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  1. trustco


    well done! i was messing with the CCGV a while back, and it was a nightmare. this one actually worked for me with no issues right from the download on a blank test store. time to copy my live store and test it out now :)
  2. trustco

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    i've been gone from the store mods for a while...did anybody get USPS shipping to work properly?
  3. Which version of Separate Pricing Per Group do i need to use to incorporate EP to work correctly?
  4. thanks for the help also. I was getting some errors similar, but couldn't figure out what the problems were. It was the $DOCUMENT_ROOT in the configure file, and the directory paths listed in easypopulate.php. looks to work just fine now...thanks!!
  5. trustco

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    hallmarc, i get absolutely NOTHING saved. no weights, no price, no vender info, nothing. when you continue thru checkout, it doesn't any shipping method nor any cost.
  6. trustco

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    hallmarc, have you had any success with the USPS module then? my current file works perfect, except it will not save the shipping info to the db. i don't remember if that is the same as posted, but i believe it is
  7. go into your modules, then order total. move the discounts and coupons above total
  8. i don't think a percentage and free shipping is able to work together at the same time right now, it automatically changes it to a standard dollar amount in the selected currency.
  9. trustco

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    hey craig, just curious as if you ever got a chance to look at the usps.php issue i talked to you about, with the info not being saved to the db... thanks
  10. so you're saying that you are not getting the error i posted just a few posts above? i'm on 5.15a1 also...
  11. i'm getting this error, and i have not seen any code that actually fixes it. some people says that it works, but it does not work for me. Congratulations, you have redeemed <BR>***HOWEVER:No reducion available, please see the coupon restrictions***
  12. ok, it works now...woo hoo there is just one thing i might suggest. in the /catalog/admin/includes/column_left.php the original instructions say to add this line to the end require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'gv_admin.php'); // ICW CREDIT CLASS Gift Voucher Addittion however, it is already there, and the file with 5.15a1 has this line in there, so the CCGV menu shows up twice
  13. Joe, i tried your suggestion, and it still does not work. the way i uploaded the files, was made a complete copy of the unzipped files. i matched directories between my ftp and local folder. i slelected each file for that folder from local, and uploaded. once loaded, i deleted them. i might try to do another stock store, and redownload the files again, and try it again tomorrow.
  14. ok, so i downloaded shanejackson's 5.15a, installed it, and added the lines as required per the install instructions. the sql file has been added to the db via myphpadmin. everything works good. i enter a coupon "test" for 15% discount, for a certain product. i enable coupons and gift vouchers, put them above total in the order total module. i then create a test account, select the product, and proceed to checkout. i select my shipping method and click continue. i then get a blank white page, on checkout_payment.php. i change the coupon, so there is no valid product, and even selected another product in the store, and it does the same thing. it also does this when i disable coupons and gift vouchers what's wrong?