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  1. I wish to implement a tab style of navigation on my website and have settled on Nav bar with on/off tabs .This contribution requires that you generate an on & off tab image specific to each category. These are then hard coded into the header file. I like this because it allows me to use a particular font that will be consistent with other elements of my site. However, in the recent contribution, Category Tabs with subs, I like the idea of having subcategories listed under the main category tabs. This is much the same as Amazon for example. My question is how difficult would it be for me to use my tabs and adapt them to the newer contribution allowing for the display of subcategory names in the header beneath the main tabs? I have very little skill in php and any help would be greatly appreciated. I hope I have made myself sufficiently clear enough that my requirements are understood. Thanks in advance. Pete
  2. Panzerguy

    [Support] Advanced Search Header

    Like the other two posters, I am having similar trouble with this contribution in that it disappears when the customer is logged in? I would also like to add this to my footer rather than in my header. I have tried adding the code but can't seem to get the search boxes within the coloured footer row. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Panzerguy

    [Contribution] Pollbooth v2.0

    G'day Acheron, Would you mind submiting your debugged varsion with layout issues fixed, etc, as an update to the existing Pollbooth contribution? Thanks. Peter
  4. Panzerguy

    [CONTRIBUTION] Dropdownmenu

    Hello euskopc, Thank you for your contribution. I really like it and have installed it (only on index page so far). I hope you can help me. I am getting the following error when ever I use the search button: I have checked line 402 and that is th eline after the last line of code in advanced_search_result. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Pete
  5. Panzerguy

    New Product Fields

    I am running stock MS2 with a few minor contributions added. I have successfully added a new product field using the "sandalwood" contribution. I would now like to be able to include this new field in the product listing table (under admin/configuration). I have looked at likely files that may need changing but have had no luck. I found a file, admin/listproducts.php, but I cannot figure how to add this new field, if in fact this is the correct file. I have searched the forum and the only info I found relating to this problem was from someone using the column listing contribution which I am not. Any guidance offered would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Pete
  6. Thanks Tim, After seeing your post I ran the test and was returning the correct values...why was it not working? This forced me to look harder at the code I had pasted and I realised I had done so incorrectly! I substituted the correct code in the correct spot and voila...it worked! Thanks again
  7. Panzerguy

    All Manufacturers

    Anybody able to help on this one? Thanks.
  8. Is anybody able to help on this one? Thanks.
  9. I would like to add a horizontal line between each of the categories. I tried the suggestion made by Tim Elliot above: but it does not appear to have changed anything. If anyone can tell me how to accomplish this it would be appreciated. Thanks. Pete
  10. I would like to add a horizontal line between each of the categories. I tried the suggestion made by Tim Elliot above: but it does not appear to have changed anything. If anyone can tell me how to accomplish this it would be appreciated. Thanks. Pete
  11. Panzerguy

    All Manufacturers

    I have added this contribution as per the install instructions and would like to place the link to "All Manufacturers" as the last entry in the manufacturers drop down box. Looking at the code in includes/boxes/manufacturers.php I can't determine where to place the link. If someone could advise me on this it would be appreciated. Thanks. Pete
  12. Panzerguy

    GPG Credit Card Encryption 0.94 english

    Thanks Matt for your reply, however, I am still no closer to a solution... I have had a look at the cPanel that is included with my hosting and there is a section that enables setting up of a GnuPG key. I have gone ahead and setup a key and it now shows a public and private key. I have the ability to edit both of these using the cPanel. Now looking at the contribution it says My question is now having setup my keys, how do I establish the path to gpg and the directory where my keys reside? If I go to edit the keys it shows a block of garbled text as follows (I have removed some of the text from the following quote): Do I copy this text into a file that I then place in a specified directory and then use this path in the contib as required? I really am guessing here!..... I have very little experience at this and am unable to find any good reference for this sort of stuff on the Internet so I am hoping that someone on these forums can help me. Thanks in anticipation.... Pete
  13. While I will be offering Paypal as my main payment solution I would also like the ability to accept cc's directly to process offline using my exisitng merchant account. However, I understand the security issues associated with the way the stock osc handles the collection of the cc info and the subsequent storing of this data on the server. Hence, I went looking and found what appears to be a suitable contrib..... Can any one tell me if the GPG Credit Card Encryption 0.94 english contribution is suitable for installation on MS2? If so, can anyone offer advice on the install of this contribution with respect to the installation of GPG. Is GPG installed on my local machine or does it reside on the same server as my osc install? If this contrib does not work on MS2, is there a similar contrib avail? I have checked the contribs thoroughly and this is all I can find. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Pete
  14. I have posted this in the install & configuration forum and had no luck so I am hoping someone here may be able to help.... ___________________________________________________________________ I have just added the MS2 WYSIWYG HTML Editor (MaxiDVD) contibution. I am running osc 2.2 MS2. I have found no errors since adding the contribution and I made some changes using the 'define mainpage' function. When I first went into my catalog to view the changes everything was fine. I selected one of my categories and when the category screen was reached, all the categories and subcategories in the categories infobox had disappeared! Now, wherever I navigate on my site there is nothing shown in the categories infobox! Prior to adding the contribution everything was running fine so I can only assume that the two are related? I have checked the catalog/includes/boxes/catalog.php and the file is in place. I can't see how this was affected by installation of the contribution and have no clue how to go about fixing the problem. Please help! Anyone who has had a similar experience or who may recognise the problem, please let me know. You can view my site (under construction) via the www button below. ___________________________________________________________________ I have investigated further and found the following: - when I first load up my catalog, the categories display normally; - when I navigate to a category or subcategory that have no products, the categories display normally; - when I navigate to a category with products, the category tree disappears; - once it has disappeared, it won't come back no matter where I navigate ___________________________________________________________________ I have investigated further and below is the code (from when I view source within IE) from my index page when categories are shown and the code once they have disappeared. When categories show: Same as above but with no categories showing in infobox: Note that in the above, category 21 is the category that contains a product. Please, any assitance on this would be great. Thanks ___________________________________________________________________ The above are copies of my post on the other firum but nothing has changed and I am clueless as to how I might proceed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Pete
  15. Panzerguy

    RMA Return Mod w/ MS2

    Like the two guys above, I too would love to install the RMA return mod on my MS2 store. However, it looks to be a very involved contribution requiring many file changes and with my very limited php experience I am loathe to install a MS1 contrib on my MS2 store and then attemp to debug...... Surely there are people out there who have got this running under MS2. Let us know how you did it. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. In anticipation of many replys....Thanks Pete