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  1. Does the contrib allow for a voucher and a coupon? I have the contrib working succesfully. I tried using both a voucher and a coupon and it only took one. Does anyone know if it can be configured to support this?
  2. marcoren


    To follow up with this. I took Mibble's advice and added a $1 product to my catalog and bought it. It worked. Thank you mibble.
  3. marcoren

    Authorize.net setup with AIM

    I can't figure this out. Do I need receipt and response links setup in my authorize.net profile? If yes, can you help with the setup. I'm guessing it's: receipt link: http://mywebsite/checkout_success.php? method: post response text: can this be anything? There's discussion about ssl certificates, how do I set this up in oscommerce?
  4. marcoren


    I flipped the switch in OSCommerce to production and I still don't get the email from auth.net. Any ideas?
  5. marcoren


    Do I need to flip my OSCommerce to prod mode and leave auth.net in test mode to actually submit transactions to them?
  6. marcoren


    What do you do if your not getting an email reply from auth.net? I'm getting it from my oscommerce install.
  7. marcoren


    I'm using contrib v1.7 with curl. I process an order and give it a credit card and my website takes it. I log into my authorize.net account and I do not see the order. Should I? How can I tell what's going on?
  8. marcoren

    Authorize.net payment module

    I found the problem within the data: in database field "configuration value" it said "Array". I replaced this data with: Visa, Mastercard, Amex and the page works. There's gotta be a bug here: admin/modules.php?set=payment&module=authorizenet
  9. marcoren

    Authorize.net payment module

    I have setup my account with Authorize.net and installed v1.7 of the module. When I go to configure the module with my transaction key and update it, it changes the credit card array to "array". When I go to checkout.php, it gives me a blank dropdown list of credit cards to choose from. Before updating the information, I'm selecting visa/mastercard/amex. Furthermore, it's saving the login, transaction key, and path to curl. It's only this that fails. I look forward to your replies.
  10. marcoren

    Setup and Testing AUTHORIZE.net payment module

    John, Thank you for the responses. Can you expand on that? What do you mean by "where a.net is going? " I haven't found anything that says "this curl module is better because ..." (faster, more reliable, more secure). Is it opinion? Is there anything concrete that I can bite into? Marc
  11. marcoren

    Setup and Testing AUTHORIZE.net payment module

    John, What's the difference between the admin authorize.net payment mod and the authorize.net with curl contribution. TIA, Marc
  12. Can someone confirm that this is the process?. 1. Apply for the account. 2. Turn on authorize.net in admin section. 3. test orders. (How do I confirm they contacted authorize.net and worked?) 4. Flip the switch in admin to "production"?
  13. I see, thank you. I've been reading a lot about this and everything implies I need a sitemap, obviously, you feel differently. Search Engines are such a mystery, it seems like everyone's got a different idea of the best way to handle this. I've already implemented the header tags contrib. My sites not live yet; I'm working out what I need to do for placement. What tools do you use for evaluating the header tags after implementation? I use gorankcom and seochat's tools for comparing my site to some competitors. The problem I'm seeing is that these tools only focus on a few things. The sites i'm comparing vary greatly in how they rate from these tools. Do you have any other reccomendations?
  14. Jack, What do you use? Everything I've read implies you need this for SEO. Are you suggesting differently or perhaps handling this with something else? Marc
  15. Is anybody using this contrib with SEO sitemap?