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  1. I see that you never read all the installation instructions. Take a looksy at the FAQ in the installation instructions and your answer will be found. This is your printer settings to print background images.


    Thanks, I figured this out...

    Just a thought:

    I'm a good PC tech and really had no idea about this feature in IE!!!!


    Next question: how regular ppl, without any knowledge of computers, would figure this out? I mean w/o backgrounds invoice look ugly- and that is what people will get!!! (compatibility issue!)


    I've been thinking to make printable Invoice simple and easy.

  2. Hello, I have a question:

    I'm getting a large list with products, some of them new arrivals, some of them are not(present in database and not present). All items come with short description(pricelist). Basically, If I will import formatted price list, the products description I got on the site (revised) will be substituted with short description from the price list. I can not remove it, because if new products is added, at least it should have some kind of description, than nothing.


    So, here is the question:

    Is there any way to configure EP that if there any description exists, EP will not replace it with new and if product contain no description add whatever what in the feed?


    Thank you!

  3. Ok, you should create a watermark directory in the catalog root directory and copy all files in there.


    After, fix the .htaccess and put it in to the images directory.


    RewriteEngine  on
    RewriteRule ^(.*)\.jpg  /home/thecolla/public_html/catalog/watermark/image.php?%{REQUEST_FILENAME}


    Sorry, I got open issues with this contribution and I don't use it yet.

  4. --- TO DO LIST ---

    Here are a list of features that would invaluable but I lack the time and knowledge to make them happen right now, maybe someone else can provide these features with a future update?


    * Make RMA system able to handle the return of an entire order with multiple items

    * Make RMA system able to handle return of one item and then maybe another of the same product if multiple qtys of the item were purchased; currently you can only request a return on an item once even if you ordered 6 of the same thing and only returned 3 the first time.


    How about to be able to set numbers of days when RETUN THE PRODUCT link is available? It would be a professional Feature.

  5. I've created a TABLE SHIPPING RATES, based on IL-CA prices, and offered as a second shipping method.


    So, if you need it


    5: 4.99, 10:8.99, 15:12.99, 20:14.99, 25:16.99, 30:19.99, 35:23.99, 40:27.99, 45:29.99, 50:31.99, 55:33.99, 65:35.99, 70:37.99, 75:44.99, 80:48.99, 85:51.99, 90:54.99, 95:56.99, 100:58.99, 105:61.99, 110:63.99, 115:65.99, 120:68.99, 125:70.99, 130:73.99, 135:75.99, 140:77.99, 145:80.99, 150:82.99, 200:114.99, 250:149.99, 300:179.99, 350:212.99, 400:244.99, 450:279.99, 500:311.99, 550:344.99, 600:377.99, 700:439.99, 800:499.99,900:559.99, 1000:619.99

  6. Great contribution, thank you, MUST HAVE! But... why nobody even think adding same Ref. sources to orders.php ?


    Isn?t it helpful to see where REAL customer came from? It is taking 2 much time jumping between orders.php and customers.php to compare where did they come from.


    Plus it would be nice to have ability to check monthly or yearly how much sales did I get from each source

  7. Hi guys.

    I?m wandering if there any way to add possibility to change the amount of days since purchase for CREATE RMA button availability. Because it IS a pain to reply every time to the customer that we late for return! It takes to find his order, check the date, reply, and decline RMA.

    Would it be so easy to create possibility disable RMA link in certain amount of days?

    Sorry, I?m not a programmer, but if it is hard to do, maybe this feature should appear in the next release?

    Anyway, I?ll be waiting for answer.



  8. Did you ever figure out how to add the dry ice field? It is something I need to be able to do as well.


    When I requested transfer to the production server I got email with scripts.

    I use only Ground, Saver, Reg. 2nd day and reg. overnight, so what I did:

    Ordered an item, wrote address from test script, and ordered an item with cash on delivery module and submitted as my own package with weight mentioned in test script. I did one label for each Saver, Reg. 2nd day and reg. overnight. I also printed just one test label for ground- they require 2nd field for address, but I've skipped it just wrote street# and apt# in one line.

    Also I wrote a letter and mentioned that I will not send any liquids or packages which require special notes- just regular packages with my own wrapping.


    So I've mailed all printed labels and got response that I?ve passed on Saver, Reg. 2nd day and reg. overnight but I need to run the ground test script five more time and send them five generated labels. So I did it and got approval from FedEx.

    Now I have to fax 5 real shipping labels (from prod. server) to FedEx - I don?t know why - they just asked for it :)

    So, basically they need one label of each: Saver, Reg. 2nd day and reg. overnight and 6 labels for Ground.


    PS - now what I heard Its much harder to get approval, FedEx invented some new rules about registration and I got right in the middle of this process, but, thanks god, I got through without any problems.


    PSS - I don?t know if it will be a useful information for anyone, hope it will ;-)