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    easy populate without globals?

    Around line 252 in easypopulate.php, it uses the variable $download when it's actually looking for $_GET['download']. I'd say easypopulate does care whether register_globals is on or off, otherwise, the Register Globals contribution wouldn't mention that it also fixes Easy Populate.
  2. Sleeping

    Register Globals Support

    I totally agree with the point that patching and leaving register_globals is ridiculous. However, in the situation I am in, it kinda makes sense (with some modifications to the patch). The company I work for doesn't own the server on which the website is hosted, we don't administer it, we have no power when it comes to decisions (basically, it's a host). Until now, the host has left register_globals on, but I know they will turn it off eventually (they tried it in the past and received loads of complaints, so they turned it back on). They probably won't warn when they will switch it off again, so I have to be prepared. What I did to workaround the patch+register_globals=on possible problems is put every part of the patch in if(ini_get('register_globals') == '1') { original_code } else { patch } blocks. I'm aware that it probably has an effect on performance, but we only have about 20 visitors per day anyway, so it doesn't matter. Thanks.
  3. Sleeping

    Register Globals Support

    The README file states that : I patched my version on a test server that still has register_globals set to on, and I didn't see any error or warning messages, and so far, my tests *seem* to be fine. What kind of trouble am I to expect by using this on a server that still has register_globals ? Thanks.