you) Most hosts assume php scripts run in less than 30 seconds, and set the php.ini accordingly. Yours is 46+ seconds (I assume you have alot of links). Try changing timeout settings to 60 or higher.
  15. 1. no, but it's a good idea 2. follow the instructions: put your dummy files in the root, and your googlesitemap folder in your catalog directory 3. Not really