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    Master Products - MS2

    The products I had Master Products installed for do NOT have attributes. This is how the guys is telling me Master Products works. Looking at your image, I see where the Master and Slaves come into play. That does not appear in my instalation. Thanks so much for your help and your images.
  2. zebraplayer

    Master Products - MS2

    Does this contribution have a dedicacated site where I can see screenshots of the admin-side cotrol panel? If not, does anyone have screenshots that they share with me? I am asking because I am paying someone to install this contribution, and I have a feeling they have not done that. I am being told that things are controlled via the Product Attributes page. Does that sound right? Below is the mage of how I am being told the contribution works. Thanks in advance for any clarificaton you can give me on this.
  3. Hello, I have QTPro installed and it works great, except for a big problem. I have my installation set to NOT display the shopping cart after adding a product, so customers never get to product_info.php where the contriution does its magic. Is there anyway to have the QTPro functionality appear on the main catalog page? For example, here index.php?cat=27 I appreciate your help on this. -Lou
  4. zebraplayer

    Does this Contribution exist?

    I just read up on this contribution and I thnk it's the perfect thing for me. Thanks for suggesting it. I would not have been able to find it without your help.
  5. I am trying to customize osCommerce to make it into a ticket selling system for a small independent film festival I run. Is there any contribution out there that would allow me to create a product (a movie) and give me the option to tell the system there are two show times for it, for example, (7 & 10 PM), then keep track of the different stock quantities (seats I can sell), and, finally, give the option to the visitor to chose the show time to the screening they want to buy before adding to cart. I know of QTPro, but the problem with it is that I would have to create many, many attributes. Some movies start at 6:50, others at 7, 7:10, etc. Even more show times during the weekend. Is there someting that I could use that would be more efficient than that? I have searched the contributions area, but from reading the desriptions, I cannot find anything that would fit. Even if it's not from this site or I would need to pay for it, can you suggest a solution? Thanks! -Lou
  6. Hello, I have QTPro installed and it works great, except for a big problem. I have my installation set to NOT display the shopping cart after adding a product, so customers never get to product_info.php where the contriution does its magic. Is there anyway to have the QTPro functionality appear on the main catalog page? For example, here index.php?cat=27 I appreciate your help on this. -Lou
  7. zebraplayer

    PayPal Express Checkout IPN Payment Module

    Just installed PayPal Express Checkout V2.11 put in the Paypal data and everything apears to be working fine. I log into Paypal using a personal account. I get to the "Review Your Information" page and when I press continue I get the following message. I am new at this, so any help would be appreciated. 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1 select customers_default_address_id from customers where customers_id = [TEP STOP][ Thanks for your time.
  8. I am getting the following error. I've searched the web and I know that I need to run some SQL to do something to the tables being querried here, but I don't know enough to figure it out myself. Can someone give me a hand. I know there's someone out there that can figure this one out. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello and thank you for reading. I hope someone can point out what is wrong with the following code. I have searched for others with the same issue and the one guy that had the same problem got no response. Please help! I am getting the following error: Warning: Missing argument 3 for tep_check_stock() in ... /includes/functions/general.php on line 133 Below is the section of code where the error supposedly resides. The uncommented "function" line is line 133. // Check if the required stock is available // If insufficent stock is available return an out of stock message // Yuval - Start - Fix a bug:: check stock per product attribute quantity // function tep_check_stock($products_id, $products_quantity) { function tep_check_stock($products_id,$products_attributes_id, $products_quantity) { $stock_left = tep_get_products_stock($products_id, $products_attributes_id) - $products_quantity; // $stock_left = tep_get_products_stock($products_id) - $products_quantity; // Yuval - End - Fix a bug:: check stock per product attribute quantity Thanks again for your time.
  10. zebraplayer

    Missing argument 3 for tep_check_stock()

