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  1. pcwaredirect

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Im not sure how to do this. I have installed the USPXML shipping module and its saying on my page there are no boxes.. well my issue is, none of my products get shipped from me. My distributors pack them up and then a carrier (UPS) takes them to the customer. so what do I say for box size? Also in the configuration panel/shipping/ what do I set for origin when i have several distributors in different states and such? Im really confused as how to make this work? I am new at all of this.. especially coding so please be gentle if possible :) thanks in advance.
  2. pcwaredirect

    cost of authorize.net services?

    does anyone know how much authorize.net costs to use them? I have been to there site but i would like to find out the price before i waste my time talking to a sales rep plus its 12:54 am here and im anxious to know :) thanks Jeremy