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  1. e-hobbies

    Account Balance Contribution

    Ok, I have an account balance as below: Account Balance : $694.95 I add a heli into my shopping cart: Sub-Total: $339.95 I goto checkout, and then click on continue, I get to the payment page, and click on Use Account Balance and continue. This is what I get now: Account Balance (minus from Sub-total): $344.95 Sub-Total: $339.95 Flat Rate (Best Way): $5.00 Total: $0.00 All that should have $350 left in the account - Is it possable to display that on the page as well, maybe you have $350 left in your account or something like that. Next one, I just took $300 off the account, and go shopping: I purchase 1 heli at $339.95 now the account balance as payment options is not shown, as there is not enough credit to pay for the whole lot, so I select bank transfer, It woul be good to say here, that you have $50 credit on your account that will be dudected off the total, anyway I select bank transfer and click continue. Then I get the following: Account Balance (minus from Sub-total): $0.00 Sub-Total: $339.95 Flat Rate (Best Way): $5.00 Total: $294.95 It has taken off the $50, but it should be able to show that payment - should''nt it? instead of the account balance 0.00 thing?
  2. e-hobbies

    Account Balance Contribution

    I am using 21 Sep 2004 - Automatic payment module for this system. which is http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2009 as well - for payment it works fine, but would be good to actually have the amount shown, instead of a 0.00 balance for the account payment. Is there any way to show, maybe under the shopping cart how much credit the shopper has in their account?
  3. e-hobbies

    Account Balance for Payment

    I am trying to use the account balance for a payment option - but when it is selected and you click on continue, it keeps saying please select valid payment option - any ideas why?
  4. e-hobbies

    Account Balance Contribution

    Trying to get this working with account balance payment - but when I select the pay by account option, it says "Please select a payment method for your order" - any ideas why? There is heaps of credit in the account.
  5. Need help - installed a fresh oscommerce, with this addon, http://shop.e-hobbies.co.nz - but all my prices have gone to zero - anyone able to help please?
  6. e-hobbies

    Kiwipay Payment Module

    I am trying to find someone that might be able to help me with a new payment module for New Zealand osCommerce users. Kiwipay is similar to Paypal, but for New Zealand, their website is http://www.kiwipay.co.nz, they have details for setting up links eg: <form method="post" action="http://www.kiwipay.co.nz/handle.php"> <input type=hidden name=merchantAccount value="YOUR-USERNAME"> <input type=hidden name="amount" value="AMOUNT"> <input type=hidden name="item_id" value="PRODUCT-ID"> <input type=hidden name="return_url" value="RETURN-URL"> <input type=hidden name="notify_url" value="NOTIFY-URL"> <input type=hidden name="cancel_url" value="CANCEL-URL"> <input type=hidden name="SUGGESTED_MEMO" value="ADDITIONAL-INFO"> <input type=submit name="cartImage" value="BUTTON-TEXT"> </form> Is that something that could be incorporated into a payment module?
  7. Wow, Awsome there TCwho - thanks a heap for that, it seems to work sweet as.....
  8. e-hobbies

    Article Manager v1.0

    I am getting the following when I click on Authors: Authors Authors Action 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '-20, 20' at line 1 select authors_id, authors_name, date_added, last_modified from authors order by authors_name limit -20, 20 [TEP STOP]
  9. Just wondering if anyone has got any different install instructions available, maybe with a breakdown of what goes where, I found the origional ones a bit hard to follow.
  10. e-hobbies

    Customer Account Balance - HELP PLEASE

    Even easer, could if someone else is able to open the download, would they be able to email it to me, or put it online with a link to it, mabe in zip format?
  11. I have some customers that have paid me to much and want to be able to spend the funds with me at a later date, what could I use for this? ot_account_balance2.tar file is not working, is there any other way too get this, or another module that could pollably store credit in a customers account for them to use at the checkout process. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2009
  12. How do you change where the xsell box displays it's box? I want to get the xsell box displayed before the date added for a product, example can be seen below. http://www.e-hobbies.co.nz/product_info.php?products_id=35
  13. e-hobbies

    Xsell Admin Error

    Hi there, I am getting the following error when I select a product in cross link (xsell) admin Warning: Missing argument 2 for tep_image_submit() in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/e-hobbies.co.nz/httpdocs/admin/includes/functions/html_output.php on line 89 What could be wrong here?
  14. e-hobbies

    XSELL - Updated Product Listing

    How can I get this to show up above the add to cart buttons? http://www.e-hobbies.co.nz/product_info.ph...&products_id=36
  15. Hi there all, I am wanting to add x-sell to my site to cross sell items with the main products, but I am wanting to be able to have it so the customer can jsut tick check boxes then add the whole lot to their cart. Is there such an addition available?