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  1. Would you be able to do the same with weight? EG. if the order is over £5.00 and 0.02kg or grams or any thing........... do not show
  2. lambro

    Export orders into csv

    Still have this problem, any one? I seem to be having problems with long numbers, for example telephone and credit card numbers. A phone number comes out as 2.09E+09 in the excel box, but when you high light it it reads 2086405970 in the formula bar (this is nearly correct, it is missing the leading 0).
  3. lambro

    Export orders into csv

    I seem to be having problems with long numbers, for example telephone and credit card numbers. A phone number comes out as 2.09E+09 in the excel box, but when you high light it it reads 2086405970 in the formula bar (this is nearly correct, it is missing the leading 0).
  4. lambro

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I have IPN v installed and working (mainly) for a long time now, but I get quite a few customers telling me that when they get to paypal's site to pay, the get a you have timed out message. Any body got any ideas why, and how to fix? Thanks
  5. Will work on duplicating mods tomorrow, as need to update Parcel Force. I was going to rework all of Stu's excellent mods for my own needs, as we use Royal Mail, Parcel Force and a courrier, for UK (and the amount of choices needed for that), but also europe and world zones 1 and 2. To confuse things more we use PF 9am, 24, 48 and sometimes pallet, so need many versions of each mod. Easily done, just time consuming, if you look in the shipping contributions there is a mod in there to duplicate the zones. Basically all these shipping methods are versions of the zone. While sinking in the bath, I got to thinking about the UK, Isle of Wight (for courriers) IOM, scottish highlands etc, also for the European mod you needed, if you look on or around line 130 it states // CUSTOMIZE THIS SETTING FOR THE NUMBER OF ZONES NEEDED $this->num_zones = 2; } change the $this->num_zones = 2; to the amount you need, $this->num_zones = 5; Does this help you in your quest? Then no need to duplicate the mod.
  6. It would appear there are a few sets of prices from Royal Mail floating around, their web site states one thing, their leaflets another. Simply alter the prices one by one, or just add ?3.00 to the handleing fee for a quick easy fix? You cant just duplicate a module, but I'll get back to you on what you need to do, as I forgot but need to remind myself now as doing some more mods!
  7. You can but you would need to install a zones contribution, I did this and also installed another zones shipping module and just hacked the Parcel Force and courrier modules to suit. Shout if you want a copy of the shipping hack, but you will need to install a UK zone first. Im no coder, and just made it up as I went along, but it works for me!
  8. Hi Stuart, Let me start by saying there is nothing wrong with your contribution, what I did was not to follow the instructions, hack out the modules for the services that we use and leave the rest. I also modded some coded to suit my site, so what I have proposed is just a fail safe should there be any others like me who dont read instructions! OK I used First and second class recorded, RM standard parcels, special delivery, Parcelforce 48 and City link. Having read the instructions to remove the limits if you only use certain modules of course being a man I totally ignored it and set about testing my work. I put into my cart something that weighed 2kg and cost ?18.75. It allowed me to select RM 1st class recorded and stated that this method was not suitable and then allowed me to select it with a value of ?0.00. I doubt this is worthy of a release in its own right, bu might be worth including in any later ones as a fail safe? Or if you feel its just me, your more then likely right.........! Thanks for a great contribution btw! I want to go on an use your coding for Parcel force euro and international services, this ok with you?
  9. OK I didnt follow the instructions (I Think) in that I did not need all modules, so only installed what I needed. I got instances of ?0.00 options coming up, and of course if its free you can bet your life some plonker will choose it. If you get this like me, in the module where you get it, or add it to all to make sure there is no chance any one picks free shipping!! if ($error == true) $this->quotes['error'] = MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_INVALID_ZONE; and add this after it if ($shipping_method == MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_UNDEFINED_RATE ) $this->quotes['error'] = $shipping_method; All you need to do is keep an eye on the module name and change the MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_UNDEFINED_RATE name of the module The code above and below was done in the city link module /* $Id: Initial CityLink Nextday by Stuart Newton 21 August 2006 Demo: http://www.almatcomputers.co.uk Rates: 10:11.6,15:14.1,20:16.60,25:19.1,30:21.6,35:24.1,40:26.6,45:29.1,50:31.6,55:34.1,60:36.6,65:39.1,70:41.6,75:44.1,80:46.6,100:56.6,125:69.1,150:81.6,200:106.6 */ class citylink { var $code, $title, $description, $enabled, $num_zones; // class constructor function citylink() { global $order, $total_weight; $this->code = 'citylink'; $this->title = MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_TEXT_TITLE; $this->description = MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_TEXT_DESCRIPTION; $this->sort_order = MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_SORT_ORDER; $this->icon = DIR_WS_ICONS . 