    Can no one help me with this or point me in the right direction? Any help at all is appreciated.
  11. Hello, I was wondering if there exists a credit module that instead of offering a credit of a certain amount, it offer a credit for a certain quantity. For example, instead of giving someone a credit of $20.00, I want to give them a credit to purchase any 5 items. Furthermore, I need to be able to specify which items are elligible for the credit. I know that is kind of specific, but though I'd give the question a try. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. -zp
  12. Found my own answer. See this post for solution.
  13. Hello, I did a brand new install of the contribution Product Extra Field. The thing works great, except that I get an error when I try to search (simple or advance it doesn't matter. Here's the error message: "slap" is my search term. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -zp
  14. Okay. I found the problem. I searched and searched and eventually came to a post from Frost77 which had the answer. In case anyone finds this post before they find that one, here's the culprit: I removed the above-mentioned line and voila! Thanks to everyone for your help. You guys ROCK!!! -zp
  15. The code was not cut-and-pasted. I replaced the original osCommerce file with the one included in the latest contribution's package I downloaded.
  16. The error must be in one of these two additions to the catalog/advanced_search_result.php file. // START: Extra Fields Contribution $from_str = "from (" . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " p left join " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_TO_PRODUCTS_EXTRA_FIELDS . " p2pef on p.products_id=p2pef.products_id) left join " . TABLE_MANUFACTURERS . " m on m.manufacturers_id=p.manufacturers_id, " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION . " pd left join " . TABLE_SPECIALS . " s on p.products_id = s.products_id, " . TABLE_CATEGORIES . " c, " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_TO_CATEGORIES . " p2c"; // END: Extra Fields Contribution Further down is this: // START: Extra Fields Contribution $where_str .= "(pd.products_name like '%" . tep_db_input($keyword) . "%' or p.products_model like '%" . tep_db_input($keyword) . "%' or m.manufacturers_name like '%" . tep_db_input($keyword) . "%' or p2pef.products_extra_fields_value like '%" . tep_db_input($keyword) . "%'"; // END: Extra Fields Contribution These are the DB additions required for the contribution: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS products_extra_fields; CREATE TABLE products_extra_fields ( products_extra_fields_id int NOT NULL auto_increment, products_extra_fields_name varchar(64) NOT NULL default '', products_extra_fields_order int(3) NOT NULL default '0', # Change to make the new extra field active by default # products_extra_fields_status tinyint(1) NOT NULL default '0', products_extra_fields_status tinyint(1) NOT NULL default '1', PRIMARY KEY (products_extra_fields_id) ); DROP TABLE IF EXISTS products_to_products_extra_fields; CREATE TABLE products_to_products_extra_fields ( products_id int NOT NULL, products_extra_fields_id int NOT NULL, products_extra_fields_value varchar(64), PRIMARY KEY (products_id,products_extra_fields_id) ); ALTER TABLE `products_extra_fields` ADD `languages_id` INT( 11 ) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL; Any thoughts?
  17. Yes, I gues something like that is going on. As I've said, I searched the web and one guy had the same error and this is the response he got, which got everything to work: SELECT a.`name`, a.`MT_PK` FROM `tbl_master_items_type` a INNER JOIN `tbl_master_items` b ON a.`MT_PK` = b.`MT_ID` INNER JOIN `tbl_vendor_menu_items` c ON c.`MI_ID` = b.`MI_PK` However, not understanding what the heck this is doing, I cannot translate it to what I need to do. If you know what SQL command I need to run, please pass that info along. As for the possible error with the installation of Products Extra Fields, I've checked and triple checked that baby. The code is as the instructions say it should be. I will quadruple check in case I missed something and post here if I find something, this time. Thank you guys for all your help so far. -zp
  18. Hi, I'd like to change the workings of the Order Total v1.2 contribution, but I have no idea how to do this. The contribution is set up to deduct a percentage of the total order amount. I'd like it to deduct a fixed amount, say $1.00, no matter what the total order amount is. How would I go about doing that? I think this is the part of that contribution's code that needs to be altered, but I don't know how to do it. Can anyone help. I have tried changing "percentage" to "amount", but it didn't work. Thanks for your help in advance. -zp
  19. Hey folks, I am reading Chaveiro's installation instructions and I have some questions. I'd appreciate some answers. 1. I already have a phpbb installed and running in a folder at www.mysite.com/phpbb/. In other words, at //phpbbbb/. Do I have to move everything and put it in catalog/includes/modules/phpbb2/ for Chaveiro's contrib to work? If I change the bb_default.php file, to reflect the current directory, would that take care of all redirecting, or is redirectioning done in other files as well? 2. Chaveiro "explains" Currently, the language folder of my bb is in //phpbb/language/lang_english. Do I need to make any changes to this, if I redirect as mentioned on question 1, above? Thanks! -Louis
  20. zebraplayer

    PHPbb style sheet

    This has got to be the worst site when it comes to support. I run Coppermine and PHPbb on my site, and whenever I have a problem or need some help, I usually go to their respective forums, type my questions and within a few hours I get an answer. Here you post questions and they just enter a limbo state. I must have posted eight or nine questions and only received one, very vague, response. Another issue is that most of the people here hardly speak (or write) English making the topics and mod installation guides they write almost like code itself. You need to read it eight times before you figure out what they are trying to say. That's if your lucky and decode their meaning. Most of the time you go to bed not knowing what the f#@& were they trying to say. Is there another E-Commerce open source solution out there?
  21. zebraplayer

    Help with FAQ Desk

    UPDATE I found the following line of code <td class="smallText"> <?php echo $listing_split->display_count(TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_ARTICLES); ?> </td> <td align="right" class="smallText"> <?php echo TEXT_RESULT_PAGE . ' ' . $listing_split->display_links(MAX_DISPLAY_FAQDESK_PAGE_LINKS, tep_get_all_get_params(array('page', 'info', 'x', 'y'))); ?> </td> in a contribution file named faqdesk_listing. However, I can't find it defined anywhere else in the contrib.
  22. zebraplayer

    Help with FAQ Desk

    Hello, I installed FAQ Desk v. 1.01.1 and I am having a problem with the listing of the correct number of articles; I am only getting the code TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_ARTICLES. Please tell me where would I need to fix this with and what's the code I need to use. Thanks! Louis PS: Please respond. I have posted several questions on this site and have not gotten response to a single one. :blink:
  23. zebraplayer

    Help with FAQ Desk

    Thanks for your response, TopSpeed. However, I did not miss anything. I did a search in the install file for the string "TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_ARTICLES" and found nothing. I understand I need to define that string, however I don't know what the code is that would search the db and retrieve that number. If it were a simple piece of text, I would have added it already. I know the thing needs to be defined in faqdesk_index.php I just don't know what the definition code should be. I still need help with this one, so please, anyone, jump in.
  24. zebraplayer

    EZier New Fields

    First off, thanks for writing this mod. It's great. I am sure it has helped out a lot of people. I have just finished the installation and have run into, so far, only one problem. On the product listings all the table_headings show up fine, but the data that gets put on the Retail Price column is always the same value of the column that comes before it. I know this because I have moved the field around in the admin Product Listing section. What have I done wrong? I tried searching for the answer through this post, but I'm not finding it. This sucker is huge!!! I have also tried to figure out in what file this gets called, but my brain is FRIED! Please help. Thanks!
  25. zebraplayer

    How can I force quantities to be "1"?

    Okay, I figured out what I was doing wrong. However, this only stops people from adding more of the same item to their cart if they click the "Add to cart" button in the product description page. If they browse by categories and click the "Buy Now" button or "Add to cart" from the Reviews page, the item still gets added. Where can we modify those two instances? Thanks! -LG