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  1. I don't see any links option on the main page either, in "my configuration" i have a "Links" option, but there is no edit/approve option there... I think that I am missing file... I tried to go directly to http://mysite.com/admin/link_categories.php and got an error, I can go directly to http://mysite.com/admin/links_contact.php is there a direct link to approve or edit? Cause I am missing any edit/approve option.
  2. wads24

    Forum for OSC

    Hi, I have been working on installing the forum for a few hours and can't figure what it is giving me an error: I was having other errors, but fixed them on the config file. This is my config file. <?php include("includes/configure.php"); //---- General Option ---- $admin = "admin"; $password = "password"; //---- MySQL configuration ---- $dbhost = DB_SERVER; //MySQL host name for OSC leave it like this! $dbuser = DB_SERVER_USERNAME; //MySQL user name for OSC leave it like this! $dbpass = DB_SERVER_PASSWORD; //MySQL password for OSC leave it like this! $db = DB_DATABASE; //database name for OSC leave it like this! I know, still pretty hardcoded huh;) //---- Layout configuration ---- $forum_title = "1 Stop CB Shop Forum"; $itemperpage = 15; $tablewidth = 500; //minimum value is 600 $default_font = "Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"; $color1 = "#F8F8F9"; $color2 = "#f0f0f0"; $buttons = "#669966"; $topbar = "#669966"; $headlines = "#669966"; ?> I installed the .sql file in my phpadmin, although I am new to oscommerce, and php. I really want this to work, I like the forum. ----------------------------------- DIFFERENT ISSUE WITH INFO BOX ----------------------------------- My info box doesn't have correct link in it. I did as the instructions said, but the "forums" name comes up, but link is to /catalog/FILENAME_FORUM, having problems fixing it.
  3. i have installed the newest Version Guestbook for osC MS2 v2.0 I don't have any links or options in admin to edit/remove entries, but when I go to admin/guestbook.php i get this error. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_visitors_name() in /hsphere/local/home/mysite.com/admin/guestbook.php on line 287 If anyone can help me, i would appreciate it...