'shipping_citylink.gif'; // upload icon to catalog/images/icon directory $this->tax_class = MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_TAX_CLASS; $this->enabled = ((MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_STATUS == 'True') ? true : false); $this->num_zones = 1; } // class methods function quote($method = '') { global $order, $total_weight, $shipping_weight, $shipping_num_boxes; $dest_country = $order->delivery['country']['iso_code_2']; $dest_zone = 0; $error = false; if ($order->delivery['country']['iso_code_2'] == 'GB') { // Only UK Customers to see shipping method. Hide everbody else. for ($i=1; $i<=$this->num_zones; $i++) { $countries_table = constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_COUNTRIES_' . $i); $country_zones = split("[,]", $countries_table); if (in_array($dest_country, $country_zones)) { $dest_zone = $i; break; } } // Enhanced charges applied to Citylink weights $ic = 0; if ($total_weight > 30) $ic = 10; if ($total_weight > 100) $ic = 15; if ($total_weight > 150) $ic = 25; if ($total_weight > 200) $ic = 45; if ($dest_zone == 0) { $error = true; } else { $shipping = -1; $zones_cost = constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_COST_' . $dest_zone); $zones_table = split("[:,]" , $zones_cost); $size = sizeof($zones_table); for ($i=0; $i<$size; $i+=2) { if ($shipping_weight <= $zones_table[$i]) { $shipping = $zones_table[$i+1]; if(tep_not_null($method) ) // Text shown on Checkout_Confirmation $shipping_method = ''; // Leaving this entry blank causes only the shipping title to show i.e Royal Mail 1st Class Std else // Text shown on Checkout_shipping - Delivery Weight : 0.7 Kg's (Ships normally within 1 to 3 days) $shipping_method = MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_TEXT_WAY . ' : ' . $shipping_weight . ' ' . MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_TEXT_UNITS . ' ' . MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_DELIVERY_TIMES; break; } } if ($shipping == -1) { $shipping_cost = 0; $shipping_method = MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_UNDEFINED_RATE; } else { $shipping_cost = ($shipping * $shipping_num_boxes) + $ic + constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_HANDLING_' . $dest_zone); } } $this->quotes = array('id' => $this->code, 'module' => MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_TEXT_TITLE, 'methods' => array(array('id' => $this->code, 'title' => $shipping_method, 'cost' => $shipping_cost))); if ($this->tax_class > 0) { $this->quotes['tax'] = tep_get_tax_rate($this->tax_class, $order->delivery['country']['id'], $order->delivery['zone_id']); } if (tep_not_null($this->icon)) $this->quotes['icon'] = tep_image($this->icon, $this->title); if ($error == true) $this->quotes['error'] = MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_INVALID_ZONE; if ($shipping_method == MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_UNDEFINED_RATE ) $this->quotes['error'] = $shipping_method; return $this->quotes; } } function check() { if (!isset($this->_check)) { $check_query = tep_db_query("select configuration_value from " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " where configuration_key = 'MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_STATUS'"); $this->_check = tep_db_num_rows($check_query); } return $this->_check; } function install() { tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, set_function, date_added) VALUES ('Enable Initial Citylink Delivery', 'MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_STATUS', 'True', 'Do you want to offer this shipping option?', '6', '0', 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'True\', \'False\'), ', now())"); tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, use_function, set_function, date_added) values ('Tax Class', 'MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_TAX_CLASS', '0', 'Use the following tax class on the shipping fee.', '6', '0', 'tep_get_tax_class_title', 'tep_cfg_pull_down_tax_classes(', now())"); tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, date_added) values ('Sort Order', 'MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_SORT_ORDER', '7', 'Sort order of display (1 shown first 99 etc shown last to customer)', '6', '0', now())"); for ($i = 1; $i <= $this->num_zones; $i++) { $default_countries = ''; if ($i == 1) { $default_countries = 'GB'; } tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, date_added) values ('ISO Country Code', 'MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_COUNTRIES_" . $i ."', '" . $default_countries . "', 'Enter the two digit ISO code for which this shipping method applies too. (Default: GB)', '6', '0', now())"); tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, date_added) values ('Initial Citylink Rates', 'MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_COST_" . $i ."', '10:11.6,15:14.1,20:16.60,25:19.1,30:21.6,35:24.1,40:26.6,45:29.1,50:31.6,55:34.1,60:36.6,65:39.1,70:41.6,75:44.1,80:46.6,100:56.6,125:69.1,150:81.6,200:106.6', 'Enter values upto 5,2 decimal places. (12345.67) Example: .1:1,.25:1.27 - Weights less than or equal to 0.1Kg would cost ?1.00, Weights less than or equal to 0.25g but more than 0.1Kg will cost ?1.27. Do not enter KG or ? symbols.', '6', '0', now())"); tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, date_added) values ('Packaging / Handling Fee', 'MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_HANDLING_" . $i."', '0', 'If you want to add extra costs to customers for jiffy bags etc, the cost can be entered below (eg enter 1.50 for a value of ?1.50)', '6', '0', now())"); } } function remove() { tep_db_query("delete from " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " where configuration_key in ('" . implode("', '", $this->keys()) . "')"); } function keys() { $keys = array('MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_STATUS', 'MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_TAX_CLASS', 'MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_SORT_ORDER'); for ($i=1; $i<=$this->num_zones; $i++) { $keys[] = 'MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_COUNTRIES_' . $i; $keys[] = 'MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_COST_' . $i; $keys[] = 'MODULE_SHIPPING_CITYLINK_HANDLING_' . $i; } return $keys; } } ?>
  10. lambro

