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  1. @@spooks Im using seo urls and have installed your canonical tag url. When I look at whos online, I can still see google and bing bot was at url like product_info.php?cPath=484_485&products_id=9696 I dont know how google and bing bot is finding that url since is should be something like product_info.php?pName=my_product Its the same for index pages, they are finding index.php?cPath=475_478 instead of index.php?cPath=mycatname, and canonical tag for index.php?cPath=475_478 is not index.php?cPath=mycatname it is index.php?cPath=475_478, meaning the bots will think thats the correct url and keep indexing it?
  2. bruyndoncx, bumbarash wrote that he didnt know what google reindexing a site means and wrote to add the User-Agent: * etc code to spider.txt. Reindexing a site is a disaster. It can cause your site dissapear from google for a long time while it is reindexed Then you have mobile_ files indexed in google which is not a good idea. The User Agent code is not right becuase it dissalows /mobile and allows everything else. In the latest release of iOSC, most mobile_ files are not in the mobile folder!! I would not recommend posting any links or redirects to these mobile files on your web site until a definate solution is posted that will stop any indexing of the mobile file. The Meta tag code is permanent a solution, I need to check where the code should be added in some files.
  3. how do you stop google or any other search engines indexing the mobile files? I saw some solution earlier in this support thread but were does the text go in spiders.txt? would this work if I added it to every mobile file? <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW">
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    I just tried uploading the copy of product_info.php supplied with the contrib. The auction details are still missing, so it might not be product_info.php after all?
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    I know, that's the 1st thing I do, check the code because i've missed something. Have gone over the file changes 6 times now, step by step but it's still the same. The strange thing is nothing at all is showing on product_info.php and nothing on account.php, the changes to account.php are very simple so I'd have though that would have shown the auction.
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    Hello FWR Media, Yes the auction is showing in auctions.php.
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    Hello I've installed your contribution to my site which is highly modified. Ive added an auction in admin but product_info.php does not show any of the auction details. In account.php the auction box is there but there is no auction to bid on even though the auction is open in admin. Any ideas what the problem could be?
  8. Hi spooks My images folders have a lot of images in them, (thousands of products). Increasing the memory to 1024 still results in blank page. Can you provide a solution that doesnt place all files to memory b4 compressing? Windows
  9. Hi Jack I'd like to stick with it please, im using your latest SEO Header Tags on other sites, the problem with this site is im using an older version of SEO URL's which is not compatible with the new SEO Header Tags. If I upgrade SEO URLS to the latest version so I can use SEO Header tags, then all my url's fall out of google and it would take up to a year to index the site again. I dont know if you offer paid support or not, I'll pay your rate to fix this for me please.
  10. Hi Jack the images are set to 755 too What other files does header tags use? I could try uploading standard files
  11. if I update the product through admin, the header tags are updated and show the correct product header, but the meta info does get updated. So its kinda working, although not via the fill tags page
  12. The header tags are set to 755, everything seems to be working, no errors anywhere just the fill tags doesnt work, when I click fill tags the page does a short refresh but nothing happens to the actual tags
  13. before in reinstalled V2.6.3, obviously a lot of the header tags had already been filled from a while ago. Now that I have installed V2.6.3, none of the header tags are being filled which makes me thing its nothing to do with the install at all. Is there any other files the header tags rely on that I could check?
  14. Hello Jack I'm using your header tags version v2.5.5. I installed it myself with no problems for ageas. Ive paid a lot of developers to work on the site over the last year, and today I noticed after adding a load of new products, these featatures are no lonbger working Header Tags Category Title Header Tags Category Description Header Tags Category Keywords Header Tags Categories Description (I can manually add text in the boxes and it saves but the fill tags doesnt work) Fill tags for all the products on product_info.php And Meta Tag Information in categories.php Ive spent all morning checking the code, and have reinstalled version V2.6.3 3 times this afternoon. If I reinstall and follow your instructions to the letter, everything is how it should be. Can you help at all pls? The lack of Product Description in the Page Header Description: in categories.php is having a big impact on search engine results :(
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    Header Tags SEO

    Hello Jack I would like to upgrade Header Tags to this Header Tags SEO. My question is, if I overwrite the old header tags with the new tags seo, will this have any effect on my index with google? The old product titles have the product name, then the shops index in the tag. I cant recreate the old titles with the new header tags seo, so, if I install this, the titles will be different. I know changing the urls will have an adverse affect, but do the tags, do you know?