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  1. Philster

    Worldpay 4.0 - Version 1.0

    This should work okay in the existing version - do you see the country name in the last page (checkout confirmation) prior to moving to WP and does it get stored in the order details in the database? It kinda works. The country is displayed fine. However, it's the hidden "country" field that isn't working properly. At present, it's only showing the first letter of the ISO code (ie F for France, instead of FR). Not too sure why though....
  2. Philster

    Worldpay 4.0 - Version 1.0

    Hi, I've inplemented the WorldPay module (created a separate callback page without any other buttons, by the way, which seems to work fine), but one wee problem I've found is that osCommerce doesn't seem to pass through the customer's country to WorldPay properly. The hidden field is there in the HTML, but the value is empty. Which means that the customer has to select their country. Anyone else found this? Any ideas how to solve it? Ta, Phil
  3. Philster

    Would anyone like a GiftWrap Module???

    I'd LOVE a giftwrap module... But I wouldn't really have a clue how to even begin building one... Hopefully some clever chaps out there will know... Phil
  4. Philster

    Worldpay 4.0 - Version 1.0

    Good stuff Andy. Glad to have been of help. Thanks for the feedback too! I've sent you a private message so we don't clog up this thread! Phil
  5. Philster

    Worldpay 4.0 - Version 1.0

    I did this for my site. Basically, the payment modules pass through a field to say which one you've selected, and are geared more towards multiple options (ie credit card, World Pay etc). What I did was to pass the World Pay value through in a hidden field, and then hard code in that the payment was through World Pay. If you don't fancy doing this, edit the worldpay.php file in the "languages->modules->payment->english" folder. The top field should be the name that displays the name of the payment module. Change this to "Credit Card" and Bob's your mother's brother!! :D Phil
  6. Philster

    Worldpay 4.0 - Version 1.0

    Again... never mind!! Passed the sessionID into World Pay and all is well. Time for bed. Building the site for my girlfriend. The things you do for love, eh?? :roll: Phil
  7. Philster

    Worldpay 4.0 - Version 1.0

    Actually, the SSL error was due to an external Javascript file I was calling. Took it out and that fixed it! I have a few more queries though... The mod doesn't seem to pass the Country through to WorldPay. A look at the hidden input file it generates before going to World Pay shows the "country" value to be "U" rather than "GB" or "USA" or whatever. Not a big thing, but it means the customer has to select their country again on the payment page. Any ideas how to fix this? Also, I get a "page not found" error if I wait the 10 seconds for the redirect once the payment has been processed. Yet I don't get this if I click the button. Again, any ideas? Ta, Phil
  8. Philster

    Worldpay 4.0 - Version 1.0

    I'm having this problem too!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Ta, Phil