    Estimated Shipping Costs

    With regards to showing a sub total of item costs, then the shipping, and after that the total, if you have a look at this contribution it appears it does this? http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ch,ship+in+cart I have only looked at the screen shot, as I myslef have added THIS contribution and want to stick with it as it is simple and works extremely well. Maybe and I am not sure if this is allowed, somebody can have a look at the coding to see if a similar thing can be done with this mod. I think from the screen shot, if you get multiple choices, and costs, you can select one and have it update to final total according to your selection? Any how I will leave it to you clever ones, and keep looking back in case it can be done :-)
  11. Yes I did, what I did was I went to my configuration settings > product listing, and set them all to off ( 0 ) I then went and turned things back on one by one, first set your Image to 1, then product name to 2, then see what it looks like. If all fine, continue to turn the options on as desired. Worked for me!
  12. lambro

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    why does this module write items to the database when the customer reaches checkout_confirmation.php all other payment modules only do this when you reach checkout success. Should it not be written to the database on clicking confirm order? Maybe this is while so many "ghost" orders are being recived, as customers go back and change options. OK I know this is probably the only way to set the status etc, but it is a bad flaw of this contribution, as if I choose to go back and edit something (as a customer) and can send duplicate orders. I too am also having trouble with updating the IPN after the customer goes off to paypal and pays. If I type in the folder where the temporary files are supposed to be stored, I get a 403 (forbidden) I take it the permissions just need setting for this to work?
  13. lambro

    Low Stock Report v2.0

    Got this working no problems, superb update to the fact I dont think the stock OCS handles min/max stock levels very well! How ever, one small thing for all you clever ones out there to think of (and help me)! Is there a way to sort the order of display out for the estimated stock. 0 stock levels is fine as you can ascend and descend that, but when you have sorted all those out, the products left with low stock it might be nice to be able to ascend and decend the amount of days that this contributtions states you have until you run out!
  14. lambro

    Highlight Old Orders

    I added the code to each of my <td class="dataTableContent"> data tables (all of them after the one Jared told us to) which contain the order to make the whole row red and stand out even more, (I am colour blind so it helped me spot it easier). So they all start <td class="dataTableContent" align="center"> <!-- highlight if orders are over 2 days old --> <?php // convert times to unix timestamp for comparison $time_since_order_placed = ($today_time - strtotime($orders['date_purchased']) ); // 172800 = 2 days in the unix timestamp format if ($time_since_order_placed > 172800) { echo '<font color=red>'; } ?>
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    Best credit card module for uk?

  16. lambro

    UK Credit Cards

    I tried several mods to do this also, in the end I used this one http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ons,1148/page,4 I am a newbie to this, I did not read the instructions properly. In the read me text, it shows you exactly what to replace in your files, as well as giving you files to simply over write if you want to. Dont do as I did, and do both!
  17. Ignore me I have now solved my problem! I was over complicating things. If anybody ele was watching this, and wants to know what the .. I am on about and how to solve it if you understand! I either ship by Royal Mail if up to 2kg, Or by a courrier if over 2kg, just because I use three different ones it does not mean I need three different methods! I set my zones to the amount needed, added two zone rate systems, and added the country codes to match pricing tables from shipping companies. If the order hovers around two ways of shipping with prices, customer can simply select which one they prefered. One of my shipping zones I re-named to Royal Mail, the other I stated it as courrier service. Easy, now where is that delete button on these forums to stop myself looking silly :blink: :-"
  18. Cant seem to get my head round this. We have complicated shipping rules depending on weight, country etc. We use four companies based on the rules! I have zones installed, I made eight to cater for the every options needed, but I am confusing myself if I need this many! Question is if I install say a UK royal mail module, this states it works on four zones. Can I have a module for shipping that works on four zones, another with 2, another with 8 etc? For example our shipping is determined by the following criteria! 1)All packages under 2kg are sent Royal mail. There are three choices, UK, Europe, Rest of World. All packages over 2kg are sent dependant on country. 2) Courrier (1) UK only, one weight over 2kg is one price. 3) Courrier (2) within Europe, but not GB. One courrier with five destination prices (european countries) and then 3 weight choices 4) The last courrier (3) we use for outside of europe only, 3 destination choices, loads of weight price options. Please could somebody just tell me what zones I need and where, as I am confusing myself. Modules - Zones I have eight, is this right? Modules, shipping -> Can I have courrier A with 2 zones, courrier 4 with 6 zones, etc etc.
  19. lambro

    Royal Mail Module

    Sorry make that change the Zone 1 countries to GB and it works. You will also need to update the weights, costs etc as they are either out of date or not from Royal Mail.
  20. lambro

    Royal Mail Module

    Just been playing with this mod myself, could not get it to work either. THEN.......... The default zones that this service is available to is US etc, you need to change to UK. Seems a hack of the ups mod, but if you make a few changes seems as though it will work.