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    Contribution Issue

    Hi guys, I've installed the Extra pages-info box w/ admin contribution, but i'm dealing with a problem... Everything is working fine but i want to create a new page with some links on it. The problem is that every links i insert on a page are stored incorrectly in the database. For instance: I want to create a page with the next html code: <p><a href="/includes/my_image.gif">My image</a></p> When i click to Save (in Admin of course) and enter again the page, the code is changed to: <p><a href=\"/includes/my_image.gif\"?osCAdminID=92c6dfaaf69fddc9a5dc3b83d24e9c66>My image</a></p> Is there any way to enter a link and this contribution don't change it for it self? The code stored is the code that i realy enter?!... Thanks in advance!
  2. Hugo RSF

    Contribution Issue

    I'm not sure about it, the truth is that version 3_2.4, works fine to me (and to more other members). Meanwhile, i solved my problem. The pages created, can't be configured in sort order to 0(zero), only 1 or more. Pages that Sort Order are set to zero, don't appear in the respective info box.
  3. Hugo RSF

    Contribution Issue

    Ok, i find the 2_2.4 contribution and installed. It's true, the issue mentioned in this topic (add "/" in every view; links don't work, etc...) is solved in this version. Anyway i'm having a problem with it. I configure a new Page im Admin, but nothing is shown on the respective boxe's store. The box is shown but no pages are seen. Any help, please!?
  4. Hugo RSF

    Contribution Issue

    Here do u find version 3_2.4??? :blink:
  5. Hugo RSF

    Contribution Issue

    Any help, please!!! :'(