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    shoshoni reacted to raiwa in Wholesale (SPPC lite)   
    Hello Sam @@shoshoni,
    I'm sorry, the package you are using contained wrong files. Discount by pricebreak is not included in SPPC Lite, only one fixed discount for all price ranges.
    Please use the newest package SPPC Lite 2.0 uploaded on 6th November 2016.
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    shoshoni reacted to milerwan in Store Search Bar (BS)   

    Yes it's normal.
    ​There is no display of category image because this would be confusing with listing of products.
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    shoshoni reacted to milerwan in Store Search Bar (BS)   
    You have to go in the admin, modules->content->Store Search Bar, and check infobox for Image display :
    Display Image or Icon for Product Search Result
    Do you want to display product image or cart icon for product result?
     x Image
     o Icon
    But this option is enable by default so if you haven't picture for products from dropdown maybe you haven't installed the right version :
    Store Search with Image (BS) : http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9504
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    shoshoni reacted to burt in Bootstrap Quantity Box   
    Guys what's with the PM's ? Forum is for open sharing...